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    Distorted guitars can sound good on any size speaker? Even earbuds or a laptop? Sorry, not my experience at all.

    I'm not sure that I can agree with this. I use a pair of Adam A7Xs with a Sub and find that they are up to the task. The thing about creating a tone from a profile for recording is referencing. You really have to listen to how guitars are mixed and more importantly how they are processed. There is no guitar player who has played on any track who just plays through the amp and leaves it there. Compression, eq, double tracking, delay, reverb etc. Sometimes soloing a guitar in a track will be strange because to make it fit in the mix certain areas of tone have to be EQ'ed out. Guitars in a mix do not sound like guitars through amps - they have been polished and honed to suit the music. Big speakers have their own issues as large drivers take a lot more energy to drive and often require more volume (and need a larger room) - which often means that things can sound better than they actually are. Smaller speakers in a small home studio are much better at reproducing the mid-range - which is where the guitar sound lives.

    Allow me to clarify. By small, I mean 5 inch monitors or smaller. I have 8 inch monitors and am quite happy.

    MBritt are great profiles. I would highly recommend you also try some of the other Commercial profiles. There are many great ones here and I have found that many sellers will send you a free profile or two if you ask them and give them an idea of what you are looking for.

    What profiles have you tried? Any particular amp you are wanting to use for that type of sound? Like others have said, the studio EQ can be used in the X slot - I usually toggle to the end of the settings and set my low cut 80-100 and the highs I usually lower to 7500 or so. Also, you can try lowering the 3500Hz and 5000Hz frequencies. Those are frequencies that I tend to aim at cutting if there is too much fizz- also adjust the Q setting - how wide or narrow you want the cut. Again, try some different cabs in the Kemper. I find the cab can make or break a profile. It can get frustrating after you think you get the sound you are after only to come back to it a day or so later and not like it. I try and save different iterations of the profile so I can go back and tweak them as needed based on the volume I will be playing at, etc.

    Part of it may have to do with what you have hooked up to the Kemper. I have mine connected to studio monitors. For my room, I have to lower the highs quite a bit. I also do much of what was mentioned before - also check the definition setting for the amp - lowering that can get rid of some of the bite. I also raise/lower the clarity setting to taste. Last, the cab you have for your rig in the Kemper can make a HUGE difference. Try some different cabs as well. It can be a bit overwhelming at first, but soon enough you will find "your" sound. Good luck!