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    this version is terrible. It doesn't save performances again. Last version did, this update broke it. I created an entire performance saved to profiler, and when I went back to it the only thing saved were the rig names, the amps all defaulted to the "Crunch" amp

    Mac OSX 10.12.6

    Rig Manager 3.089

    Kemper OS 7.1.12

    I had the same issue in Windows. From my testing on the Stage, you can:

    1) set your Performance Slots via the Editor

    2) In the Editor, "Save to Performance" (I'm not sure if this step is actually required, I kept doing it because I didn't want to lose my work)

    3) Save on the Kemper

    This seems to work. I tested everything but a shutdown of the Editor and restart of the Kemper. I'll know if that works tomorrow morning.

    It sucks, because only using the Saving to Performance button still doesn't work at all (for me), but at least it seems like saving edited Performances on the Profiler works.... for the moment....

    I must have a fundamental understanding of how this Editor is supposed to work.

    I have Kemper Stage with the latest versions - Rig Manager 3.0.89 and Profiler OS 7.1.12. This same basic test case has failed for me in every version of this Editor so far:

    1) Performance #1, slot 1 - change any setting.

    2) Click "Store Performance in #1"

    3) Switch to Performance Slot 2 via the Stage Footswitch

    4) Switch back to Slot 1, setting change has reverted back to it's original state.

    What am I missing here?