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    +1 These people wanting floor units must play to a tame sitting audience. No way would you want to have your expensive powered brain unit with knobs on the floor in the gigs I've played!

    That being said, Most of the club bands around here are way overweight and wear baseball hats (my pet peeve) Not to mention have the stage presence of a dead carp with their Iphone mounted to their mic stand next to their beer holder so looks aren't considered.

    Well agreed with previous writers. I am way over 50 (years) and my back does not allow often adjustments on the floor. So the stage KPA was never an option for me. But I noticed in social media that it is a huge success and some users sold their rack/toaster to get a stage KPA.

    One thought I had.... if I would use a stage KPA on stage and left the location for .... a break and some guy with the knowledge to do is reseting my KPA ... a nightmare!

    First of all what mattered to me the most to buy a KPA: sound! Sound that satisfise my needs. It really still does 100%

    Every new unit will have its lovers, thats cool for me!

    I really think there is room for improvement, because there are some functions I would like to have/hear. Like to have the possibility to combine two amps within the KPA. But honestly even if this feature will come up in a KPA v2 it would not make me unhappier with my current version.

    People complain about the display and the userinterface..... that's also fine for me, cause i still works for me. Some new products have a big touchscreen.... but that does not improve the sound....

    And to close up my statement: In 7 years I needed no support at all and since the last 8 weeks I had 2 issues with my Toaster and the Kemper support was easy to reach, super friendly, fast and fully successfull!

    1. How come I hear such a difference between neutral headphones and the Kabinet? (I already tried to play with the SPACE function)

    2. Which of the two sounds would be closer to the FOH experience?

    3. When it comes to recording: I have a waves plugin in which I can choose my headphones and then it compensates the EQ. The result is quite different from the EQ without the plugin. Is there a point to this although the headphones are actually famous for sounding neutral?

    4. At what db level does the Kabinet sound most "as it is" or "neutral" or does that depend on the profile? What I mean is, if I use the Kabinet as a stage monitor, at what db level will it sound most like what the audience hears via FOH? In my experience the tonal profile changes quite a bit with different volume levels of my Kabinet.

    Hey Kaschko,

    here my thoughts/answers to your questions:

    1st as many wrote before there is not one but many headphone sounds. I had the 880 and sold them because of the same experiances you mentioned. But great headphones for just listening!!! I found per accident the Sennheiser HD 380 pro that suits my needs. It is very flat in the high register but has a warm but punchy low end.

    2nd For me it was a try and error with bringing recordings of my favorite profiles to my stereo, my car stereo, my phone..... and it took some time to build a knowledge which profiles work FOR ME as FOH, rehearsals and recording experiance. Now I mostly select new profiles that are working in all my environments. I still use a 1960 Marshall 4x12 cab with a 8080 linear power amp for rehearsals, only use the house monitors when gigging.

    3rd no experiances

    4th no exect meaning... I mean I love my headphone sound loud but not unhealthy..... I love my Marshall moving air... and I live with the compromises on non-professional stages.

    Best regards

    Dear all,

    I posted this in a FB group as well and like to share this here as well:

    When I have my KPA running, connected via USB to my PC and the Rig Manager running and my PC goes into hibernate my KPA freezes and needs to be rebooted to run normaly again. When the Rig Manager is NOT running and the PC goes to hibernate my KPA functions as normal.

    All users responded to my posting in the FB group have confirmed this. What are your experiances?

    I can report that NOT ALL cable work. I experienced three different situations.

    1st everythings working fine,

    2nd Everything is working but the lights are not fully bright.

    3rd not working.

    So far I did not try to find out the reasons behind, cause I had several cables laying around. Do not worry, there are high quality cable with the locking plug like the original cable available and I have one of them which is working just fine!

    Isn't funny.... I had the original rockman and a half rack unit from the Tom Scholz distortion, just to have THE sound. It was in the time before DAWs and modelling imo the first good out-of-the box sound for easy recording of distortion tones. Compared with my first POD it was flat and non flexible. Now with the KPA we have at least a ton of great and open sounding profiles... but I searched for that flat rockman sound too :) but I never regreted of selling the original units. Greetings from Hudi

    Hey guitarchiq! I ... here my (short version) story and some impressions I got out of the facebook group. Via headphone I was happy from day one. It took some weeks until I figured out the perfect rehearsal room setup. I was very unhappy at the start. Now I have a setup that sounds nearly the same with headphone, for recording and in the rehearsal room. After some learning I now can identify very fast which profile will work in both situations. So I can produce a song at home and will have the same sound live. For me this is a dream come true. Taking to account, that tube amps react sensible on power supply issues, temperatur ....... you know what I mean.

    What I read a lot is that some players bought the KPA as a tool that will sound in every situation great, even if their playing is not that great. (why do I know this? Some players post videos in which you can agree: The tone is crap but the playing too!) They buy tons of commercial profiles and their frustration is huge cause their tone is not as expected. So they sell slighlty used KPAs with masses of profiles totally unhappy. To be more specific: I you are playing high gane through a Line6 Spider 1 (sorry Line 6, no offense ) and switch to a good amp like the KPA you might run into troubles cause the amp reflects your playing honestly (depending on the profile). If you can handle a sensible amp (like Two Rock) you will be able to handle a two rock profile within the KPA and I am pretty sure you will be happy.

    I use mono exclusively....why? Because I think its sounds tigher. In a band context with another guitarist, its difficult enough to find sonic "space". Stereo yes sounds wider but that depth can work against you.

    Persoanlly ( and this is a real sweeping statement) I'd only use stereo live if I was a single guitarist and the focus was on effects ( more ethereal/indie music). For straight ahead rock, mono...

    Agreed on you V8guitar, I use an "in between" solution. I am a single guitarist in my band. I have a stereo setup but my mostly used sounds are without any modulation effects. The stereo delay in leads is really just for fun stereo. So you can say i play mono most of the time. But those specificly rare modulation sounds do much better in a stereo setup.

    Hi there,

    I am absolutely with Seabass. I fought with the RM and got in addition sense free and wrong hints from some user here. I recommend to see the RM as a free software that comes as a gift to a great piece of gear which for me the KPA is. I found my way to work with, even create performances by try and error that sometimes work, sometimes not. I know that does not solve your problem, but maybe your moods!


    Hi all,

    I recently tried some headphones and would like to share my experiances . I am more then aware that everybody has his own sweetspot for frequencies but maybe this helps you as your postings did help me to find a solution.

    I am using a 40 years old Sennheiser HD 424 which is very flat and is fine for me, but especially the low frequencies are far from my expectiations. But I learned to deal with this and consider this in my mixes. The high frequencies are fine and for this part I can fully trust them for the mix. Anyhow I tried to find something more fitting for all frequencies.

    First I tried the Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro and had it for more than 6 months. It sound spectacular open and impresses a lot. But the high frequencies are so extrem upfront it made me fail in mixes and gave me trouble enjoing playing my KPA. I thought I can get used to it but gave up and sold it.

    Second I tried th Sony MDR 7506 which is very popular as well. I found it's hights not as extrem as the DT 770 but the sound overall was not harmomic in my ears. For me it sounded kind of unnatural.

    Third I am trying the Sennheiser HD 380 Pro. It's sound is very flat , has enough bass to make some fun and has slightly less upper mids than my old HD 424. The sound with my KPA is punchy and far from beeing harsh. Still I have to get used to the changed sound overall but currently it seems to be the wanted upgrade to my old set.

    I will post an update if I have to add something and hope this review helps you in finding your solution.

    Stay save!


    Hey Jake,

    first of all ensure that you have a backup with all your current settings on the stick. If anything happens by mistake you are prepared.

    Level out the rigs up front before going to the gig and before making a backup. IME if there are minimal level differences knowbody will care/notice.

    I do my leveling in the rehearsal room with the band, always and yes I adjust the rig volume.

    I use the xlr-outs for the FOH and usually use the available monitor system. I do not have any guitar cabinet at a gig. If I want to be super save and indepenent I have an exclusive, in my case active, small 12 inch FR monitor which I directly connect to my KPA monitor out. Just because I use in this set up only full range speaker I have the cab sim on.

    The most benefits of this setup is that there is no cabinet on stage that limits the mixing because of own volumen and I do not have to carry the weight :). IME you have to level down guitar cabinets at small gigs a lot, so that there is no felt benefit compared to the monitor setup I just explained.

    In addition I have a packing list with backups for ALL cables, which I everytime walk through. Its better to have it than to need it!

    I hope that helps!