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    here's an update of my issue following some deeper troubleshooting. the issue appears to be an issue with the fcb-1010 itself and not with the kemper or uno chip. i have changed each of these and recalibrated according to the manufacturers instructions and the issue remains consistent. the fcb-1010 sends midi cc's 0-127, but only well past the halfway point toward toe. it does this for both controller "a" (wah) and "b" (volume) consistently.

    at this point i am hoping to find a workaround that will give me more than the toe-half of the pedal to control each of the kemper volume and wah. any thoughts would be welcomed.

    thanks, j


    i have a new behringer fcb1010 with uno v1.3 replacing a similar unit with my profiler head. the foot controller is working just as its predecessor did save as a controller. when sweeping using the builtin continuous controller the sweep of the kemper wah reaches zero rapdily. the sweep of the foot controller goes 100-0% on the kemper before the foot controller pedal goes 100-50%. i have a very limited sweep on the foot controller that uses the whole sweep on the kemper wah. i have calibrated the pedal as per the uno directions but no luck.

    might anyone have ideas on this issue?

    does anyone have any suggestion on how to modify the lowest setting on the kemper wah so it responds to 0%/full-heel on the pedal?

    thanks, j

    sorry- i want the opposite as i am trying to create only "studio" profiles. i also want to be able to adjust the metadata associated with profiles after they have been created. it sounds like, in several cases, the profiler assumed i was trying to make a "direct" profile . i assume the profile, whether made as a "direct" profile or not, should sound the same- yes? all of this is very odd as it was same amp profiled in the same session.

    as long as the profile will still sound the same i assume i can use the profile the same as the others i made which came out as "studio" profiles. is there a way to stipulate that i do not want to create "direct"? if not, is it possible to update cab/speaker/mic metadata on a "direct" profile? one immediate thought i had was if i was able to add a transparent cab (if such a thing even exists) to the "direct" profile would that allow metadata editing?


    burkhart- im sorry, youre right!

    the profiles that are marked as "N/A" have cabinets that are marked EMPTY when open in the kemper. the others dont.

    i thought i used the same process but it looks like i didnt. can you help me understand what i did to make this happen, please? once i know i will go back and re-profile.



    thanks for your quick reply. i understand that and it makes sense. my issue is different, tho. i created about twenty profiles with my amp and, during the process, just "next'd" through editing the profile metadata at the end of each profile creation process. while it embedded the basic details you described, above. other details were left out and i want to edit those. my issue is that some of the profiles cabinet, speaker & mic fields are editable and in other cases all of these categories are marked "N/A", are greyed out and appear to be read only. i cant edit that data. here are screenshots to show the differences:

    The Good

    The Bad

    Same amp, same profiler, same session- even the same procedure, really. i hope this clarifies where i am stuck.



    sorry- looked through past threads and found similar questions answered, but none conclusively the same...

    i profiled an amp of mine yesterday and am having an issue modifying tags associated with the profiles. i profiled the amp on each of the amp's channels in each of several different mic and speaker configurations. my aim today was to mass-update the tags for each section of cabinet & mic configs, but found that some of the profiles are editable in the cabinet, speaker and mic sections while others are marked "N/A" and not editable.

    I've read in previous threads that there are constraints on modifying certain fields (e.g., "author" tags) but these are profiles i made myself and some other tags are editable and some are not. this occurs even between profiles created minutes apart. im a bit confused- any help would be greatly appreciated.

    thanks in advance!


    i have a number of older backups made to usb flash drive in the past. id like to restore my kemper to one of these backups and also restore the midi patch assignments (midi prgchg) that were set before the backup. in other words- i would like to restore the patches i used previously and restore the the midi program change numbers associated with these previous patches.

    does a backup assign midi prgchg on restoral? if not, is the program change info stored in the backup anywhere? can i recover how midi assignments were set?