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    Yeah the JBl is good, Do you take request ???
    If ever you have a chance, it'd be cool to get some SRV amp settings i've seen, see what it sounds like hotter,
    he used to put his amp at vol 7 and tone controls at 7 also bright sw off, on one amp and the other vol 5 1/2 treble 10 bass 5 1/2 with bright sw on....See what that sounds with your amp .. I'd love to hear those profiles. already the one you did i'm getting some really nice tones when i add my TS..
    Much appreciated...

    Hi andy,
    I bought close to a dozen amps yesterday, like them some are really great, , you eq'd separatly for srat, LP, Telecaster, but i noticed some that were in Pack2 or 3, you don't do that in the newer packs. I, for one like this feature. as i have LP, strats ....Were you Eq'ing at the amp before profiling for each guitar? or only on the Kemper? and if at the amp, is it possible to get those profiles !!!!

    Thanks, i did not know the KPA had to be Master, been playing like this for a week and i would hear this annoying noise when i soloed in the high end and thought "i knew the kemp was too good to be true" and that I had found a problem !!!! Now it is close to perfection !!!!
    Thanks for the help

    Thanks but not the same as in the aliasing problem, but i've been narrowing down the problem though, it's not from the Kemper which is a good thing, I plug in from the anolog outs and my problem is gone or with my headphones directly from the Kemper headphone out, no problem but when i go out the S\pdif outs, that's when i hear those footstep or clapping sound. Now to see if it 's my interface that is creating this problem, or the Kempers s\pdif out. I will try it on my other interface , my Lynx S\pdif inputs to see...tomorow

    Anybody else have this weird efect, it's like an oversampling going on i guess, but i find it very annoying. If you hold a note on the high end of the guitar , anything past the 12th fret on the high E string, i hear like an oversampling going on which is very annoying, it's like footsteps with the note. You hear it espescially with gain overdrived sounds.