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    Wow, looks (and I'm 100% sure that it also sounds) killer. :)

    Is that an original Tokai case? I have a (ugly like hell) brown one with pink inside ... ._. Yeah I know, historically correct etc... :D

    yes it's the original tokai case and it's a real beauty.

    yes it sounds killer, it's the best sounding stock lespaul i've ever played :)

    Thank you all.

    Santa is always king if you've been a good boy :)
    So wake up early, proper breakfast should be served in bed everyday no matter if it rains or snows :D quite happy it doesn't snow where i live :D

    i'm very lucky my wife is a very comprehensive person and she loves beautiful lespauls. it's not the same story when i try to bring some black speakers home even if they are the best sounding in the world :whistling:

    The color is Heritage Dark Cherry.
    i've always want a heritage cherry and a P90 goldtop so now i need to start saving for the gold :) and continue being a good boy all year :D

    Just received my new Tokai LS100F from guitartone.
    i must say that the finish and Flame top is incredible, it's by far the best finish i've ever seen on a lespaul. 8o
    it arrived perfectly setup and Lance even swapped the strings with my favorite ernieball cobalt 10-46 strings :thumbsup:
    it's amazing how Tokai can do solid mahoganny bodies that are as light as my chambered lespauls.
    The Pickups are very articulate and not muddy at all, i always had to swap these 490r that came with my gibsons.
    Very happy to be part of the Tokai family :)
    Huge thanks to you Lance for personally delivering the guitar to my friend's hotel, i really appreciate the high standard of your sevices. :thumbsup:

    some pics:

    [Blocked Image:]
    [Blocked Image:]
    [Blocked Image:]

    Just bought a Tokai from Lance and i can say that his personal involvement and support is great.
    it's the best i've ever seen anywhere.

    i Highly recommend Lance to any potential buyer. :thumbsup:

    Very cute dogs :)

    Owner of nine here :D all crossbreed stray dogs picked up on the streets of my beautiful island :D
    i don't have GAS anymore but my wife can't get rid of her stray dogs acquisition syndrome :D

    This is my first try at profiling one of the settings i used with my Marshall live.

    i used a very old probably half dead SM57 plugged straight into my kemper.
    i'm not experienced in micing amps for recording, so please don't be too hard on me :)

    Your comments are the most welcomed :)

    You can download the profile on the rig exchange 'Yn JVM OD1 ORANGE'

    This is a very rough, fast recording using garage band and my crappy line6 ux2 soundcard and no post processing of any kind :
    JVM Sound Sample

    Faced same issue, my solo patches were clipping the output and they never seemed loud enough.
    I had to set my loudest rythm patch at -2db and balance all the other rythm patches with less volume so that i can apply a 5db boost to them if i want for a quick lick. My solo patches are around 3db and if i want to go really crazy and kick in a 3db boost i still can :-)
    I took some time to understand that i should lower master volume when clipping the mixer input and lower volume when clipping the kemper's output.
    It would be really interesting how you guys balance your patches and if there's an easier way to do it :-)

    Marshall JVM410h.

    Marshall JVM410H = my Marshall 'hardware modeler' (= so many great Marshall sounds in one box)

    That's the only amp i ever needed for a gig before i got the Kemper :)
    Now i keep it because it's always nice to plug straight into it and have that amp in a room sound i'm so used to and love.
    i tried to profile it several times with no success, i don't have the equipment, the mics and the technique to do a good profiling job. :wacko:

    Try your solo patches too and make sure that they don't clip.

    One mistake i was doing was set mixer gain with my rythm patches, then it was clipping when i switched to lead patch.

    Now i do reverse, i set the mixer input gain level with my lead patch, then adjust the faders on the mixer to mix the right level with the other instruments.

    Often mixers label xlr input as mic and 1/4" jacks as line but xlr accept line levels too.
    Stick with xlr and set the input gain on the mixer low and output level on kemper low too.
    Some mixers have a pad switch on the input, which when switch on will lower the input gain.

    i go through xlr and use -20db and master volume on 3 on my kemper going to mixer with input gain set lowest possible so that i don't clip the mixer input when hitting my guitar hard. :)

    I think that it should be safe for you to plug kemper monitor out to input A on matrix and then send output A to your cab, leave the matrix switch on stereo and turn input B completely down.

    Just be careful if u plan on using marshall cabs with stereo and mono switch. A friend of mine damaged his matrix by using both matrix output connected to the cab inputs but he forgot to set the switch on the cab to stereo.

    I have stereo 2x12 and i send kemper monitor out to input A and use both output A and B plugged into the 2 inputs on my cab and set the switch on parallel.

    Send a mail to matrix support just to be sure.

    +1 for using a limited set of cabs.
    I play in a cover band and i dont go for the exact tone but i try to get the tone that feels right. I usually have 2 clean sound 2 crunch and 2 different lead most of the time but when i want to have more options i usually use the same cab and only switch amp. For e.g i try to keep the same cab when using 2 different fender profiles.

    We have 2 guitarists in my band, so the rythm guitarist will use the right amp profile for the song for e.g plexi for AC/DC, bassman for stray cats, and i will use one of my standard set of profiles so it sounds different but still consistent and this helps to retain our band's signature tone too.
    Make sure you try your sounds in a band context because they sound very different on their own. Most of the time live you won't hear the subtle difference in tone between similar profiles as opposed to listening on studio monitors. It may be due to the crappy P.A we get most of the time for gigs.

    Sorry for the long post but i myself did struggle quite a bit before finding what works for me. It's a long way to the top... If you wanna rock n roll... :-)