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    as far as I remember the latency issue (time to load) was adressed and solved within the 8.7 updates.

    worked in my case!

    Quote of changelogg:

    1. PROFILER Operating System
    2. User Interface
    3. improved: front panel responsiveness at Head and Rack models
    4. improved: time to load Slot within Performance 

    On stage and to use the batteries completely in rehearsals I use an old Line6 G30. Never had any isues with it. It is fragile due to several reports on broken batterie lid. But mine is still solid! The Xvive U2 i use at home, everyday drop outs, but for noodling on the couch fine for me!

    You can already store Input and Output Presets. However, the Output presets don’t remember Power Amp On/Off status or output volumes so they have little use in the real world unfortunately.

    Thx, found the save function. Can load it via the Rigmanager. Works perfectly! But how can I load it on the KPA without Rigmanager!

    Hey together!

    I have two KPAs in use. One at home I use mainly for recording but also for all live situations. In my rehearsal room is the other one, which is ... for rehearsals... you guesst it. I mainly edit all things at home and then restore back ups in the rehearsal unit. Here comes my point. I use settings (Master-section) that are matching the needs for the recording side, then I use different settings for gigging and .. you guesst it... also different setttings for rehearsals. It would help me it if I had the possibility to store my settings with naming it to have them reloaded if needed.



    I believe the original post said he was using a real cabinet. In my past experience, tube power sounds best that way. SS is still dam good, but tube power has that feel and tone of a real amp imo.

    I have the oposite experiance. My former Marshall Tube Poweramp coloured my signal into my 12x4 Marshall cab extremely and IMO it was the most negative impact on my sound with profiles. When I switched to a linear solid state amp really the lights went on!

    I'd have to say whatever gets your end result where you want it is "best". There are too may variables and opinions on what the "best" guitar sound would be.

    Agreed! I use a celestion 4x12 cab for regular rehearsals, love it. When I bought an active kone for other activities I found out for myself that I really like the colour of the celestions so I use it with an imprint for all sounds. ...and I used a tube power amp when I started with the kemper and it made a huge (negative) impact on the sound. I now use a solid state power amp!

    +1 These people wanting floor units must play to a tame sitting audience. No way would you want to have your expensive powered brain unit with knobs on the floor in the gigs I've played!

    That being said, Most of the club bands around here are way overweight and wear baseball hats (my pet peeve) Not to mention have the stage presence of a dead carp with their Iphone mounted to their mic stand next to their beer holder so looks aren't considered.

    Well agreed with previous writers. I am way over 50 (years) and my back does not allow often adjustments on the floor. So the stage KPA was never an option for me. But I noticed in social media that it is a huge success and some users sold their rack/toaster to get a stage KPA.

    One thought I had.... if I would use a stage KPA on stage and left the location for .... a break and some guy with the knowledge to do is reseting my KPA ... a nightmare!

    First of all what mattered to me the most to buy a KPA: sound! Sound that satisfise my needs. It really still does 100%

    Every new unit will have its lovers, thats cool for me!

    I really think there is room for improvement, because there are some functions I would like to have/hear. Like to have the possibility to combine two amps within the KPA. But honestly even if this feature will come up in a KPA v2 it would not make me unhappier with my current version.

    People complain about the display and the userinterface..... that's also fine for me, cause i still works for me. Some new products have a big touchscreen.... but that does not improve the sound....

    And to close up my statement: In 7 years I needed no support at all and since the last 8 weeks I had 2 issues with my Toaster and the Kemper support was easy to reach, super friendly, fast and fully successfull!

    1. How come I hear such a difference between neutral headphones and the Kabinet? (I already tried to play with the SPACE function)

    2. Which of the two sounds would be closer to the FOH experience?

    3. When it comes to recording: I have a waves plugin in which I can choose my headphones and then it compensates the EQ. The result is quite different from the EQ without the plugin. Is there a point to this although the headphones are actually famous for sounding neutral?

    4. At what db level does the Kabinet sound most "as it is" or "neutral" or does that depend on the profile? What I mean is, if I use the Kabinet as a stage monitor, at what db level will it sound most like what the audience hears via FOH? In my experience the tonal profile changes quite a bit with different volume levels of my Kabinet.

    Hey Kaschko,

    here my thoughts/answers to your questions:

    1st as many wrote before there is not one but many headphone sounds. I had the 880 and sold them because of the same experiances you mentioned. But great headphones for just listening!!! I found per accident the Sennheiser HD 380 pro that suits my needs. It is very flat in the high register but has a warm but punchy low end.

    2nd For me it was a try and error with bringing recordings of my favorite profiles to my stereo, my car stereo, my phone..... and it took some time to build a knowledge which profiles work FOR ME as FOH, rehearsals and recording experiance. Now I mostly select new profiles that are working in all my environments. I still use a 1960 Marshall 4x12 cab with a 8080 linear power amp for rehearsals, only use the house monitors when gigging.

    3rd no experiances

    4th no exect meaning... I mean I love my headphone sound loud but not unhealthy..... I love my Marshall moving air... and I live with the compromises on non-professional stages.

    Best regards

    Dear all,

    I posted this in a FB group as well and like to share this here as well:

    When I have my KPA running, connected via USB to my PC and the Rig Manager running and my PC goes into hibernate my KPA freezes and needs to be rebooted to run normaly again. When the Rig Manager is NOT running and the PC goes to hibernate my KPA functions as normal.

    All users responded to my posting in the FB group have confirmed this. What are your experiances?

    I can report that NOT ALL cable work. I experienced three different situations.

    1st everythings working fine,

    2nd Everything is working but the lights are not fully bright.

    3rd not working.

    So far I did not try to find out the reasons behind, cause I had several cables laying around. Do not worry, there are high quality cable with the locking plug like the original cable available and I have one of them which is working just fine!