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    Using a Focusrite Saffire Pro 26 i/o and usually recording and mixing 48kHz (broadcast standard) it's impossible to use S/PDIF connection from the KPA.
    Very very sad and something that should be fixed indeed. Can't imagine any sound engineer running his equipment in 44.1kHz only.

    Yes, I can (and actually do) use analog i/o, but imho it's kind of crazy to do one extra DA->AD conversion in the signal chain, no?


    the feature request sub-forum is working quite well, wouldn't you agree? ;)

    Hey Don,

    I would like to disagree. :)
    Of course it's well possible to post individual feature requests here, but it lacks the right means to vote the same way you see on the other website.
    Yes, Woltlab Burning Board provides a thread rating feature ... but there must be a reason why nobody ever used it to rate a feature request. ;)
    Maybe just a matter of styling and positioning the rating feature (and the current figures) so it's more obvious, attractive and easy to use.


    Hey gang,

    I've now been playing my KPA a while. And I've tried so many rigs ... found lots of real gems for my style and taste of music.
    But the one rig I love most: AmpFactory's VOX AC30 HandWired Boost
    This rig almost makes me cry, because it's just so awesome, no matter if I use my Strat or my Les Paul.

    Thanks a million, And44! It's worth every single penny (and even more).


    With just 14 more days until NAMM, here's my hopes (and wishes) for KPA improvements:

    • In Rig Selection (Browser) I would like to see an option "Amps" under the first button which enables the third button to select the Amp model I want to browse. It's still a bit hard to browse the rigs without more fine control.
    • Configurable S/PDIF settings (44.1 kHz @ 24 bit isn't exactly how I'm running my DAW)
    • The Librarian software that includes editing all sorts of metadata of a rig.
    • Foot controller including 1 or even better 2 pedals (I love the "all in one" KPA lunchbox and same would apply to a foot controller with pedals. I'm just tired to mess around with XX pieces of gear)
    • I wouldn't need an actual amplifier inside my lunchbox. But what would be very nice to see fill this hole: An I/O board that adds e.g. AES/EBU digital input/output, some simple analog input with mixer to play along with external audio, an SD card slot with looper (play, record, overdub) functionality and why not even dreaming of a built-in wireless guitar receiver sold as a kit with a corresponding transmitter of course.

    Well, I think that's enough for now (and my needs or wishes). Let's see how things turn out in 2 weeks, hehe.


    I could quote a lot here, but bottom line, the ability to show a profilers choice of guitar and pickups position would go a long way, is it right that some commercial profiles do it this way? Haven't got around to those yet.

    Hi Delinquent,

    you're right in some way and you're wrong in some way, imho. :)
    All the requested information is helpful to find a sound that you're looking for. This could easily be solved by creating sections and categories in the Rig Exchange.

    What I tried to say: It's much more important to actually listen to the sound through examples, maybe from different artists, from different styles. It's like watching nice photos on ... the actual camera and lens and exposure data is nice to have but far from important. Just enjoy the photos and pick your favorites by watching them. Get inspired by the look of the photo. No image description could replace the actual image. Take this to the world of KPA and you'll see that tech specs are helpful to search but it's still most important to just listen.
    Of course it would be nice if those creating KPA rigs could upload a short audio example ... but even better if all users could provide more and different examples using the profiled rig. Both should be possible and encouraged. :)

    And to get back to the thread topic ... I think this would be much more helpful than any batch downloading feature. There's simply no point in downloading every single bit in one mouse click. You'd have to spend a lifetime testing and managing all these rigs.


    Better for me would be if more info could be added from the uploader of the profile.
    What guitar & pickup were used when profiling. (very important)
    Mic placement, signal chains.
    Amp settings, tubes.
    optional photo link

    Hi HappyKemper,

    in my opinion (and based on my looooong online-community administration experience) a community really starts to live as soon as both parts of the show contribute. It's not the best idea to expect all the work done by the content contributor. We can all contribute and make life easier for those who share their rigs. The "You give, I take" approach is a dead end road, imho. :)

    The comments feature should be built (phrased) in a way that supports sharing additional information and/or sound examples ... not a written rating.

    One last comment regarding your post:
    In my opinion, the mic placement, amp settings, tubes, etc. aren't so "very" important anymore. You have a KPA, enjoy the sound and forget about tube models and all the electronics inside these vintage amps. Of course there will be a KPA 2.0 some day in the future that will have an even better audio processing, maybe even able to "play" and mix two rigs at the same time ... but in the end it's all about sound and not technical equipment. This could be a reason for Kemper not sharing info on internal RAM or internal A/D sampling rate and so on. It just doesn't matter if it sounds brilliant.


    The real issue with the Rig Exchange is, that it lacks all sorts of potential user interaction. Let me try to explain in more depth:

    It would be nice to not only vote rigs by stars, but to leave comments. This way the users could provide better "thanks" to the creator and give him and other users some detailed feedback. How does the profile work for specific music styles, how does it work with specific guitars, which songs or guitarists come to your mind when listening to the rig sound, how did the users tweak the rig sound and why? Users could even post links to soundcloud clips where they actually use the rig so everybody else can get an idea of what they'll get.

    There could be much more interesting interaction instead of just providing a unpersonal pile of stuff for download. This should be more of a community effort where everybody is allowed to provide useful information for others.

    At least for me, it's always sad to see so many people trying to get free stuff as much and as fast as possible, but very few care about ways to give something back. :)


    The final price will be displayed before the order (with the selected currency and VAT added in case you live in the EU) - all as the German and EU law wanted.

    Armin, ich bin Kunde bei dir und auch noch ein zufriedener Kunde. Ich kenne auch das MwSt-Problem bzgl. ShareIt als Payment-Service. Stört mich selbst also überhaupt nicht, dass du die Preise netto ausweist. Aber ich möchte dir trotzdem für den Hinterkopf mitgeben, dass dich damit jeder (egal aus welcher Motivation heraus) jederzeit kostenpflichtig abmahnen kann. Möglicherweise bist du dir des Problems bewusst und trägst einfach das Risiko. Aber evtl. ist dir diese ganze Sache auch nicht so bewusst. Eigentlich sollte es ja kein Problem sein, auf deiner Website Brutto- und Netto-Preise gleichzeitig auszuweisen und entsprechend kenntlich zu machen. :)


    I'm also waiting for a nice librarian solution for the KPA.
    If I had the file format specs, I would even try to create one on my own.
    But if one is in the works from Kemper and it will be available soon, even better.


    PS: If you need someone for beta testing & bug hunting ... feel free to pick me :D

    Hi musicman65,

    the RF USB adapter driven wireless keyboard solution is a good idea as well, thanks.
    I just think wireless would be great, no matter how exactly it's achieved.

    When I play my guitar and try to create, adjust and store sounds (rigs), I don't want
    to sit in front of a computer monitor all the time. The KPA is a nice device with its
    knobs and buttons. Only downside imho: Naming and tagging the rigs, amps, cabinets
    and stomp modules is horrible using the dials and buttons on the KPA.


    Hi Paul,

    thanks for your answer. Actually the KPA wouldn't necessarily need a hardware upgrade, as long as the USB A connector is capable of USB host mode.
    If that's the case, then it would be easy to attach a bluetooth dongle for a wireless keyboard. The "rest of the show" would have to be done in software only. ;)