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    Hi all - I'm researching amp modeler to buy and considering Kemper. But I saw this in a competitor product forum that concern me. Can one of the knowledgeable members confirm if this is correct? Or if it even matter?

    "Kemper's dirty little secret is that internally it only runs at 22.05 kHz. This means there is no frequency content above 11 kHz and everything above that is aliasing noise. If you have good hearing (i.e. young) you will probably pick up on this more readily.

    It does sound better than many other products, especially at lower gains where the aforementioned limitation is not as critical." [quote from competitor product]

    Hi brusky,

    let me try to explain in other words. :)

    The KPA takes a high-res photo of a landscape at a certain time of day, at a certain weather situation, in a certain season.
    The resulting image will look exactly like the real scene ... and you can of course add some color correction and image effects afterwards.

    The other amp modellers can not take a photo, they have to use some drawing and painting techniques to recreate the scene as a more or less photo-realistic painting. As you can imagine, this way you can't create a 100% perfect representation of the real scene in a given moment. But if you have lots of skills, you can of course get a beautiful painting. It's just not 100% accurate realism. And if you're a good artist, you can mix photo-realism with other painting and drawing techniques to create an amazing painting that doesn't even try to be 100% photo-realistic "only".

    Now I think it just depends on you, what you're looking for.
    I for one can achieve effects in many many ways. But it has been impossible to me before to get this extraordinary realism, the KPA can provide. And I can't tell you how much I enjoy this every single day since I own the KPA. :)


    You are right, but might still run into problems because KPA only supports 44.1kHz S/PDIF and your ProTools HD system and Digidesign 192 might be running a different sample frequency. I don't have this device, so I don't know if it has internal, automatic sample rate converter for the coax. S/PDIF port. I use the Focusrite Saffire Pro 26 i/o and it sadly doesn't have this internal conversion.


    This message is intended to Mr. Kemper as a the owner or partner of Kemper GmbH.
    Mr. Kemper, you could at least say to your paying customers that you just don't know what is going on and that you will seriously look into it and come back to us.
    Since now you have decided to intervene in the thread, you are kind of fuc*ed because not only you were cynical about the ones who are feeling/hearing a difference but you are challenging us to prove you wrong...

    Great post, Marc!
    Well worth the read for CK, imho.


    I do believe Forum is great for chitchat, but not the best form for real feature request and project managing/following.

    So true!
    Discussing a feature request and its potential implementation in depth is something very different to simple expression of interest and support.
    Always good to have these two seperate ... and I have multiple years experience using project management tools like Jira.

    You know, sometimes I simply can't add to a discussion but want to add my vote without adding to much noise to the signal. ;)


    Something has changed, surprise, surprise!
    It is the reduced aliasing.
    And this fact by nature of things changes the spectrum slightly.
    If you need 100% identical spectrum analysis, you need to compare identical sounds.
    Again: Anti-Aliasing slightly changes the spectrum, otherwise this would be proof of
    no anti-aliasing taking place.

    BTW: Same happens in image editing and can easily be measured in Standard Deviation or Median Deviation,
    even if you can't tell the difference between two images visually.

    Just my 2 cents,

    Hey gang,

    I don't know what you think about Kemper using 'Facebook only' to publish these tiny yet interesting bits of information.
    I'm not a Facebook user and have no plans to change that in the near future ... but I'm still interested in getting these small bits of information as well.

    Here's my suggestion:
    There's a forum section "Important Announcements" and it shouldn't be to difficult to create one thread called "Rumors & Backstage" and post these small bits there as a reply as well.


    Using a Focusrite Saffire Pro 26 i/o and usually recording and mixing 48kHz (broadcast standard) it's impossible to use S/PDIF connection from the KPA.
    Very very sad and something that should be fixed indeed. Can't imagine any sound engineer running his equipment in 44.1kHz only.

    Yes, I can (and actually do) use analog i/o, but imho it's kind of crazy to do one extra DA->AD conversion in the signal chain, no?


    the feature request sub-forum is working quite well, wouldn't you agree? ;)

    Hey Don,

    I would like to disagree. :)
    Of course it's well possible to post individual feature requests here, but it lacks the right means to vote the same way you see on the other website.
    Yes, Woltlab Burning Board provides a thread rating feature ... but there must be a reason why nobody ever used it to rate a feature request. ;)
    Maybe just a matter of styling and positioning the rating feature (and the current figures) so it's more obvious, attractive and easy to use.


    Hey gang,

    I've now been playing my KPA a while. And I've tried so many rigs ... found lots of real gems for my style and taste of music.
    But the one rig I love most: AmpFactory's VOX AC30 HandWired Boost
    This rig almost makes me cry, because it's just so awesome, no matter if I use my Strat or my Les Paul.

    Thanks a million, And44! It's worth every single penny (and even more).