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    The Stage has had teething problems but both the hardware as well as the software issues seem to be ironed out (speaking of FW 7.0.5).

    Playing Kempers since 2012 I fully trust the company because I've seen and experienced how they deal with problems.

    I’m with Ingolf here. The company are great for support and their products are solid. I’ve been gigging my 1st KPA since 2012 and it’s been rock solid. Whatever issues you are having the Kemper team will sort them

    I emailed them yesterday and I didn’t get an automated reply. They have informed me it was taken down for technical reasons and will be up again in the next few day. So maybe try again in the next couple of days

    Any thing where you are getting an electric shock from, you should not use as it’s dangerous and not normal. With it being 2nd hand doesn’t matter as the warranty can be passed on to the new owner. IIRC the kemper comes with a 3 year warranty. I highly recommend contacting support and getting it sent off for repair immediately

    I took the plunge yesterday and purchased the new Romesh profile pack and the David Bendeth profile pack from STL Tones. Just thought I’d share my opinion.

    First off these aren’t cheap profile packs so I was a little nervous spending all that money just incase I didn’t like them. The Bendeth pack has a lot more profiles than the Romesh pack but both have some very good useable profiles. I’ve already found some nice gems in both packs that I can’t wait to use in my next studio session. In the Bendeth pack there are some dual amp profiles that sound absolutely fantastic. The Naylor and Diezel combos are my fav so far as well as the VHT ones. In the Romesh pack there are some nice 5150 profiles that are my favourite in this pack as well. I only got to blast them for about an hour last night but on first listen I’m very happy. Hopefully this will help anyone out who’s maybe thinking of purchasing any of these packs

    Raoul, you don’t need to out it in a slot unless you want the ability to turn is on and off on the fly. You can set the transpose for the whole rig in the rig menu which basically like outing it before Stomp A I think. It isn’t a big issue for me either way as I don’t use a lot of FX at all but for people who find they are always running out of Stomp and FX slots on their rigs the rig menu transpose is a great feature.

    Forgot about that improved feature. My live sound has been the same since 6 years so I never moved the transpose from slot A lol

    Do you put the transpose in stomp A??

    I use Transpose a lot live and it works a treat. My live KPA is on FW 6. So not sure if the issue Wheresthedug mentions above is a FW 7.0 one but in FW 6.0 transpose works great.

    Make sure it’s in slot A

    I rang my local PMT over a week ago to put my name down on a stage. The reason why I ordered through them is so I can go and give it a good blast before committing and they always look after me. I noticed Anderton’s and guitar guitar have quite a few in stock but PMT can’t give me a date when they are gonna receive any. I just wondered if the stage is in short supply compared to the massive demand.

    I think all the thinks you have mentioned are just teething problems due to new product and new FW. Kemper are a great company and look after there customers as well as making sure there products are fit for purpose. Once these little issues are ironed out I’m sure the stage will be an even better product than it is already. I remember when I first got my toaster kemper nearly 8 years ago, there were issues with these eg LED’s dying, FW having bugs. But these all got sorted and the kemper became what it is today, IMO Andy industry standard for both studio and live use