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    Hi guys, sadly if i put any number in the VAT line it still says
    ID is not valid.

    Thing is my country is Australia so it should not be asking for a VAT number <X
    any number does not work, can you suggest any thing else to put in the VAT field ?


    Apologies, should be working now, it is a cart loom (the transaction system) bug as they are switching to a new version soon....... If not drop me a line (PM). Cheers!

    hi ampsound!
    I was checking your site...
    I found that it is quite hard for me, to guess which amp was ment by your short description / name...
    Could you be a bit more concrete?
    All the best!

    I am afraid this is because of paypal's very stringent "rules" as they won't allow brand names (even for those who don't exist any more) in the same page as "add to cart" buttons. I guess they haven't reached out to all profilers yet.... as they also state similar name won't be allowed. We may look into a different payment provider in the future. Again a profile is a purchased fully paid amp plus engineers plus our mics, pres, converters, monitoring chain, studio and experience but here I digress..... not just a brand name amp.....
    Anyway here we go as of today:

    Vintage Amps

    BMSFender Bandmaster
    CStop Carlsbro Top Head
    LanLaney Lead & Bass
    OROrange OR120
    Smsg Simms Watts AP100 MKI
    Svg100 Selmer Treble&Bass SV (MKIV)
    Svg50 Selmer Treble&Bass SV (MKIV)
    VL125 Vox V125 Lead
    Wecg Wem ER 15 Head

    Modern Amps

    CaliMesa Boogie Caliber Plus
    HG100 Roccaforte High Gain 100
    Recto Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier
    Mbmk4 Mesa Boogie Mark IV
    Mhg9 Marshall JCM900 4100
    Mtsl6 Marshall TSL60
    Ptb50 VHT Pittbull
    PwbENGL Powerball
    ShrSoldano HR50 Plus

    Bass Amps

    Av4B Ampeg V4B
    Lba 60 Laney Bass 60
    McbMark Bass 210 Combo
    OrbOrange OR Bass Head
    OtbOrange Terror Bass 500
    Smsb Simms Watts AP100 MKI Bass Channell
    Svb100 Selmer Treble&Bass SV (MKIV) Bass Channell
    Svb50 Selmer Treble&Bass SV (MKIV) Bass Channell
    T&B MKIII Selmer Treble&Bass MKIII
    TVLR Eden Traveler Head
    VB125 Vox V125 Bass Head
    VAC50 Vox AC50 Bass Channell
    Wecb Wem ER15 Bass Channell
    WkmSWR Workingman Combo

    Free Profiles

    Doz28 DrZ 28
    Mesblu Mesa Boogie Subway Blues
    VxntVox Nightrain
    Apg 115 Ampeg B115 Combo

    Hi Ash, if you are not vat registered you can just fill the box with any number and it will let you check out. The box is there as it is mandatory for some of the EU member states in order to comply with local fiscal laws. Apologies for the issue.

    I'm afraid it is not my choice but rather paypal's request not to use brand names (or similar sounding ones) next to products for sale. All the profilers using real names have apparently not been "caught" by checks yet.........

    Same here, same guy .......................

    Sweet, liking this and your Dr Z Z28 one! BTW, these amp names on your site are killing me in the bad way... not smart enough to figure all of them out...

    I am afraid the manufacturers are not happy to see names used in descriptions as well as logos and paypal is not happy to see any close resembling logos/names next to a "buy" button (not even a donate one apparently) regardless of the fact that what we sell or give away are recorded or if you wish engineered sounds where besides the amps that we own (paid for) the microphones, preamps, monitoring, studios include several decades of working on the field.
    This may be different stateside as I see many using real names without problems or maybe they just haven't run in this issue yet.............
    This is the reason behind names like Mesblu (one of the free profiles) for a Subway Blues combo, TW for Twin, or VAC50 for a vintage Vox AC50 and so on.

    No worries. I just bought 5 different bass rigs from you. They are quite good and I expect to get a lot of use out of them. I've been a bass player for 30 years and haven't encountered many of those old 60s/70s British amps. It was a nice surprise.

    I'm pretty new to the KPA. What is the issue with direct profiling? This is of interest to me since I will likely be using many of my profiles live with a bass cabinet. I'll have the speaker profiles disabled.

    Unless I am missing something Direct Profiling is auto-sensing. Unfortunately it doesn't always work as the cab switches itself off even within a recording chain with microphone, preamp, eq, dynamics, bass cab, KPA return.... Not an issue for players but surely for profilers. I will try to add a few Direct ones with the sixties Vox I am finishing right now. I have a request list with Wems, Sunns, Majors, Boogies and many others, hopefully we'll find the time .........sooner or later .... :-)

    Any progress on this? I'd like to purchase them when they are ready.

    I have been doing some new ones as per production needs (see the Selmer MKIII and a forthcoming Vox), I'll get back to updating the older ones as time permits......

    EDIT: besides all OS bugs and supposed improvements turning into worse performance and ease of use (the implementation of direct profiling being one, please issue a fix asap...) we have also been requested a couple of more gems and a whole list of boutique bass pedal in combination with vintage amps, hence the slowness ......... but we'll get there..

    Are the profiles migrated to 3.0? Want to grab the bass pack?

    Sorry about the late reply I didn't get a notification... just seen it now.
    The bass pack will be migrated but this means we will need to make new profiles from the ground up so it will take some time. We have migrated the AV4B (Ampeg V4) and yesterday just added a new T&B Mk3 B (Selmer Treble & Bass).

    Time flies and there is never enough of it. Hopefully I will have some time to make some new rigs available around Christmas. In the meantime I have managed to record a couple of half serious/half funny videos thanks to some of our friends and customers. You can hear both modern and classic profiles as well as some bass amps

    VH Style

    Malm Style

    Are you looking for a particular SWR or just any?