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    I have a genius thought that I'd like to share.

    Why don't we actually ask CK to comment on this so he can explain his thoughts and how it pertains to the KPA hardware/processor etc etc...

    Paging @CK, paging @CK - can you please add your thoughts to this thread so we can All understand more about it from someone who knows.

    Thanking you in advance naturally.

    You guys are missing the point entirely and it's a concern.

    I'm a professional and have been for more than 30 years, I also have outboard gear such as an Eventide H8000 & H9000 along with Lexicon racks etc. I could very easily hook these up to the KPA as some have suggested like Metronomes and apps etc ...

    The request is to make the KPA a stand alone fully integrated musician's 'tool'. This means the one KPA does as much as it can to assist the musician.

    The KPA is not a stand alone amp and it's not a stand alone effects rack, it's an integrated musician's tool. This is the world today.

    A metronome is a far more deeper training tool than drum loops etc, professionals use metronomes and not drum loops.
    Formal music training/learning is always done with a metronome and again, not a drum loop.

    If you don't want it, stay out of the tread and leave our request for CK to determine its validity.

    In fact, do us all a GREAT favour and delete your posts as not to pollute our request. I don't come into your threads and denounce your requests.

    Here´s another take on the "problem" with "bad timing" ;)

    I get what you're saying however, when a musician can play accurate timing they THEN have the ability to move the beat anywhere before and after the absolute and keep time to suit the feel they're after. (tight, sloppy, abstract, tension, dragging etc etc ...)

    The fact is this ability, at call, is what all the greats have and what separates them from the rest of us. (Jimmy Page is a master of this)

    Again, a metronome is 'needed' by everyone and not just wanted by a few.

    -1 i don't like this idea , my marshall has no click and my mesa also.

    i'm still waiting when the next user argument's ... this Kemper is to complex to work with. too much options.

    The day when you play in front of the thousands and Kemper starts klicking because you hit the wrong button. ... :-)

    No comparison as your Marshall & Mesa have tubes and no LCD screen.8o8o8o8o

    We NEED a metronome and as someone above said, the KPA has timing ability already with BPM etc etc.. so on face value all that's required is an audio output attached to the internal clock with a few user adjustable filters added.

    Bad timing is the number one problem individuals and bands suffer and always have.

    A metronome is a 100% positive to all.

    Have I missed something and I'm not doing something correctly using the editor?

    I can't see any adjustment capability for either creating a user scale selecting he custom intervals or adjusting a previously saved user scale note intervals/degrees.

    Programming user scales is tedious and off putting and I was hoping the editor would make the task far more easy and in fact, enjoyable to do.

    If I've missed anything please let me know asap.

    If I haven't do you have any idea on an ETA for this?



    Before I get into it below I just want to reiterate this is ONLY about the "custom scales' function and no other harmonisation functionality in the KPA.

    I honestly fail to see the problem OR difficulty of replacing numbers with actual 'note names'.

    Eventide are no slouch in this dept. and have done EXTENSIVE market research over decades and yet there is a pushback here, why? Eventide's UI approach to this is considered world's best practice. Again, because it works.

    The most comprehensive and far reaching fix would be to have the existing note numbers and you can THEN toggle and have actual note names showing instead. (If it's too difficult to toggle between both actual note names should be the only thing showing)

    Everyone is a winner and the current Kemper design is still in play commercially.

    I guarantee MORE guitarists, universally, know the note names on their instrument than the many scale construction intervals & degrees.

    This should be so simple and yet time is being wasted going back and forth for nothing gained.

    hjscheffler - Hi again.

    Attached are 2 screens that show you the scale the user has created in the first screen and the second screen shows you the offset/harmony note that has been selected against the note E. (G plus G lower octave as this is a two note harmony scale that has been created.)

    As you can see, you can select the offset note plus you have the ability to select the cents which enables you to fine tune EVERY offset/Harmony note differently to the note you're playing in real time if you like. This gives a lot of realism to the harmony note when played as two guitarists are NEVER in tune together perfectly. Add to that you can delay EACH harmony note DIFFERENTLY as no two guitarists are perfectly in time with each other. Effectively you have the closest thing to another guitarist playing in realtime with you when you use the custom scales option.

    maybe-however I believe that anybody who knows that they want to add an A on top of their F# in the key of D will know that this is a minor third. ;-)

    Please post your picture in this thread to illustrate your point.

    I'll post screenshots later today.

    Just to respond to something that seems a little odd.

    If you expect people to know the difference between major & minor 3rds,5ths,7ths etc etc... You would of course expect them to know the note names on their instrument. ;-);-);-)

    A note can be many things depending on the actual key the song you want to play is in. It could be the root, or a third or tritonus etc. Interval names are completely independent from any key and could therefore be used universally. When I think of harmonies I think of intervals first.

    I believe you would be in the minority with it working for you easily.

    Are you able to look at the Eventide GUI as a point of reference?

    (I could send you screen shots of a H8000 re it's custom scales GUI & it would add context to my comments & request if you like?)

    At the end of the day it's all chromatics regarding notes & there are no 100% rules/formulas regarding their use creating unique harmony.

    You could choose the key which of course would be the root note as a point of reference for the custom scales however, any & all notes thereafter could/would be chromatics as far as the KPA is concerned and you would select any note to match/offset the one the KPA detected 'you' playing into it.

    Note names are the best & truest way to make custom scales in the most easiest, fastest & logical fashion unbridling any rules/formulas on the player.

    numbers were chosen for creating user scales because user scales can be used in any key therefore note names would make no sense.

    We are considering to change the numbers to musical interval names (min/maj 3rd etc). What do you think of this approach?

    Kemper Support #1 - Thanks for the response however, actual note names are the only way to go to make it truly simple for 'everyone'.

    I HATE to say this and I do apologise upfront but Eventide chose notes for a serious and practical reason re their UI.

    Min/maj 3rd etc etc terminology suggests/says that the user has technical musical knowledge and in some cases of course they do, however a considerable number of players do not.

    Having note names fixes and removes ALL ambiguity and makes the workflow MUCH MUCH faster.

    It removes any guesses NOT using numbers and intervals, again making it far faster & more accurate.

    Any way you look at it a player will and should know the note names on their guitar/bass. This ensures note names being used by the UI WILL invite more use of it by players regardless what anyone says.

    Yes, I am reading this.

    Are you guys talking about both chromatic shift and harmonic shift?

    Seems to be mixed up a bit.

    Hi Christoph - I'm talking specifically about User Scales (Custom Scales) where the user can create/choose the alternative notes.

    Thanks for chiming in ckemper

    'User Scales'
    The Harmonic Pitch effect can also be linked to one or two custom User Scales. These allow you to create custom harmonies to fit whatever musical style you require. From harmonic minor, to blues, to Hungarian Gypsy scales - anything is possible by programming the User Scales. As soon as you select “User Scale 1/2” as the interval for one of the two voices with Soft knob 1 or 2, you will be able to access their configuration pages via soft button 1 or 2. Over three display pages, you can select the pitch offset individually for the twelve chromatic steps of both User Scales. Remember to set the “Key” as desired, whenever you use them; the key represents the tonic, or the first step of the scale. User Scales are saved within the Rig, so you have the opportunity to use many different scales by using different Rigs. They are not part of any Harmonic Pitch Preset, but are stored as independent User Scale Presets - to do this, simply push the STORE BUTTON whilst editing one of them. The default User Scales are both blues scales - one major, and the other minor. These can be used to instantly harmonize a blues or rock scale with one or two voices. Since blues is often somewhere between major and minor, try both “Key” settings to find the best fit for the melody, and also your playing style.

    It was me who proposed/requested the change and NOW you can see why.

    Custom scales in its current form does not invite the use of it, sadly.

    In many instances I still use my Eventide H8000 for the role simply because I can program it in minutes and know exactly what I'm doing every 'step' of the way .

    I've been waiting patiently for CK to appreciate my request and ideally you could toggle between both workflows but if not possible actual note names should be used. This will take the effect into the musical/professional world.

    Here's to continually hoping CK sees the light on this.

    Man_With_Gas , if I understand the conversation correctly it was about using 3rd party IR's in the process of making new profiles or Kemper cabs.

    As this could be a precedence (because obviously some 3rd party vendors are not OK with their IR's being used like this) I found dealing with this topic and its ethical implications quite interesting (although I prefer to go'n' play my guitar myself). ;)

    I again hear you Ingolf and I can appreciate your view/opinion but from my chair the entire concern is moot. In 'general practical' terms how else could these IR's be used/applied by a 'general' guitarist.

    To be clear, I don't have a beef with you on this and again, I appreciate your take on it but the entire premise of creating this thread was incorrect from the get go.

    All in all the topic itself shows that Kemper users generally are mature and considerate, and talking about ethics in this context is fine, don’t you think?

    Sadly the conversation has taken an unpleasant turn.

    Hello Ingolf - I can't agree.

    The KPA is a profiler that must use IR's, as we ALL know, so why this question exists on this board is?

    If any question is raised in this regard why have a Kemper in the first place or even be on this board.

    It's not my place to Mod this board of course but I had to chime in as I could not believe my eyes.

    There are many more things these people could do with their time instead of questioning/imposing 'their' sense of morality on others.

    Am I being hypocritical with my above statement? You bet I am and it stands.....!

    I must say it's a sad state of affairs for this board to see the OP title and the many responses.

    Surely there are better things to focus on as this topic and it's unfolding is nothing short of insulting and juvenile.

    Go practice...…………….. you'll yield a better 'ethical' outcome this way.

    Being independent and self contained with control, in any environment, is always key to a confident performance.

    The problem I see with this is if your guitar is being fed to the FOH desk then the FOH desk is sending you a full mix for your IEM how do you turn down the guitar level coming back from the FOH desk sent to you?

    Having said that, the guitar volume control on the above is only for headphones BUT it doesn't turn down the FOH full mix back to you therefore making the guitar volume control request ????

    The only way this could be successful is to ensure the FOH full mix excludes your guitar from 'your' full mix back to your KPA.
    Sounds easy enough however, how many separate aux sends does an average desk have when you have at least 4 - 6 stage musicians wanting a tailored send to themselves.

    Many future digital desks will I suspect however, the many analog desks being used in average venues today will not have many separate aux sends.

    The above is a futureproof request maybe?

    If I've missed something please let me know as I may not have fully understood the request.

    seems I am having issues posting threads in the private forum. I have registered my Kemper serial number under my user name but I am not getting the option to create threads under the private forum topics. Any suggestions? I seemed to have missed something.


    You and ME both. I've NEVER had it resolved after many years.

    I know it's like shooting fish in a barrel but you shouldn't as it'll make things worse for him.

    Appreciate his frustration and his learning curve re Kemper's ways and methodology of delivering.

    We all had to learn it ourselves.