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    Thank you @joerch for stating the issue openly again.
    I can understand that this is not convincing and not satisfactory.
    Hopefully they (Kemper) get to the root of the cause soon, which of course includes the possibility of a hardware problem on your unit as well.
    So let's keep this thread open and alive.

    holz27's example above should be enough to rule out the possibility of it being a hardware issue. Also Timo has clearly stated in this thread that it's a software issue.

    i have the same issue. I thought it is a hardware problem and sent it to the service.
    They told me they changed the knobs but the problem still exists (sometimes).
    I will contact support again ...

    Thisin itself is hard to believe - you were asked to send in your KPA, although support has been informed about the issue and they have posted here that it's a software issue? ?(

    Don't. Why?

    I doubt it would be helpful if I stated my disappointment here? Of course, it worries me that there's this really aggravating and irritating display error which makes it - at times - a nuisance to choose the stomp you want from the list (not to mention the horror sounds you get if you choose a post amp stomp / effect from the end of the list and on your way autoload engages a fuzz and you get a horrible and shockingly harsh volume peak which may harm your ears if you use a headphone). I also have the suspicion that the KPA'S lag of response I sometimes encounter might be related to this (i.e. if I want to adjust the parameters of a stomp, the KPA has a lag of response of up to about a second). Now, it has been reported in July - support first wanted me to send in my KPA for repair. Then Timo has announced here that it's defintely a software error (in August). Half a year later, the only response I get from KPA is that the assume (not know) that it's a software error. No fix scheduled. ... But what can I say? The team has probably some more important work to do - and apparently not all users have this problem. All in all, this is not very convincing to me - as a layman I would make sure that I coped with the errors first, before I continued developing the software. The professionals probably know better - like they know what causes the problem and have plans of changing the module that's causing the porblem anyway - so why bother fixing something that is going to be fixed by one of the future updates anyway. If that was true, however, I wonder why support doesn't say so.

    I received my KPA last week and it sucked a lot.
    After an hour or two, I decided to perfrom a system restore because I couldn'n believe to what I was hearing.
    Turn on KPA while holding RIG button (or look at wiki KPA) and perform a system reset.
    After system restore, sound were pretty good :)

    This has been reported a lot of times over the last 12-16 months (given that only a small number of KPA users are active in this forum) and the only official reaction I remember is that the only thing that could happen was resetting the output settings to factory standards. Nothing else of the flash memory init can have an impact on the sound of the KPA. So either the reports are wrong because people are victims of their own subjective perception (which I doubt) or an investigation of the developers is necessary.

    Answer from support: The delevopers assume that it's a software error. At the moment they can't say when there will be a fix.

    I'll keep my thoughts to myself.

    i have the same issue. I thought it is a hardware problem and sent it to the service.
    They told me they changed the knobs but the problem still exists (sometimes).
    I will contact support again ...

    The first reaction I received from support was that I had to send in my KPA for repair - but luckily, Timo confirmed in this thread that it's a software issue ... I hope they know what they are dealing with.

    I have checked it. ... Wonder how it's possible that some users have this problem and others don't. Aren't we all working with the same hardware and software? ...

    Well, regardless of whether this has happened to only a few or many users - Timo has confirmed that it's a software issue - in August 2015 - and I was hoping that with OS 3.3 a fix would have been inclueded - apparently not. :|

    ckemper: On November 2, 2013 you posted this (thread Overdrive Stomps RIDICULOUSLY LOUD = unusable) :

    "Let me clearly state that if the clean sense is set right, then activating a distortion pedal does not cause a surprising volume jump.
    With analog equipment this is handled by the stomps volume.
    On th Profiler this is not necessary, once the clean sense is set.
    The stomp volume is still available for a dedicated solo boost etc.
    The Profiler is designed to produce a unity volume across various situations, when clean sense is set right and the other bipolar volumes are set to their middle position. Depending in the situation, and because situations and guitars are individual, levels might need 2 or 3 dB of adjustment.

    The gain into the stomps are also like on the original, I have tested this quite some times.

    If somebody has still problems of this kind, please post here. "

    This sounds as if it is absolutely necessary to adjust clean set "right". Has anything changed since that post?

    To my ears the Helix gets closer:

    This was the first thing that really drew my attention when the first videos about the Helix were published. And I was damn envious of the Univibe simulation. I have mentioned before (in another thread) that I find it strange that it took years until a forum user (don't remember him now, but his Robin Trouwers presets are part of Kemper's presets now) came up with a decent univibe setting - when the real thing (stomp) is really plug and play - the only thing you need to adjust is the speed. ... But there's hope for further improvement - and honestly, the univibe is a nice icing on a cake here and there, but not something I would need on a day to day basis (otherwise I would buy one of the better replicas out there). And yet, if the KPA has a univibe stomp, it should not be necessary to spend hours and hours of triang to dial in a half decent vibe sound.

    If it sounds good, it is good. If it sounds shit, it is shit. ... Nach dem Motto: Was spricht dagegen, mit einem High- und Low-Pass-Filter die Frequenzen so zu begrenzen, wie dein Ohr es möchte? Und selbst wenn es kein anderer so macht (was ich bezweifele), vielleicht setzt du ja dann neue Standards?