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    If you had configured a Morph Pedal to Pedal Socket 6 in the System Settings before, you need to change that. It has to be a Mono Switch now and you need to assign "Morph" to this momentary switch.
    The Mono Switch should even work with a TRS cable. It just uses tip and sleeve. And ring stays idle.

    Make sure you select the correct polarity. It can be selected on the Boss switch as well as in the System Settings. If you select the wrong polarity, Morphing will not be triggered when you hit the button, but when you release the button instead.

    Now it works - but not in the way I expected. When I push the footswitch the morph mode starts, but if I release the FS nothing happens. I have to push the footswitch a second time to return to the normal settings. Perhaps the FS-5U is the wrong switch ?

    It can be done, if you connect a momentary switch and assign the function "Morph" to it. Then you should activate "MorphPedal >Pitch" on page Pedal Links in the System Settings.

    Now your switch is triggering Morphing with the Rise Time and Fall Time set in the Rig Settings and the Pedal Pitch effects (Pedal Pitch and Pedal Vinyl Stop) are linked to it. Rise Time and Fall Time are set in milliseconds OR - if Tempo is enabled in the Rig Settings - in note values.

    Hi Burkhard, I've tried to apply your proposal for my configuration but I did not succeed. Normaly I use a expression pedal (port Nr. 6 on the remote) for the morph function this works great. So I simply replaced the expression pedal by a Boss FS-5U. But this do not work. What am I doing wrong ?

    Dear community,

    I'm a huge fan of Kemper since years. Unfortunately, I'm currently
    experiencing an issue with my Kemper Profiler and would really
    appreaciate your help.

    Recently I treated myself with a MusicMan-Reflex, equipped with a
    Piezo-Pickup and a Gamechanger-option. I specifically decided for
    this beauty, as it is the only guitar MusicMan offers that allows
    configurating pickup combinations (including piezos) and switching
    them via MIDI. As I'm in a coverband that plays a lot of songs
    including accustic guitar elements, I wanted to use the MIDI-out of
    the slots of the Profiler's performance-mode to turn the piezo-pickup
    on and off as needed. I managed to configurate the guitar using the
    Opera-browser and after rebooting the instrument several times, the
    MIDI-connection finally worked.

    Here comes the problem: While the connection works perfectly fine
    as long as I switch programs in intervals below 30 seconds, the
    guitar does not react to any program switch exceeding a period of
    these approximately 30 seconds. The only way to subsequently
    re-establish the MIDI-connection is to restart the guitar, which
    obviously is not a satisfying solution to the problem.

    Having identified this issue, I took several attempts to fix it,
    but until now have failed to do so.
    Thus far I tried the following things:

    - The first thing I did was to blame the guitar. I gave
    myMusicMan dealer a call and sent back the Reflex and eventually
    they sent me a new one. However, the problem did not dissapear.

    - In a next step, I connected the guitar to my old Line 6
    POD-XT, which also has a static MIDI-out. I was expecting to
    encounter the same issue, but surprisingly, the MIDI-connection
    between the guitar and the POD-XT works totally fine. This was when
    I started to blame the Profiler..

    - The next thing I did was to use my POD-XT again, this time
    connecting it to the Profiler to see whether the problem reappears.
    It turned out that I can trace back the MIDI-commands from the
    profiler via the MIDI-in function of the POD-XT. So there is
    absolutely no issue with the Profiler when using the POD-XT instead
    of the guitar.

    - In my fourth attempt, I contacted the Kemper customer service
    and sent them a backup from my Profiler. Unfortunately, there seems
    to be no problem with the Profiler. This is why the Kemper team
    cannot help me out.

    - The last thing I tried was to use a shorter MIDI-cable and to
    join an external MIDI-in/MIDI-thru box up in the circuit, which
    didn't help me to fix the problem either.

    I'm now at the end of my tether and I cannot think of anything
    more I could try to fix the problem. This is why I hope that someone
    in this forum has made a similar experience and might help me out or
    that there is some MIDI-expert who at least can explain this
    phenomenon to me and give me some advice. Any help is needed and
    really appreciated.



    Hallo Kay,

    vielen Dank für Deine Hilfe.
    Ob die MM, obwohl sie auf MIDI-in eingestellt ist, irgendwelche MIDI-Daten rausschickt, kann ich nicht sagen. Es gibt auch keinerlei Dokumentation darüber und irgendwelche Filterfunktionen habe ich nirgends gefunden. Bei Thomann gibt es einen MIDI-Thru-Filter.
    Was man da filtern kann und wie das konfiguriert wird - keine Ahnung. Vielleicht probiere ich es einfach mal aus.

    VG Wilfried


    ich bin seit Jahren ein großer Kemper-Fan und habe jetzt das
    erste wirkliche Problem mit meinem Profiler.

    Ich habe mir eine MusicMan-Reflex gekauft mit Piezo-Pickup und

    Die Reflex deswegen, weil sie die einzige Gitarre im Programm von
    MusicMan ist, bei der man die Pickup-Kombinationen (incl. Piezos)
    konfigurieren und per MIDI umschalten kann. Da ich in einer Coverband
    spiele und öfters im Song auch einen Akustiksound brauche, wollte
    ich mit MIDI-out aus den Slots der Performance den Piezo-Pickup
    zu-/und abschalten.

    Die MIDI-Konfiguration der Gitarre gelang mir dann auch (mit dem
    Opera-Browser) und irgendwann nach zahlreichen Neustarts der Gitarre
    klappte dann tatsächlich die MIDI-Kopplung. Jedoch funktioniert es
    nur solange, wie ich im kurzen Abstand die ProgramChanges ausführe.
    Bleibe ich geschätzt eine halbe Minute auf einem Zustand, reagiert
    die Gitarre auf keinen ProgramChange mehr und ich muss sie wieder neu
    starten um die MIDI-Verbindung wieder zu kriegen.

    Klar, denke ich, die Gitarre hat einen Fehler. Also habe ich die
    Reflex reklamiert und auch eine andere bekommen, aber das Problem mit
    dieser Gitarre war genau das gleiche. Als nächstes habe ich meinen
    alten POD-XT hergenommen (dieser verfügt auch über ein statisches
    MIDI-out) und dessen MIDI-Out benutzt und siehe da, es klappt und der
    POD hält die Verbindung zur Gitarre dauerhaft.

    Klar jetzt den Kemper-Support eingeschaltet, aber die können mir
    auch nicht weiterhelfen, der Profiler funktioniert einwandfrei und
    die ausgehenden MIDI-Befehle kann ich über die MIDI-In Funktion des
    POD-XT sauber nachverfolgen.

    Weiterhin habe ich ein kürzeres MIDI-Kabel versucht und eine
    externe MIDI-In/MIDI-Thru-Box dazwischengeschaltet, nichts hilft.

    Ich bin mit meinem Latein am Ende und wende ich mich jetzt an das
    Forum, (zunächst in Deutsch) mit der Hoffnung, dass vielleicht einer
    von euch ähnliche Erfahrungen gemacht hat oder ein MIDI-Kundiger
    dieses Phänomen erklären und mir einen Tipp geben kann.

    @ Glide-BPM : You described exatly what I did.

    1. Choose the Performance-Modus
    2. Selected the Soft-Button "ArrangePerf.s"
    3. Selected the Soft-Button "Rename"

    Hallo everyone,

    tried to rename a Performance with the function:

    ArrangePerf.s --> Rename

    but found no way to enter the new name. Can anybody give me advise ?

    Hello everyone,

    yesterday I tried the Boss FS-6 configurated as a momentary switch. It works as Burkhard described in his replay. I have to push the FS once again to deactivate the Stomp-D. Thanks to everyone.