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    Alan, your proposal looks simple and easy ... but I'm afraid it's not that simple.

    Even if we say that each morphable parameter can only be assigned to either Morph A or Morph B (without this it will get crazy) ... it can still quickly become hells kitchen when you think of Performances built of 5 rigs.

    Each of these 5 rigs in a performance can already have a completely different set of morphed parameters. Already difficult to memorize what's being morphed in which slot of your performance. Once there's a second one it quickly becomes twice as hard to setup (and memorize in a live situation on stage).

    And I didn't even mention the terrible quirks with performance editing with Rig Manager (in edit mode).

    I've followed this thread since 1 week and now I think I'm ready to throw in my 2 cents, even if they're not popular.

    Featuritis and cognitive overload!

    Apart from the great sound we can achieve with the profiling technology, the biggest advantage and charm was the Profiler's easy to grasp and fast user interface. Over time more and more features got added, even though some of them clearly didn't fit to the UI design of the Profiler. So far so good. But now it IS getting too much, this device is so full of pitfalls and quirks and complexity already.

    My honest opinion:

    Stop it! Let go! Focus on the core strengths of the Profiler, what made it so successful! Don't try to make it an even more complex machine.

    In Rig Manager go to the menu "Tools / Backup Rig Manager Content". This will create a backup file in a location of your choice. Copy this backup file to your new machine and in Rig Manager on the new machine, go to "Tools / Restore Rig Manager Content" and choose the backup file to restore (import).

    The best volume pedal is built right into the guitar, it's called the volume knob. And even this small feature isn't being used as often as it should, imho.

    The world would be a better place if guitarists would e.g. setup their main tones at guitar volume knob at 9 so they always have a little extra just in case. And a great amp/rig will offer so much flexibility when turning the guitar volume knob down. It's boring to have volume/tone at 10 all the time.

    My advise: Explore the capabilities of your guitar first ... you might discover that you need much less fancy stuff on your "pedal board". :-)

    Get some reusable gel hand warmers. Doesn't cost a fortune and should do the job just fine.

    Sorry, I just found a link on Amazon Germany but you'll get the idea:

    You can recharge them by putting them into hot water until the gel is fully liquid again. Then you just pop the small metal plate and they start to get warm. If you get e.g. 6 pieces, you can use 3 of them for the way to the practice room and the 3 others for the way back.

    Have you played with the Kemper Drive to try to tone match the Timmy? If yes, were you able to get close?

    Let me put it this way:

    The latest firmware update improved the pre-stack gain staging in the Kemper Drive (and likely the other boosters as well). But I can't say that I get anywhere close to what I like to dial in on my Paul Cochrane Timmy, Ceriatone Centura, Wampler Euphoria, Okko Diablo Gain+ or Colorsound Powerboost pedals ... regarding tone. I very much dislike the mid hump / bass cut of the Kemper Drive which can't be defeated. So I guess it's a nice overdrive for Tubescreamer territory but not for me. :)

    I don't mind much because I own the actual pedals I like and just keep using them.

    ... 619 posts and almost 1 year later I think I will prepare a birthday cake from the same "hot air" this product has been made of so far.

    You can pre-order a slice now, the cake will be made with the latest technology and Quad layers of hot air Cream

    Hmmm, I bought (audio related stuff only):

    • Marshall Silver Jubilee
    • Hiwatt Custom 100
    • Neve 1073 DPX
    • Colorsound Powerboost
    • Paul Cochrane Timmy
    • KS digital C88 reference monitors
    • Steinberg Nuendo
    • Beyerdynamic M160 ribbon mic
    • Aputure Deity Connect dual wireless microphone system
    • Spitfire BBC Symphony Orchestra Pro
    • Expression E Touché MIDI controller
    • Marcus Miller M7 5-string bass
    • Ortega Jade 4012 CE 12-string acoustic guitar
    • ... and a lot more I just don't remember now

    Kemper Main Outputs are either XLR (balanced) or TS (unbalanced). Don't use TRS jacks on the Profiler Main Outputs.

    Best option is XLR female -> TRS from Kemper to audio interface (balanced connection).

    If that's not possible for some reason, use TS -> TS cables (unbalanced connection).

    General advise:

    I would rather record the best possible way (balanced audio) and keep the monitoring unbalanced.