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    hey there,

    the MidiRaider's ExpPedal Inputs demand reversed polarity cables.

    1. Get yourself a y-cable (6,3mm stereo jack split up in two 6,3mm mono jacks, like this…0.htm?i11l=en_GB%3ADE.EUR ), connect the stereojack to the MidiRaiders expression IN and hook the two mono jacks up to the dunlop's IN and OUT. If you still get malfunction, swap the two mono jacks on the Dunlop's IN and OUT. This should work.

    2. Some MissionEngineering Pedals have two Stereo Outs with polarity switches (like this one…EUR&o=9&search=1627678265). This one ye should consider for the MidiRaider.

    3. You could also make your own stereo cables with reversed polarity. If you can do basic soldering its not a big business (on one of the jacks, solder tip to ring, the other jack vice versa. ground goes as usual to sleeve on both jacks). Also by far cheaper than buying another ME-Pedal.

    Hope this helps,

    Greetz zegga

    Hey rsmusic,

    i am encountering the same issue.
    I am currently starting to use the KPA live with the remote. Before, i frequently was using one delay sound for a song, controlling the mix of the dlay via midi raider and exp.pedal. if, for example, i was changing from the crunch channel to the distortion channel of the amp (everything controlled via midi), the delay-mix would stay in the same status which the exp.pedal was in before. afterwards i would adjust the mix of the delay via the pedal to taste or need.

    This method doesn't seem to be possible with KPA morphing so far (unfortunately). When in performance mode, I would like to change from one rig to another and maintain the delay-mix with the current morph pedal status (dlay would be locked).

    If anyone knows a way or a method to realize this with the KPA, let me know, please.

    nevertheless, morphing is awesome. <3


    i definitely would appreciate an editor, just for only one reason: naming and renaming profiles etc. via a regular computer console. I think people who r doing alot of profiling are having a hard time considering the amount of time that is needed to just name one profile, not to think about the time that one needs to name all the details of one profile.
    That lack didnt prevent me from buying my kemper, but: Christoph, es ist Zeit!