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    It also depends if you gig a lot, you need backup or not and your budjet.

    I did 13 gigs with the kemper since the begining of 2013 and never had any issues with the kemper, but i had some with my midi pedalboard, poweramp and cables. So i always need to have backup and bring a pod just in case.

    When i bought the KPA there was no powered option but if i had to rethink my setup i would get the powered KPA for convenience :-)

    Ernieball 11-52 on my gibsons because that's what works for me for 2 simple reasons :
    1. My chords tend to sound slightly out of tune with lighter strings due to the way i play,
    2. I'm learning slide guitar and my philosophy is to be able to do everything with one guitar :)

    By the way those of you who play slide guitar what string gauge do you use and do you use your regular guitar or do you have a special guitar setup only for slide?

    Sorry for hjacking the thread.

    The 600 watts is there to provide dynamic range and transient response similar to a lower wattage tube amp. If you were using a 50 watt Marshall tube amp with those speakers, how high would the Marshall be turned up?

    If two open back single twelves are loud enough for your current use, I don't think you would have any issues powering them with that amp. But, if you play loud and heavy, you may not like two small open back cabs- no matter what they are plugged into.

    One other thing you may be able to do, to hedge your bet - are they 16ohm or 8 ohm speakers? The two speakers in series would have an impedance load four times the parallel load impedance. Look at the Kemper amp's output rating at difference impedance loads. Tiw eight ohm speakers are a 4 or 16 ohm load. How many watts at 4 ohms? Is it still 600 watts at 16ohms? If they are 16ohm speakers, you have 600 watts at 8ohms. Can it drive a 32ohm load? How many watts?


    Using a solid state amp is different that a tube amp. With a tube guitar amp you want the power rating of the cabinet to be around twice the power rating of the amp so you can get poweramp saturation but with a solid state amp you want the contrary. So a solid state amp should be rated twice the wattage of the cabinet. These are the basics i follow but by now way they are any magical numbers.

    According to the KPA manual the poweramp is rated 600 watts at 8 ohm and 300 watts at 16 ohm.
    If you run 2 golds rated 8 ohm in series then they will total 100 watts at 16 ohm and in my opinion its quite safe if you dont crank the KPA volume.

    I also prefer using guitar speakers but with the noise of a live environment, it doesn't make a big difference if any.
    Give FRFR a try, you may like it and anyway FRFR speakers are rated with higher wattage than guitar speakers.

    if you're using guitar speakers as monitor, then cab should be turned off in the monitor output, but if you're using full range speakers, then cab should be on in the monitor output.

    I would love it if some kind soul would share a few good wah settings, I like what I've got so far but still feel I could do better.


    Lots of hardware wah models available and all with different voicing and tone. As KPA can replicate all these wah within its settings, it would be very nice to try all the wah models you good people out there have replicate with your KPA :)

    10 years ago i went to a well known music shop in hong kong, tried lots of expensive guitars , then i saw a cheap Epiphone LP goldtop and wow it blowed me away. But as there were lots of guitars there, i thought i should come back to try some more guitars and the next day it was gone :-( so the next day i came in and try lots of guitars again, then i saw a dusty gibson LP studio, the sales guy said it sounds crap, the neck was too fat and it was too heavy... Lol... But i ended loving the studio. Bought it went back home, changed the strings, start giging and never did anything else to the guitar for years till last year i did 50's wiring.
    I'm sure that lots of guitars can be great with a good setup and a pickup swap, but one thing i keep in mind when buying anything is that i buy it for what it is now, not for what it may become someday :-) and i'm sure that's how the now famous guys did back then.
    I'm still looking for one of these great sounding epiphones and i keep hope someday i'll find one :-)

    The browser cache issues could be easily avoided if web administration would send no-cache commands either in the HTTP-Header and/or the meta-tags of the forum pages. If they put it in the HTTP-Header it could even prevent problems if the end-user is behind some proxy cache. Interestingly they have these http header no-cache directives in their main site pages, but not in the forum pages.

    Some time ago i had login issues with the forum, i sent a mail to support and what i understood from their reply was that the main page and forum are two independant software and that they did not have access to the code.

    this may explain why they dont have the no-cache header on the forum!

    Main guitar: 2006 GIbson lespaul studio alpine white 490r and 498t pickups 50's wiring and 50's neck ( lots of people dont like these pickups but it actually works for me and i never bothered trying anything else :D )
    backup guitar: Gibson SG Goddess :whistling:

    Same as paults guitarnet and and44
    For the past years i've been playing a jcm800, then a laboga rad3, then a jvm 410h, and though i used different amp settings i always ended up with the same sound and tone. Maybe it's more related with the way you play your instrument than the setup you have.

    On chrome for ipad :
    Forum format seem ok after deleting cache, mark forum as read also works here but smileys does not work and cannot understand how to use the new quote function.

    Noob question: don't you think that it's not that hard to create a talk box for modelers?
    Just take one of the outputs from the KPA (probably the fx lopp is the best solution), connect it to a small powered speaker (think to an old PC speaker) then put the whole in a funnel. Plastic tube to your mouth and microphone.
    On/off switch and return with the mic in to the AUX in.
    What do you think?

    Thanks for the idea jimmyno , i was wondering how to connect a banshee talkbox to the KPA! i will try your suggestion when i get a banshee in the future. :thumbsup:

    Already tried your vowel rigs and they are really nice synth :thumbsup:

    Good idea to try it without an amp profile, i was trying to replicate the same setup as using a conventional heil talkbox (amp cabinet off and vowel wah in x slot) but it didn't work for me.
    My main issue is maybe because i don't really understand the influence of the vowel settings on the vowels sound... :S

    i'm a newbie to digial gear... The KPA is my first adventure in the digital wild wild world :)

    By the way i'm thinking about ordering a banshee, do you have any advise on choosing between banshee 1 and banshee 2? do they sound same?