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    The guitars have two outputs. I want to be able to switch between one signal or the other instantly (this can be done already just by changing rig in a performance) as well as being able to blend the two signals to have acoustic attack mixed in with electric. However, blending from a single output/input means both signals go through both the Stack and Parallel path . I want the ability to separate these but still have more than 1 FX on the parallel path.

    I have a similar guitar, Tom Anderson Crowdster Plus 2. I have found a way to handle what you are talking about on the Kemper that works for me, maybe you can get a bit of inspiration from it. I run the electric signal to the input as normal, effects and amp as expected. For the acoustic signal, I use a separate unit to treat the acoustic signal, send it out in stereo to the “AUX inputs” on the back of the kemper (the same inputs you would use to monitor an MP3 for example). In my case I use a Boss AD-10 which has 1/4” stereo outs. I then turn the aux signal up on my master output. In this way I use the kemper like a mixer to balance the electric and acoustic signals at the kemper then send one stereo signal to FOH, then I can do what you want which is playing acoustic and electric at the same time.

    I do understand what you are saying, you want to be able to plug in your untreated acoustic signal directly into a 2nd kemper to treat your acoustic signal in the parallel path, but not have it treated the same as your electric signal. Because what you are wanting is not possible, the above is the solution I have come up with that works for me.

    Looking forward to the acoustic simulator. I wonder how you tune it for each pickup, or maybe you just have to choose a pickup, like the bridge, and voice it for that pickup. Anytime you turn on the acoustic sim you would need to switch to that pickup?

    Will the acoustic simulator be a stomp/effect? Or something within the rig settings?

    I use a piezo equipped electric guitar a lot. The way I handle this with the Kemper right now is I just some magnetic pickup signal to the Kemper and the piezo to a separate stereo DI box with its own effects. I think send the left and right outputs to the stereo aux inputs of the kemper, just like one would do when sending MP3 music into the kemper. I then adjust the volume of aux to the master output to be level with my electric. This way I have independent control of both acoustic and electric and the Kemper acts as a mixer before sending the mixed signal to the car master outs. It works quite nice.

    If the new acoustic sim sounds good, it would be nice to use some of my electric guitars only and still have the option to have an acoustic sound. If I could have a parallel path within the kemper to simulate acoustic and layer electric with that, that would be really cool. But not sure how you could do that. Can you designate effects slots for separate parallel paths of the signal?

    Also, if the acoustic sim is on, do you have to turn off the amp and cab blocks?

    I run a separate DI box, Boss Ad-10 for the acoustic, I take stereo out into the auxiliary inputs on the back of the kemper. And the from the output settings I mix the auxiliary signal into the main output.

    Not sure what style of music you play, but in my world, praise and worship (church music), most guys I know are getting rid of their Strymon’s and going all kemper delay and reverb. With as good as the kemper delays are, I’m not sure why anyone would go through the hassle of having an external pedal for delay. With the new reverbs coming out soon, I think I’d say the same for reverb as well.

    First off I would recommend you join the Kemper P&W Facebook group. This gets discussed a lot over there. A couple of the guys are sharing their own performances that are their go-to for P&W.

    Check out Joseph Wu's for example, sounds really good. I've used the last two Sundays. Here's the link to his video, check the notes on how to download the performance:

    Now... I would use this to switch between acoustic and electric pickups on a guitar, but you may use it for something else.

    Currently input source within input settings is a Global parameter. I'm suggesting that Kemper allows it to be assignable per rig.

    The input options are Front, Alternate, reamp return, and S/PDIF. I would like to be able to save this source per rig so that when I switch rigs in a performance the input source will also change. I have a Tom Anderson Crowdster Plus, which is an electric and acoustic piezo guitar. Think of Taylor T5... It has two outputs, one for electric and one for acoustic via a TRS jack which Y splits into two 1/4" mono cables. I would like to have my electric output plugged into the front input and my acoustic output plugged into one of the rear outputs, either alternate or reamp return. I would like to be able to switch between electric and acoustic rigs from the remote (slots within a performance) and have the input source change accordingly between my electric and acoustic piezo outputs. This will allow me to change rigs and electric/ piezo source by clicking one button on the remote.

    I do realize if both front and alternate input is plugged in at the same time that the Kemper will always default to the Front input. However, this is not the case with the reamp return input. If you have the front input occupied and the reamp return input plugged in at the same time, you can toggle between them without unplugging either input and get signal from both.

    Sooo... currently i can get what I want by plugging my electric into the front input and my acoustic piezo into the reamp return input and I can switch which pickup the Kemper sees by changing the input source between the two, but I have to do this manually by opening up the input settings and turning the input source knob. This is obviously not practical for a live situation.

    Kemper would simply need to allow the input source setting to be assignable per rig just like you can do for clean and distortion sense and what I want to achieve would already be possible. Seems like a very easy change to make.

    Can someone else think of other uses or applications for a rig assignable input source?

    This change would really simplify my rig and I'm sure others would find this useful too. Currently the only way I can think of to do what I want would be to use an ABCadabra which is a midi controllable A/B/Y splitter. This makes a rig more complicated than it needs to be since what I want is already possible with the current Kemper hardware. This is only a minor software change.


    And anyone else who can help...

    It does not appear that input source is saveable per rig. You can do this for clean and distortion sense, but not input source. So within the input settings, clean and distortion sense are rig level settings, however, input source itself is global. Whatever I set it to it will stay the same regardless of what I do. I can change different performance and rigs and it stays one whatever I last set it too. It's a global setting. I know for a fact I don't have the input locked. I can keep the input screen pulled up on the screen and whatch my clean and distortion settings change per rig, but the input source stays the same.

    Before I submit this as a Feature Request, I'll give someone the opportunity to prove me wrong. But I'm pretty sure it is not possible to save input source per rig.

    if I remember correctly, the Input Settings Lock in Performance Mode is separate from the Browse Mode Input Settings Lock.

    But, The Input selection is Global.

    Hmmm, I guess I'll just have to play around with it. I didn't try browse mode last night and I don't want to have to use it if possible.

    if you Unlock the Input Settings, separate Input Settings are saved for each Rig/Performance Slot.

    You know, I couldn't get this to work for me last night. I'll try it again tonight. I double and triple checked to make sure the input settings were unlocked. It didn't make a difference if the input was locked or unlocked for me, whatever input was selected was carried over to any performance slot. Even if I saved it seperately for each slot. It's almost like input source was global.... are ALL input settings rig specific or is it only clean and Distortion sense that are rig specific, but input source is global?

    I always thought the front input took precendence irrespective of what was plugged in where? You will also see numerous references on here to the fact that the front input is the better input to use? perhaps an A/B box is the way to go?

    Yes, I have read this about the alternative input. The front input will always take precedence over the alternative input. But this is not the case with the reamp/ return input, which was a revelation to me. I never new there was a third 1/4" input source option.

    I just tried it last night, if I'm plugged into the front input jack AND the alternative input at the same time, only the front input will work. So I can have sound being fed into the front input and the alternative input at the same time, if I switch from front input to alternative it goes silent. I've read that if you have both plugged in, front input will always take priority. This is NOT the case with the reamp (return) input. If you switch the input source to reamp and plug into the jack right next to the alternative input, you do get sound from both the front and return. This is what I want.

    I don't care what is the better input. To me, using the reamp/ return input sounds good for my acoustic and this is good enough for me. An A/B box would defeat the purpose of what what I want to do. If I used one I would have to click the A/B switch and then click the performance slot switch. With my idea I only have to click one button.

    I have 1 guitar with 2 outputs. 1 output carries a humbucker pickup signal. The 2nd output carries an acoustic preamped piezo signal. This is one guitar with two outputs each carried by 1 1/4" cable and jack. So I have two instrument cables. This is what I would like to do with them:

    -Plug my electric instrument cable into the front input
    -Plug my acoustic instrument cable into the alternate or reamp input while the front input is also seeing my electric output
    -Create 1 performance with 2 rigs:
    - Slot 1: is an electric rig of my choice, I would set the input source as front input and save that setting
    - Slot 2: is an acoustic rig of my choice, I would set the input source as alternate or reamp input and save that setting
    - In a live performance I want to switch between my electric and acoustic rigs in my performance with the input preference changing accordingly as I've saved it.
    - this way I can play through my electric pickups and with the press of a button to change performance slots, I will be playing through my acoustic pickup and rig.

    Is this possible???

    I've been able to use the front input for electric and the reamp input for acoustic and get sounds and levels I am very happy with from both. The one thing I can't seem to figure out is how to save the input settings per slot so that when I switch to the appropriate rig the input source chances accordingly. It seems as though the input is locked (I've checked, it's not locked), whatever I change the input to, it stays that way regardless of the slot or performance I go to. Am I just not understanding the input source correctly? Are these global settings? Or performance settings? They should be able to be saved and recalled per rig to do what I want.... please tell me this is possible...

    I actually spent a few minutes with my Kemper and figured out the reamp input. Seems like for what I want to do I can't use the alternate input because I want the front input and a back one used at the same time. Turns out the alternate input does not work if something is plugged into the front, bummer... wonder why this is the case. BUT... the reamp input does work! I can switch the the reamp input and plug my acoustic into it and play acoustic. The only problem is that when I switch to an electric guitar rig in the same performance the input stays on reamp and does default back to the front input which is where I have my electric pickups plugged into. I don't have the input block locked. So... selecting my acoustic performance slot and changing the input setting for that slot to reamp input and saving the performance and then switching over the my electric rig/ slot the input is now set to reamp. I switch it over to front input and save again. Now if I switch over to my acoustic rig, it's now set for front input! What's the deal? My input settings are not locked, why are they acting like global settings? Why can't I save settings per slot as I see fit? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I've been hoping Kemper would allow a way for me to play my dual pickup guitar TRS guitar for years, now there is a slight glimmer of hope this may be possible but I'm running into this snag. Help! (P.s. This is a very easy thing to do on Line 6 products since they allow for an aux input as well, and they let you choose what you want to do with it) so far it seems like I can't control my own input destiny!! Please say it isn't so!

    Can someone please explain what the OP is doing here? I use a "stereo" guitar that has electric pickups and a piezo, i use TRS cable to send the electric to the Kemper (tip) and I send the acoustic to my acoustic rig (ring). How exactly is the OP using the reamp input? And what exactly is a reamp input? Can I plug my electric into the front on my Kemper and my acoustic into the back of the Kemper somehow and switch between the different inputs?

    It is my beginner's impression that the workaround does it job nicely for cleans and light overdrives, but not so much for moderate to high distortions ... I think I would still appreciate a full, proper stomp-box implementation in the style of the original Boss Slow Gear.

    Put the "autoswell" delay that Groouit is talking about as the first stomp in your signal chain, before your drives and amp. Wouldn't that get you what you want?