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    1. I will get caught up in profile changing hell.

    Don't think of it as a bad thing in the first place :) Just imagine that you have 24h access to the biggest music stores in your country and you can try all amps they have on stock. Nobody rushes you, you can take your time, day and night, whenever you want. This is your chance to experience many amp brands and models until you finally find "your" sound. I'm sure that many Profiler users have gone through that, have learned the characteristics and feel of many amps they wouldn't have been able to ever play in the real world.

    If you take your time and enjoy the journey, then you will find the amps / sounds that suit you best. The need to try everything fades away over time. The result is that you exactly know what you like and why, priceless experience. :)

    I own Profilers since 6.5 years and you'll have a hard time searching someone more relaxed regarding the "hell of choice". It took me about 6 months to exactly know what I like and why. Played many nice profiles, found a lot of great stuff. Yes, it was a bit overwhelming. But after these 6 months I felt like "yep, that's it" and ended up with maximum 5 rigs that I consider to be "my sounds". The 6 years after, of course my taste, mood, style has slowly changed a little so maybe 3 of the 5 rigs mentioned above have changed over time. No big deal and I can assure you that there hasn't been any kind of "changing hell" in my life for many years now. :)

    Still contemplating after more than 1 year since your first post? ;)

    Can't imagine how much music you could have made on the Profiler since then.

    To be honest, I think people coming from the Fractal camp have become pretty paranoid due to the "frequent" releases of new gear while in Kemperland people just keep using and enjoying their Profilers since more than 7 years. How great is that? We not only bought amazing technology but also a good amount of "peace of mind".

    ... The KPA is also branded primarily as a studio tool and many of those people will tell you that for them it's all about workflow. Everything is at their disposal in software form and they don't especially care for needing to have the Kemper either right next to them or go to where it is ...

    As someone running 2 studios I can assure you that this isn't what usually happens. The Profiler typically is within reach of the musician. As a sound engineer you'd rather have the musician make the changes he wants ... with you being ready to show and explain only when needed. ;-)

    But maybe you were referring to a very different kind of studio. :-)

    As I wrote in my previous post, the unpowered Profilers draw VERY little current, even with a Remote connected. Even the smallest fuse and cables can easily handle this. So don't worry, hook it up already and enjoy. :)

    The 10A 250V~ means that the actual cable (the diameter of the wires) is rated for maximum 10A current (2500W power). This is kind of standard for regular power cables, multiplugs and power distributors. Devices that draw more current need thicker cable wires.

    The unpowered Kemper Profiler (as stated before) only draws VERY little current. A powered Kemper Profiler can draw up to 4 - 5A at 250V~. With an unpowered Profiler, you can use the smallest fuse available. And with a PowerRack or PowerHead, you should use a 5A fuse.

    Verwalte deine Rigs einfach mit dem Rig Manager und speichere im Profiler nur die Rigs, die du regelmäßig nutzt. Ja, es gibt ein Maximum, wie du ja nun selbst festgestellt hast. Offenbar versucht der Profiler, wenn der Speicher voll ist, weiterhin jedes einzelne Rig zu kopieren mit dem Ergebnis, dass kein Platz da ist. Bei 15000 Rigs dauert das dann eben "etwas länger". :D

    Passiert dir nicht nochmal, hehe.

    Before Kemper released the new delay types and also allowed to put a delay in every stomp or effects module, the DELAY module was the only one that could have a delay effect.

    Back then, the TAP button indicated the rig tempo and the 2 LEDs indicated the delay pattern (for either single or dual delay). So basically the LEDS were blinking e.g. one of them dotted eights and the other one quarter notes (or whatever you had set the delay to do).

    This functionality has been removed and now these LEDs only show the effects category color.

    Yes, I agree with your wish, Alan. But even if it might be an unpopular opinion, I have to say that imho the Profiler in its current incarnation has reached a level of complexity that I start to hope for a Profiler MkII. The beauty of the beast was it's simplicity. Many additions were very welcome (and continue to be welcome). But I'm afraid the first iteration of the Profiler has reached a point where it becomes increasingly difficult for newbies (or less than power users) to fully understand this beast.

    I guess at least in the mid term it will be necessary to come up with the next generation of our beautiful ladies' handbag and a future Profiler MkII should be able to end this (nice but incomplete) Parallel Path era and many other limitations.

    As always, just my 2 cents


    PS: I don't think it will take Kemper long to develop a Kemper MkII because 50% of the next generation is already done …. they don't have to change the spanking leather strap :D :D