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    I have tried to buy this pack via PayPal today.. but twice it read: "This transaction could not be completed. Please, redirect your customer to PayPal."

    hm.. do not understand.. :(

    Killer demo !
    Thanks for doing this.
    The greenback cab sounds great, and the sound carries well across the 2 different amps.
    Nice sustain, clear and no fizz or harshness.

    you´re welcome! I am pretty happy with these sounds :thumbsup:

    BootyWizard - simply solo the drum track in your Guitar Pro file and then export this file as MIDI data.. and then load this MIDI data into some instrument track created in your DAW and use some kind of drum Virtual Instrument on it ... for instance EZ Drummer 2.. that´s all.. and you will be very happy.. I do what has raunch suggested always.. :)

    Mick, another very little thank you from me.. nothing special.. searching for a simple melody lines over backing track.. I am really enjoying your profiles.. :):thumbup:

    audio sample of TMS profiles - first part recorded with Rockerverb Crunch 2 Green and the second with 800 Green G6 mxr

    backing track from Truefire´s In the Jam with Robbie Calvo

    Hi, try to reformat the USB key and after that load on it only what you need to be uploaded.. I have tried it right now and imported 20 new rigs in only few seconds.. it should work..

    ps: before reformating your USB save the back up copy of it in your PC..

    I'd be interested to hear how your free effort compares to the $40 one, so if anyone's able to share a clip or his / her opinions, I'm all-ears.

    Hi Moneky_Man, I do not have that mystical 40 USD Cameron DI profile but this sample I have recorded 2 weeks ago using one of Webb´s Cameron profiles.. if this can interest you.. it´s over MIDI backing track..

    Hi Mick, here I use your Satch me if you can profile.. the profile is as it is, absolutely no tweaking on any of parameters (also delay and reverb are your settings) only noise gate 2:1 and Wah added.. and I always use my R.Keeley´s Red Dirt Mini overdrive in front of the Kemper but with overdrive at zero position.. it´s also some kind of thank you for your efforts and kindness!!

    recently I have come across the Halcyon plugin made by SoundSpot.. found it very interesting.. tried free trial and bought it immediately.. I like very much saturation plugins but have not known even one that could do what Halcyon does.. (I am not profi, hobby only..) you can choose to saturate only certain band choosen by you, very interesting.. easy to use and great for quickly shaping the sound as you want.. and also for experimenting.. if anybody is interested.. it´s worth checking, IMHO! :)

    I will never forget the moment when I heard him for the first time in my life.. many many years ago.. I was immediately blown away.. since then became my idol (with Ritchie Blackmore).. the absolute genius... Allan "Alien" Holdsworth.. thanks a lot for your music!!

    ps: fortunately, I have seen him 4 times in concert and met him personally in Wien few years ago.... and thanks for sharing this video...

    thank you very much for all your effort and profiles.. at the bedroom level (and with my equipment) many of them sound excellent.. very tasty and creamy.. during the weekend I will try them playing loud.. very curious how they will "appear".. at the moment the most I like (maybe strangely) those Rockerverb through Bogner cabinet.. :thumbsup:;)