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    Bumping an old thread - I recently purchased a Moog expression pedal - it seems to only work as a volume even if I have a wah in my chain.

    How do you configure it to work as a wah?

    I will tell you that I have that pedal and the travel is too long and the response is pretty slow to really use it well as a wah. It just doesn't really feel right. It's great for volume for that same reason though. Just FYI.


    Save yourself a LOT of trouble and just get a cheap mixer and send your Kemper signal and the monitor mix to that, then take your headphones from that mixer. You can't really use the Kemper as a mixer/monitor in the long run. It's pretty pointless. Not to mention the fact that you have to dig through menus to control just the basic headphone level. All you need is like a $39 (or your local currency) Behringer Xenix 502 mixer or something similar and you are set.

    I have a mixer built into my rack with the FOH and KPA going into it. I also play keys, so all 3 signals come into that mixer, then the mixer out goes to my (wireless) IEM transmitter. Since the KPA has both XLR and TRS outs, you can send the XLR to the PA and the TRS to your personal IEM mixer. You can easily control the individual levels for yourself from there.


    FWIW, I have been using Neutron quite a bit with a project I'm mixing. How I like to use it is to see what it comes up with, then approximate it with EQ and compression I prefer to use instead. So I like using it for "analysis" purposes more than anything. Sometimes it's good by itself, so I leave it. But if you pull up it's settings, then pull up your own EQ and replicate what it did that you like, then move to the compression, etc. tweak it to sound the way you want and remove Neutron after you are done, it's really helpful that way. I personally hate the Exciter it likes to put on things--especially on bass. Neutron overall likes to add a bit too much high frequencies for me (as does Neutrino), so if you use it across the board on everything, it will be a pretty top-heavy mix. At least that's been my experience. For less experience mixers, all that extra high end across all the tracks may sound more "exciting" when each one is isolated, but it's ear-piercing once it's all added together. But that doesn't mean it's not an excellent tool when used to help you make decisions and spot problem areas faster.

    Ozone is used for a very different purpose--mastering when all is done. You can use it for other things, but that is what it's intended for. I don't see much overlap in the two products at all. Plus, the CPU hit if you tried to run a ton of Ozone instances across a bunch of tracks would be major. The individual Ozone plugins that come with Advanced may be a different story though. I got the Standard for both, since I already have a lot of great EQ and dynamics plugins. I didn't see any need for the Advanced versions myself.

    Just my observations. Both GREAT tools to have though.


    I don't know if this is relevant, but with a volume pedal hooked up to my kemper floor controller, I sometimes get no sound on startup. Moving the volume pedal up and down fixes it though, and it doesn't seem to act up after that.

    Mine does this 100% of the time as well. Whenever I forget to rock the volume pedal back and forth before we start, I freak out trying to figure out what is wrong. Then when I remember to move the pedal, all is well.

    But it's super annoying and sometimes you are under a lot of pressure before the show starts to get everything ready and forget to do this one extra thing. I wish they would fix it--it's been around for quite a long time--way before 5.0 came out.

    I will add that the expression pedal does this also. I have some performances with a wah filter and pitch pedal and it "forgets" where it was when I saved it, so I have to remember to rock it first thing when getting to that slot. Even if I don't have the remote connected at all, it will default back to being the opposite of how I had it set when it was saved.



    I updated to 4.2.2 from 4.0.6--I had forgotten I did that intermediate upgrade first. The issue with the Reverb turning on is fixed. However, the remote still does reboot when fast scrolling down. Here is what I did this time:

    I had been using the KPA during the whole gig (4.5 hours total). There were 34 Performances that I go through, in sequence from 1 to 34. Then I held down the Down button on the Remote to scroll back to #1 for the following night where we repeat. I first tried just doing a little at a time. I would hold it down for about 2 seconds and let it go. It took about 4 seconds for the screens to update and it was on #25. I held it down again for about 4 seconds and let go. Took about 6 seconds to update the screens and was on #15. Then I held it down for about 10 seconds. After letting it go, the KPA was frozen for about 30 seconds. Then the KPA screen updated to Performance #1 and the Remote crashed and rebooted. So it seems that the longer you hold it down the more likely it is to crash and reboot.

    So, this has happened quite a few times now. I have some good quality CAT cables that are shorter I can try next at home.


    Thanks for your help Timo--you are correct, I am currently on 4.0.6. I mistakenly thought I was on 4.2.2. I plan to update tonight before I do anything else. I apologize for listing the wrong OS in the thread title, I will take it out.


    So, I tried it a few times and it didn't come back this time. It was pretty slow to go back to #1 but it didn't reboot. Another thing I thought of was that in both of those cases, I had actually plugged in the Remote after I had powered on the KPA. This time, the remote was plugged in before the KPA was turned on. So perhaps that is another X factor.

    However, ay my gigs this weekend there is randomly a Hall reverb turned on with some of my presets. These are TAF presets and I think those were on with the original presets, but I had them off for the last like 2 years! So, I'm going to set everything up at home and try doing some resets, really check each preset and other things. Maybe something got messed up during the upgrade process. I don't usually need to do that after OS updates, but maybe this time it needs some help.

    Thanks for your replies,

    Thanks Mate,

    What you are saying makes sense. I'm going to play around with it this weekend and see if I can get it to repeat the issue. I want to make sure it's not just something that happened the first few times. One thing I remembered was that both times was right after it finished booting the Remote, so perhaps it wasn't 100% finished booting to begin with. Like if there are remaining processes happening, there could be a voltage or signal drop if I'm doing that while it's still sending communications from the boot up process.

    I will report back!



    I've done it twice since upgrading and it did that both times. I can try it again next time I hook everything up and play around with it.

    I don't do that often, it's usually just when I'm either on stage or at a rehearsal and we are playing the same set as previously, so I will hit that scroll button down to go back to the start. We do anywhere from 20-40+ songs in one night, so maybe that's more than it can handle, haha. But I don't recall it happening to me before this particular update. It's always been pretty slow to respond, like it will take maybe 5-10 seconds to show that it's back on #1 instead of #40 but it's still active and the remote didn't reboot.

    BTW, way off topic, but I am also from Utah and I believe we have a mutual friend (Nate). I may have given you some advice regarding using a Tube Screamer with a THD Amp once, a very long time ago. I recognize the username. Haha. ;)



    I didn't see this here but I have been slow to upgrade to OS 4.2.2 since I have been gigging--I wanted to wait for the release version. I just updated last week when it came out and this has happened to me a few times. Wanted to see if anyone else had encountered this:

    On release version, in Performance mode when fast scrolling (holding down the down button), going from say Performance #22 down to #1 rapidly, it freezes the KPA then reboots the Remote. While the Remote is rebooting, it does go to back Performance #1 and unfreezes. The Remote then boots back up. It didn't do this before I upgraded. I would say the KPA freezes for about 10 seconds, then the Remote reboots and the KPA comes back on once that starts rebooting. I'm using the factory cable on the Remote.

    Any ideas or thoughts? Wondering if this was a known issue or not.


    For those of us who have been waiting out the "storm" of the 4.x releases, is there a consensus that, since this is an official release version, that it is a "safe" upgrade? I'm still on 3.x since it was stable for me. Too many big summer gigs to risk dealing with bugs.

    Anyway, that's what I came to this thread to find out and don't see any actual information regarding stability and safety. If you can let us less-risky guys know! :D


    I'm late to the party but just thought I would chime in and say, unless it's a wah with true bypass and/or the right buffering and boost happening, the "real" wah will negatively affect your tone. If you really tweak the Kemper Wah settings the right way you can get it to sound exactly the way you want it. It took me some time but I'm finally at a point now where the settings I have I like better than my real wah pedals (Vox, Crybaby and a DIY McCoy clone).

    Not that real ones always sound bad, but I always noticed the tone difference in my rig. I even used a looper to remove the wah from the signal path and that did help a lot but it's a pain.

    Using a Mission Expression pedal makes it feel just like the real ones as well.


    True, although the one I mentioned the holes line up already so no drilling needed. But I have drilled holes in other shelves to mount things and it's also a good solution, especially if you have one lying around with no holes in it already. Sometimes Amazon (in the US) has those rack shelves as low as $15 (that's what I paid for the one I mentioned). So it can be a very affordable solution as well.

    Probably goes without saying that the KPA feet use special a special bit to get them off but I reuse those same screws to mount it to the shelf so the threads inside the KPA case don't get stripped out. Plus I can reattach the feet if I ever needed to.


    I like the idea but you guys should have purchased a Kemper rack unit instead. Lol :P

    I bought my KPA years before the rack unit came out. When I got mine the rack unit was just a rumor with no hope of ever coming out, just like the remote was (and now spring reverb, haha).


    Hey Andy,

    I ended up getting a rack shelf (Middle Atlantic Products UTR1) and mounting the bottom of the KPA to it. The shelf itself has holes/slots on it that you can mount to.

    What I did is unscrew the feet and remove the rubber parts. Then using the original screws, you mount those to a washer and use washers as spacers to go between the unit and the shelf (there is a bit of space underneath that you need to make up for since the KPA isn't totally flat on the bottom). On that shelf, the feet holes line up just right in the larger slots. You can't get it exactly centered on the shelf but it is very solid and immoveable.

    Then I mount the shelf in a 6U Gator Shallow Rack. It's still pretty light with this setup and if you mount the shelf with the space below it you have room for the remote cable and a few other things. But you can mount it in anything larger and it takes up just around 5U total space.

    I should also note that the back of the shelf bends downward slightly over time so I also used a spacer to keep the back part of the shelf supported. The screws and washer will also stick out below the shelf so you may or may not be able to mount another unit directly below it depending on what it is. But you can always put the KPA at the bottom if needed.

    Too much info, I know, but hope that helps!


    Hey, just FYI, if you tried using the form on their Contact page, it DOES NOT work (for me anyway). Every time I try it, I get an email back right away saying the inbox is full and not receiving messages (on Kemper's end). I have told them about this several times but it still happens to me every time so it doesn't appear to be fixed.

    Instead, if you email them directly at: [email protected] they usually get back pretty fast depending on workload. They will open a ticket for you that way. I've had to contact them 3-4 times since I got the unit several years ago and it's always been reasonably fast (within 8-48 hours on weekdays--they are on Deutschland time and I'm in the US) and they are very quick and direct to deal with once you talk to them. I would rate them an A+ from my dealings.

    But I do hope they fix the form soon--I think first time customers, if they have the same issue I do, will feel pretty lousy after they can't get through using the form.


    Okay, I submitted my version to support. Yes, there was a huge lag when saving the first time it happened but it eventually just rebooted the remote and all was fine after that--until I tried to save again.

    For me it seemed to be tied to assigning the footswitches to a stomp slot but maybe that is a coincidence. The only thing that has changed in my setup is adding the remote.


    I know--I had been trying to find the funds to buy the remote for a long time and when I finally decided to spring for it they had reduced the price, so I was pretty happy! I wasn't sure if it was a sale or just a permanent price reduction now that the demand and stock levels have been worked out. Either way it was a big relief on the timing!


    Hello Timo,

    The same thing is happening to me. I just got my remote a few days ago. I only have the original cable that came with it attached and it is firmly in place and hasn't been moved yet. I did experience this bug several times when saving. Since I was cycling through my performances and tweaking the settings and assigning stomps to the footswitches. It did this to me three times. What I eventually started doing was clicking the Store button really slowly. I'm used to hitting that Store button three times pretty fast (since it requires 3 clicks to save a performance). When I did it slowly, it didn't come back again.

    But I can say for sure that this does happen. It only happened to me under two conditions: 1- Assigning a stomp to a footswitch on the remote, then 2- Storing the patch right after by clicking Store rapidly 3 times.

    Hope that helps. If you want I can report it to support. I'm a little concerned because sometimes I tweak things at gigs and have to click that store button really fast so I can play the next part or song without missing a beat. If the remote goes dead (it takes a long time to reboot), I'm in trouble!