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    Don - I didn´t quite get that. So if I disabling the cab by pressing the Cabinet softbutton another "cabsound is added to the sound?
    What did you mean with the "non-profiler and preamp signal" ?
    Sorry for this noob questions but I´m new in this field of Eq-Matching. Pretty fun and useful for a mix noob like myself :)

    Thx viabcroce, really good reading. Wow what a massive work you have put in to that! Hats off for you!

    But what I can find out of reading your wiki and from other places I can´t make a profile of the eq-matched sound
    with just the KPA and the DAW. I need to have an amp, cab and a mic?
    So I can not just connect KPA straight in the DAW and use the Ampsim from KPA?
    Hehe, I am really confused now :wacko:

    Sallazzon, I think I have connected the Kemper right.

    Don - I am using one of Ola Englunds profiles, so I just turn of the cab and make a match through ozon.
    And then make a match to the target guitarsound. And aply that EQ curve to the sound that comes out of the Kemper.
    That sound just perfekt, spot on the target sound.
    After that I make a test tone using Voxengo Deconvolver, I import that testtone in cubase and use the EQ from ozone, and export that as a
    mono wave.
    Then I use cabmaker to make it a profile. Then its time to put it on a USB stick and upload it to the Kemper.
    I import it in the Kemper, Go to the same profile that I used when I was tonematching, Olas profile.
    Press long on the Cabinet button and there choose the cab profile I just made. But it sounds nothing like
    the original target sound.
    Is it something I am missing here?

    I think my problem is I really do not know how to connect the kemper to my audiocard. Motu 828mkII
    I have read the manual and get it to work, well at least sort of.
    But it does not get like in the DAW.
    And, do you guys use S/PDIF when you profile?

    And when I have made a profile, why is the cab some other cab in some other profile?
    I do not understand at all, I am soon bald of ripping my hair in frustration......

    I have done a exact, or damn close at least, clone to an In Flames song using the ozone method. Worked like a charm.
    But how the heck will I make that to an KPA profile?
    I have tried to make a profile of it, but it does not sound like the one in Cubase.
    Strange, how you guys do it?

    I have not made an replica of an In Flames song, but an clone on the guitar sound...