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    You guys need to laugh a bit...this thread is becoming way too serious.

    Its funny that everytime I look at this thread, I just go back to home page to see if it was released.....but then again, the only thing I see, is the guy from Bad Religion... seems like he's telling me everytime to go look elsewhere while smiling :D. Anyone experiencing the same feeling lol?

    I can't believe it... I'm now addicted to this thread. What will happens once its finally released? On a positive note, my Kemper is coming back from repair and should be delivered today :)! YAY. Props to Kemper for dealing with my issue fast (dead leds and volume pot failure....).

    The wait for the editor is getting pretty much like the wait for that next Grand Theft Auto title (VI). Will need to call sick at least a day.

    Here's a meaningless post to help us reach out the #2000 target. As others have stated....maybe its much like Xbox. User who will post the #2000 message will unlock the editor... for him only :D

    (foreword : no need for arguing, I know some people get along with the Kemper UI, I just don't personally :wacko: )

    Believe me, I'm not mad with the situation. I don't even remember if it was a promised feature within the first days of release... but it's just... we are almost in 2020. I wrongly assumed that the software was a dead give away with a 2k$ product and didn't think much about it before buying. Well, that's a couple of years ago.... I waited for 2 years, then just stopped waiting and got used to ''no editing/play the same patches''. Now, this thread got me some hope again lol! Once the editor is out, I will never touch those knobs again. EVER AGAIN lol (chicken knob, master and that's it)!

    Yet, we are lucky that the Kemper sounds so good, you don't have to edit much :).

    A couple of days people (for the people looking forward to it), keep smiling and it will be there soon :saint:.

    Lol, still checking this thread everyday and hoping to see some news... I just updated from like 3.x to 7 today on my Kemper... proof that I HATE fiddling with the knobs and the usb stick in general ;( (also, proof that I have been using the same profiles for the last years without giving a damn :D). I just hope I could plug it in the computer and BATCH edit everything and unplug it when I'm done. I probably tried only 10% of what it can do just because the UI is too much for me. Bought this device when it first came out (2013?) telling me they would release a software within the first year. Tried the ToastME editor ... but won't work with my interface ||.

    2020 is just around the corner lol (oopS).

    Wouldn't trade it for anything else because of how great it does its job. Did try the Helix just for the sake of having a software....didn't like the sound (wanted to trade the Kemper for that sole reason, shame on me). Can't imagine how people deal with the Stage floor ...

    (duck and cover, ready for the ''we don't need an editor'' crowd :wacko: - indeed, this thread needs to die of a quick and bloody death haha).

    Hi Damian,

    No, the "external storage" tab doesn't show up. Even if I let the stick for a long time or move to different windows within the KPA. Also, the same problem arise with every stick, even newly formatted ones on the computer.

    Probably a dead USB connector

    Hi Dorrus,

    I tried your solution with a simple electronic contact-cleaner (that does wonder to old glitchy pots and other stuff...) success :o(. Guess I will have to send it for a repair. Waiting for an update with Kemper about how to ship it.

    I tried reformating usb keys on computer. The KPA still won't recognized them... Also keys with light on them on light up when plugged in the Kemper Usb port... making it suspicious all together (but I can't remember if lights on usb key worked before with the KPA).

    Also tried a system restore for the KPA (holding < > keys at startup) with a usb stick loaded with the last os. It didn't recognize any usb key with this operation either.

    My kemper stopped recognizing my USB key. I've tried 4 different ones after...none would work with it. The Os version is 2.3. So im stuck there, cant update or load in profiles... ;(

    Anyone had this problem??? Is it just the USB plug that is broken? I hope so, that would be a 2$ fix.

    Haha! got you :D . You all thought it was REAL!
    Well, getting tired of waiting for a software/ way of organizing the KPA (folders) or librarian ? Been a year or more! Anyone interested in cracking the KPA o.s. so we may use one of those USB as they should be? Or maybe add folders just like everyone is asking 8| (simpler?). Let's sign a petition :wacko: ? See how many people are interested (seeing the editor thread... MOST people). God, they would release a paid version tomorrow I would buy it right away. Or maybe we should just get drunk and forget that idea alltogether.

    As for now, I will save the "know spinning + downloading /usb key/ switch to KPA / test / change my mind/ redownloading" and keep using my good old trusty 20 profiles or so 8)

    Hey guys, 4 days from celebrating the first anniversary of this thread.... *about to prepare a cake*.

    Happy birthday kemper editor thread :thumbsup: !!!

    Seriously, one day, we will get it!