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    I think it would be a good idea to get the most experienced profilers (and44, Armin, ...) and CK together and produce a "Best Practices in Profiling" video series. This investment clearly makes the strengths of the lunchbox much more "accessible" to us. I wouldn't mind to pay some extra to get this in-depth video workshop, but I could imagine that they would go for free as well since they would turn out as brilliant marketing for Kemper and professional profile producers as well.

    Imho, there's no reason to let all new customers go through the painful process of learning how to do best by trial & error.


    Maybe because the KPA (current) users are honest, admire and respect those who put their effort in creating great profiles, and act according to an ethic?

    That hits the nail on the head!
    And apart from that ... as soon as someone has downloaded all software, music, information from the internet for "free", he will notice that he can't download the monthly rent, the daily food, the electricity and so on.
    It's just plain stupid to ask for everything for free. Much better to respect others' work and pay for quality just as much as I would charge if it was my own work.

    'nuff said

    PS: If you can order a collection of original 50-60 years old vintage amps for a bargain at Thomann ... give me a heads-up, man.

    They are already on that page under the Vintage part

    mh? I can't see a list of amps included in the Vintage & Rare Collection on the Bundles page?

    Regards the rest, err, well the site is undergoing some serious heavy reconstruction, hence why nothing more has been updated on the site for a while.!
    All new things coming..and a fresh look a lot will become clearer very soon!. :)

    Cool! Looking forward to the future eye & ear candy 8o

    All the pics are on the Facebook page. Good tip anyway.

    The photos are nice ... if you find them and if you know which bundles contain them. There's no consistent naming of of the image collections and apart from that ... it's just good practice to offer a detailed list of content for each product.

    In fact, I bought the "Vintage & Rare Amp Collection" 4 weeks ago and immediately fell in love with the "63 Vibrolux Full" rig. But I couldn't remember which bundle it was included in. Impossible to find out on theampfactory website. ;)
    Shouldn't be to hard to provide detailed lists of all bundles and packs on the product pages AND in his own forum's "Important News" category. ;)


    Interesting approach though. He prefers to do high-end recording of less than optimal guitar sound.
    I would certainly go the other way and do a slightly less professional recording with a great guitar sound.
    This big hole in the back of the toaster is perfect for a small recorder like the Zoom H4n.

    I wonder how much weight these things would have in comparison:
    MacBook Pro + Apogee Ensemble
    MacBook Pro + Axe FX II
    Kemper Profiling Amp + Zoom H4n

    If the other poster is correct about 256MB, that is pretty impressive.

    1. You've found the video, just watch the Samsung chips and do the maths.
    2. Learn the difference between Mb and MB.
    3. Stop discussing computer definition
    4. Play guitar
    5. Enjoy the KPA sound
    6. Play guitar
    7. Play guitar
    8. Play guitar
    9. .... you know how this proceeds.

    I'll buy some 20 KPAs and open a web service where you can play
    your USB axe on one of my lunchboxes for only $5 for 5 minutes. :wacko:

    If this sounds really strange and crazy to you,
    then you know why nobody answered your post. 8|

    Ok, Lace Deathbars are known to have very high output. Have you tried to dial them down to some barely audible minimum? If you still experience this horrible distortion or clipping, even with a "clean" rig ... I would send the unit back (i.o.w. get another, new unit in exchange) and let others track down the issue.
    The KPA is not a device, someone should have to mess around 2 days or more to get it working as expected. It should be a "wow" experience right out of the box ... as it was for pretty much all of us here. :)


    Lots of questions instead of answers, sorry:

    1. Which OS version are you running? (Press & Hold "SYSTEM" and then go to page 9/9 and look for "KPA Version")
    2. Which guitar(s) are you using, which Pickups (very hot?, active?), any kind of gear connected between guitar and KPA?
    3. Have you reduced the MASTER VOLUME?
    4. Have you done a System Reset to factory default values?
    5. Have you read the wiKPA document provided by viabcroce?
    6. Have you contact Kemper support?