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    thanks! naww, i love my kemper, i actually bought the katana as monitor for the kemper and to work as a backup just in case, or if i'm lazy just take the katana to a gig,


    thanks! but what happens if i plug another modeler, whats the sound of the speaker? normal guitar speaker? i want to use it sometimes plugin my kemper stage to the "power amp in" but wondering if the kemper kone will mess up the sound of the stock katana amp models when the kemper is not plugged in

    The Kone is not flat, and is designed to be used only with the Kemper, where all the EQ magic is done.

    has anyone tried this? do the kemper kone affect in a bad way the boss katana modeling? i just bought a boss katana 100 mk2 but noticed that the speaker is not FRFR because i had to turn of the cab on the kemper for it to sound better, so i guess if i switch the speaker to a kemper kone it wont work properly with the amp sims of the katana,

    Just about to do some recording myself, and thought about reamping.

    Alejandrocarrera how do you record and DI at the same time? Using a splitter or do you connect into your interface and take an output backthrough the kemper as if re-amping?

    i was using my "Torpedo Reload" but i just found out that there's no need, i send a direct signal from kemper's direct output, and the other signal from kemper's output, i record in mono, in my DAW i set up busses ( IN2 is the kemper amp emulation, IN3 is the direct output), i mute the direct signal when recording to hear only kemper amps emulation.

    i use cubase pro 10,5 so when editing i'm using 2 tracks (direct and amp emulation) inside a folder and use the option to link, so i can edit both files at the same time

    i think i have only used the DI to reamp (with my torpedo reload + kemper ) one time (a long time ago), i always go with kemper sound

    here are some examples i have recorded:


    if you're not convinced at least 85% of the profile just keep searching

    just use a little tweak on bass middle treble and prescence

    for a more modern sound (under amp options) increase definition and you can try clarity (just a little)

    if you want more gain and tame low end, add a green screamer before the amp, Green Scream Gain 0, tone (your preference), volume, could be at maximum(on the green scream), if there's too much gain just reduce the gain of the amp until you find your spot,

    hope this helps! greetings!

    es con el modo perform,

    escoges un numero de perform

    das click en boton 1 y escoges amplificador que quieras con browse

    salva el "performance" y repite para boton 2, 3 4 y 5

    recuerda salvar por cada "banco" que modifiques o no se guardaran los cambios,