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    Just sharing so if others have an old Remote with screen issues (and it's out of warranty), this might be helpful. Pretty sure mine had taken a hard knock at some point, so user error for sure.

    This is not a tutorial or suggested fix in any way. Don't pull your stuff apart unless you are willing to abandon it and put it in a dumpster. :)

    After a lot of use (300+ shows, several hundred rehearsals) my Remotes screen developed some issues. Lines appeared on the screen and it was very faded. Messing with the "Contrast" knob on the back of the Remote would erratically (and only temporarily) adjust the image. The knob also felt a bit loose and wobbly, so it was an obvious fix. Its a board mounted 10K Linear pot, so I replaced it with a chassis mount pot of same value. The original actually fell apart when removed the board, so I think it might have taken a substantial hit at some point. Anyway.. Here are some pics of my DIY repair.

    Works like a charm now...

    (hope the pics are in order!)

    Had a pretty nice cabinet sitting around so threw the cone in there. Sounds good and isn't too big. Size comparison to my similar sized 1964 PR and 1949 Supro (Valco).

    Would like to try the Kone in a closed back cab, but don't have a 1x12 closed cab laying around. Might dummy up pine backplate for this cab to test out sometime, but the wood is so nice in the current cab it would just be a temporary test..

    What do you guys think, worth the effort to try closed back?

    Imo, if you use RM alot, fw 6.xx was probably more stable than 7.xx is on average atm.

    I don't use RM at all, and have been gigging on the 7.12 beta for ages (haven't seen a need to upgraded past that). If you like to tinker with effects etc though, the stomp/effect selection screen is way better on 7.xx and probably worth the change.

    Started in the early 90's with a garage sale acoustic guitar (that my Mum bought me.. thanks Ma!) and it came with an old "Ernie Ball - How to play guitar - Beginner" book. That showed me all the basics like hand position, how to hold pick, etc, and a chord chart of several 1st position major and minor chords..

    A few cheesy songs in there too to get you going. No scales or anything like that, just the bare bones so you could strum a tune with some practice.

    Was perfect for me! Was enough in that simple 40 page book to keep me busy for the first 6 months.

    After that, moved onto tablature books of popular albums (Hal Lenoard books?) and started to learn more complex chords (Eric Clapton MTV Unplugged tab book was good for that ), and then some of the heavier bands I was into (Slayer, Metallica etc) where I found the joy of riffs and began learning the simpler solos (scales! I'd heard of those!)

    Then.. musical buddies, garage bands, awful but exciting 1st gigs (friends parties!), etc.

    Was learning songs mostly by ear at this point from just rocking along to my CD's (total trial and error, but common patterns were starting to appear) or from just jamming with my mates and mimicking.

    We got Internet! Tabs online.. internet lessons... world changed. Random websites teaching basic music theory, scale relationships, common modes etc. Just spent enough time on there to give me new tools to play with.

    Wedding bands, pub bands, regular gigging. This was critical. Simply playing a lot did wonders and many things became second nature.

    Had my first ever face to face lesson with a real teacher at this point.. and hated it. Just not for me. Could see the benefit of I wanted to learn theory, but I didn't (and still don't to some extent) see the need to deep dive into music theory. Never went back.

    Fast forward 20yrs and I'm still visiting the occasional tutorial website, but mostly just playing and figuring things out by trial and error. YouTube is amazing if you get stale and want to learn try a new style/technique , then in few more clicks you can be jamming along to a suitable backing track to practice it.

    Wow. Typed a novel. Ha.

    Short answer: Playing a lot. ?

    Wow mate, cool stuff! Really dig it. I let it auto play the next several Dr Smooth Vibes tracks, and there are lots of great vibes in there.

    Impressed by the "Choon" site as well. Hadn't heard of it, but damn... Very slick! Thanks for sharing!

    wwittman Great to hear and thanks for following up. Being confident to travel with nothing but a USB stick or two is a huge advantage of this tech, and hopefully more people jump on that wagon.

    Curious though, where did you end up getting a copy of the old FW? Kemper support? or is there a repository online somewhere with them all available? Might be helpful for others if one exists?

    Rearranging performances is a disaster as it just keeps duplicating the name of them and moving them into the wrong position

    Same performance arranging issue here (using kpa front panel). The duplicate names can be cleared but you need to scroll up and down seemingly randomly to do it. It's all a bit of a mess tbh. Had mine lock up on me twice while in the arrange menu also, requiring a reboot. Went back to fw 6 till it's all solid.

    Not sure if this will help, but... maybe?

    If you make a copy of your KPA backup on your pc and extract the ".kpabackup" file with 7-zip or similar, it will unpack the file structure into familiar categories.

    In the main folder there is a standard text file called ".InstalledVersion" that shows a build # which I assume is the firmware that was running when that backup was made? Worth a shot. Many more experience ppl here that can correct me if I'm wrong.

    Once its identified though I have no doubt someone here can get you that FW version in short order, but I expect Kemper HQ would help you out relatively promptly also.

    I have an unpowered toaster on 7.0.8

    Admittedly I may not be the heaviest tinkerer, but I have 40+ performances and I switch to different rigs via bluetooth MIDI.

    No problems here.

    From this thread it seems the majority of the remaining bugs are from the Rig Manager users. I dont use RM, and the current betas have been reliable for me. I will however use RM once it becomes an editor though so glad they are taking their time with the PC comms stuff.

    Like Ingolf said, we also have a Freqout, for us in front of the Kemper. It is magnificent.

    We also have a Mimiq in the (stereo) external effect loop that used to get more use, it is still there though.

    I have the Freqout in the loop for Elec stuff, and swap it for a Mimiq (in stereo loop) for acoustic accompaniment with a singer. Still hoping these effects will be KPA inbuilt one day, but tbh I'm not holding my breath.

    Nothing in front typically. I'm a fuzz pedal addict/dork, but find the inbuilt fuzz's are fine for live things. Recording though, I always use a real fuzz pedal as the subtleties become more obvious.

    My question is specific to performance "Arrange" mode. I know there are the 3 Performance Load options, but even with the helpful "Pending" option set, (which works perfect when in the normal performance section) it seems to be ignored when in the "Arrange" performances mode. I feel like I'm missing an obvious option somewhere?

    As the Kemper wants to simultaneously auto load 5 rigs with every button press, trying to simply arrange the performances with the Kempers onboard buttons is massively unresponsive, jumps all over the place and is simply a glitchy frustrating mess to use.

    Is there a way to disable the performances from auto loading when in "arrange" mode?

    It's really cool that Kemper routinely makes Betas available for the bold/curious masses to help shoot bugs, but.... this 7.0 Beta seems waaaaay rushed for the Toaster/Rack faithful......

    I know we can all be whiny little keyboard babies, always wanting the newest teased free stuff asap (some truly epic "are we there yet?" threads on here). With the physical "Stage" KPA's being shipped (with a seemingly stable 7.0 Stage FW) the pressure was dialed up even further to offer the non stage owners a similar improved experience... but wow.. This one seems super ragged and forced.

    Betas are good, but this feels like a Pre-Alpha in alot of ways. I may cop some flak, but why was this one deemed stable enough by the KPA team for the masses to install and test?

    Hehe. Almost everyone has had shows like that, but keep cool, sell what you can, and get back to entertaining! After all... That's why you are there.

    If the feedback was really that out of control, the sound guy clueless how to fix it, and the show absolutely couldn't be paused (obviously regular uncontrolled mic feedback is a show killer.. no-one wants to hear that every 10 seconds ||), I'd probably unplug the mic, and yell with a grin "Well.... that obviously isn't working.. so..... we're going to do something a bit different for you", and just play instrumental.

    Play some stuff the audience will know and prompt them to sing along.. etc. Do whatever you can, and try to enjoy it.

    Technical issues can be tough, and your example seems particularly awful.. but if the people on stage battle through it with a good attitude and own it, shows like that usually turn out to be some of the more memorable nights for both the performers and audience.

    I was going to order one but then realised I’d have to run 3 cables to the back where our on stage IEM mixing desk sits and run power to the front also. Where at the moment I just run the remote cable and that’s it.

    We have similar live setups Raoul23 and I was also super tempted.... until I actually scratched out how we'd have to set it up. Having a Toaster, Rack or Stage option is awesome though for sure.

    We are a relatively small time band - but super busy and gig a lot, and my Remote looks pretty beat up. We don't abuse our gear (everything in racks, full band IEM, wireless everything, etc), but a couple of hundred energetic shows comes with expected wear. If I had a KPA Stage and it looked as beat up as my Remote - I'm not sure I'd trust it as the core device of my setup. Dumb little remote with single ethernet out front is much better for me.

    Still, that hasnt stopped me from trying to talk our bass player into picking a Stage up though (he's a KPA rack user also -but hey, we all need a backup ay? :) )... I'm super curious to try it!

    Made a quick to scale size comparison as I was curious if i should just buck up and order one.

    Bah.. Who am I kidding.. I know I will.. :rolleyes:

    Will be cool if "The illuminated sunlight-proof display, which increases display contrast even with the sunlight’s intensity, is designed to be viewed from any distance, under any lighting condition" gets added to the standard remote. I'm guessing it will as they both seem to have little photocells ready to go (top right of Stage, top left of Remote - hole looks the same as the LED lights). Foot switches seem slightly better spaced too..

    Will be interesting to see how many of us who already have a Kemper Racks or Toasters actually commit and move over to this guy. I'm on the fence.

    I started early with a Toaster in 2012, then bought a PowerRack and a (pre-ordered and wait listed) Remote in 2015. After comparing for a bit, the Rack suited my needs better (lots of live work), so sold the Toaster. Thinking I'll do the same here with the Stage vs current Rack + Remote. Not really seeing a strong case either way, so trying it first hand is really the best option.

    Havn't had a floor fx unit for 20+ years (a clunky ol' Digitech RP-12 skateboard back in the day!) so could be fun give it a whirl. Hopefully they don't run into the same vague and frustratingly long stock shortages they had with the Remotes release though.

    Has there been a pre-order thing mentioned anywhere for these? or is it just a free for all on the 24th?