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    Hi Mick, here I use your Satch me if you can profile.. the profile is as it is, absolutely no tweaking on any of parameters (also delay and reverb are your settings) only noise gate 2:1 and Wah added.. and I always use my R.Keeley´s Red Dirt Mini overdrive in front of the Kemper but with overdrive at zero position.. it´s also some kind of thank you for your efforts and kindness!!

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    recently I have come across the Halcyon plugin made by SoundSpot.. found it very interesting.. tried free trial and bought it immediately.. I like very much saturation plugins but have not known even one that could do what Halcyon does.. (I am not profi, hobby only..) you can choose to saturate only certain band choosen by you, very interesting.. easy to use and great for quickly shaping the sound as you want.. and also for experimenting.. if anybody is interested.. it´s worth checking, IMHO! :)

    I will never forget the moment when I heard him for the first time in my life.. many many years ago.. I was immediately blown away.. since then became my idol (with Ritchie Blackmore).. the absolute genius... Allan "Alien" Holdsworth.. thanks a lot for your music!!

    ps: fortunately, I have seen him 4 times in concert and met him personally in Wien few years ago.... and thanks for sharing this video...

    thank you very much for all your effort and profiles.. at the bedroom level (and with my equipment) many of them sound excellent.. very tasty and creamy.. during the weekend I will try them playing loud.. very curious how they will "appear".. at the moment the most I like (maybe strangely) those Rockerverb through Bogner cabinet.. :thumbsup:;)

    in 2016 I bought:

    • KEMPER remote
    • Robert Keeley´s Red Dirt Mini Overdrive (which I love like the KPA)

    plans for 2017:

    • sE Electronics sE2200a II C - condenser mic
    • Sennheiser HD600 - headphones

    ps: Wish all the best to all of you in 2017! Let´s have another Happy Kemper Year! :)

    me too EZ Drummer 2 - simply phenomenal... for my purposes it is more than enough - simple and easy to use, quick and really very interesting results... excellent sound...

    I was considering to extend also to Superior drummer but later realized that for me it is too "complicated"...I do not need those options... so I am still with EZ Drummer 2 and believe that I will not change..

    I love simple things... :)

    I bought Toontrack´s EZ Drummer expansion (Nashville) and Rock ballads EZ Keys MIDI pack.. and Izotope´s Nectar elements..

    still considering to buy EZ keys Small upright piano and Arturia´s B-3V (Hammond organ) instrument which I find phenomenal but it seems that other than 440 Hz tunings are not allowed :( so I will not buy it.. if anybody uses this instrument and knows for sure that it is possible tu tune it to ther than 440 Hz, please, let me know, thanks

    thanks for this tip! :) ..some time ago I grabbed for free their Sie-Q plugin.. very nice and smooth sounding EQ!! but did not know about this tremolo offer..

    I would suggest also to check Plugin Alliance´s deals.. their Noveltech character for 9 USD I find amazing.. also other deals are pretty interesting..

    and also through Plugin Boutique you can grab Izotope´s Nectar Elements for only 31,66 € :D

    ps: let alone Toontracks offers, hehe...

    I have been tuning to 432 Hz for cca 2 years.. I am happy with that but would like to avoid "long mathematical or spiritual discussions".. I tried it.. liked it.. and stick to it.. simple as that! for me it was more about intuition than mental decision.. :)

    you can find plenty of articles (considering all cons and pros) on web and even some book on the whole matter..

    so Raul23 try it and than you will decide on your own if to continue with 432 Hz or go back to 440 Hz...

    but from all amazon comments the winner IMHO is:

    "This cable is so good it actually makes live TV come quicker. I watched the lotto results 12 hours earlier on Saturday morning and won 5 million quid! And to think I thought this cable was just a bunch of nonsense made by stupid chancers taking advantage of clueless idiots with more money than sense!!"