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    A note can be many things depending on the actual key the song you want to play is in. It could be the root, or a third or tritonus etc. Interval names are completely independent from any key and could therefore be used universally. When I think of harmonies I think of intervals first.

    I believe you would be in the minority with it working for you easily.

    Are you able to look at the Eventide GUI as a point of reference?

    (I could send you screen shots of a H8000 re it's custom scales GUI & it would add context to my comments & request if you like?)

    At the end of the day it's all chromatics regarding notes & there are no 100% rules/formulas regarding their use creating unique harmony.

    You could choose the key which of course would be the root note as a point of reference for the custom scales however, any & all notes thereafter could/would be chromatics as far as the KPA is concerned and you would select any note to match/offset the one the KPA detected 'you' playing into it.

    Note names are the best & truest way to make custom scales in the most easiest, fastest & logical fashion unbridling any rules/formulas on the player.

    numbers were chosen for creating user scales because user scales can be used in any key therefore note names would make no sense.

    We are considering to change the numbers to musical interval names (min/maj 3rd etc). What do you think of this approach?

    Kemper Support #1 - Thanks for the response however, actual note names are the only way to go to make it truly simple for 'everyone'.

    I HATE to say this and I do apologise upfront but Eventide chose notes for a serious and practical reason re their UI.

    Min/maj 3rd etc etc terminology suggests/says that the user has technical musical knowledge and in some cases of course they do, however a considerable number of players do not.

    Having note names fixes and removes ALL ambiguity and makes the workflow MUCH MUCH faster.

    It removes any guesses NOT using numbers and intervals, again making it far faster & more accurate.

    Any way you look at it a player will and should know the note names on their guitar/bass. This ensures note names being used by the UI WILL invite more use of it by players regardless what anyone says.

    Yes, I am reading this.

    Are you guys talking about both chromatic shift and harmonic shift?

    Seems to be mixed up a bit.

    Hi Christoph - I'm talking specifically about User Scales (Custom Scales) where the user can create/choose the alternative notes.

    Thanks for chiming in ckemper

    'User Scales'
    The Harmonic Pitch effect can also be linked to one or two custom User Scales. These allow you to create custom harmonies to fit whatever musical style you require. From harmonic minor, to blues, to Hungarian Gypsy scales - anything is possible by programming the User Scales. As soon as you select “User Scale 1/2” as the interval for one of the two voices with Soft knob 1 or 2, you will be able to access their configuration pages via soft button 1 or 2. Over three display pages, you can select the pitch offset individually for the twelve chromatic steps of both User Scales. Remember to set the “Key” as desired, whenever you use them; the key represents the tonic, or the first step of the scale. User Scales are saved within the Rig, so you have the opportunity to use many different scales by using different Rigs. They are not part of any Harmonic Pitch Preset, but are stored as independent User Scale Presets - to do this, simply push the STORE BUTTON whilst editing one of them. The default User Scales are both blues scales - one major, and the other minor. These can be used to instantly harmonize a blues or rock scale with one or two voices. Since blues is often somewhere between major and minor, try both “Key” settings to find the best fit for the melody, and also your playing style.

    It was me who proposed/requested the change and NOW you can see why.

    Custom scales in its current form does not invite the use of it, sadly.

    In many instances I still use my Eventide H8000 for the role simply because I can program it in minutes and know exactly what I'm doing every 'step' of the way .

    I've been waiting patiently for CK to appreciate my request and ideally you could toggle between both workflows but if not possible actual note names should be used. This will take the effect into the musical/professional world.

    Here's to continually hoping CK sees the light on this.

    Man_With_Gas, if I understand the conversation correctly it was about using 3rd party IR's in the process of making new profiles or Kemper cabs.

    As this could be a precedence (because obviously some 3rd party vendors are not OK with their IR's being used like this) I found dealing with this topic and its ethical implications quite interesting (although I prefer to go'n' play my guitar myself). ;)

    I again hear you Ingolf and I can appreciate your view/opinion but from my chair the entire concern is moot. In 'general practical' terms how else could these IR's be used/applied by a 'general' guitarist.

    To be clear, I don't have a beef with you on this and again, I appreciate your take on it but the entire premise of creating this thread was incorrect from the get go.

    All in all the topic itself shows that Kemper users generally are mature and considerate, and talking about ethics in this context is fine, don’t you think?

    Sadly the conversation has taken an unpleasant turn.

    Hello Ingolf - I can't agree.

    The KPA is a profiler that must use IR's, as we ALL know, so why this question exists on this board is?

    If any question is raised in this regard why have a Kemper in the first place or even be on this board.

    It's not my place to Mod this board of course but I had to chime in as I could not believe my eyes.

    There are many more things these people could do with their time instead of questioning/imposing 'their' sense of morality on others.

    Am I being hypocritical with my above statement? You bet I am and it stands.....!

    I must say it's a sad state of affairs for this board to see the OP title and the many responses.

    Surely there are better things to focus on as this topic and it's unfolding is nothing short of insulting and juvenile.

    Go practice...…………….. you'll yield a better 'ethical' outcome this way.

    Being independent and self contained with control, in any environment, is always key to a confident performance.

    The problem I see with this is if your guitar is being fed to the FOH desk then the FOH desk is sending you a full mix for your IEM how do you turn down the guitar level coming back from the FOH desk sent to you?

    Having said that, the guitar volume control on the above is only for headphones BUT it doesn't turn down the FOH full mix back to you therefore making the guitar volume control request ????

    The only way this could be successful is to ensure the FOH full mix excludes your guitar from 'your' full mix back to your KPA.
    Sounds easy enough however, how many separate aux sends does an average desk have when you have at least 4 - 6 stage musicians wanting a tailored send to themselves.

    Many future digital desks will I suspect however, the many analog desks being used in average venues today will not have many separate aux sends.

    The above is a futureproof request maybe?

    If I've missed something please let me know as I may not have fully understood the request.

    seems I am having issues posting threads in the private forum. I have registered my Kemper serial number under my user name but I am not getting the option to create threads under the private forum topics. Any suggestions? I seemed to have missed something.


    You and ME both. I've NEVER had it resolved after many years.

    I know it's like shooting fish in a barrel but you shouldn't as it'll make things worse for him.

    Appreciate his frustration and his learning curve re Kemper's ways and methodology of delivering.

    We all had to learn it ourselves.

    I don't care if this is "not cool", as a second time Kemper owner, I find it disgraceful that a company with this many kemper sales around the world doesn't have a real editor. If it wasn't for the tone, I'd have sold my Kemper a long time ago. It's the ONLY thing keeping me hanging on. I'm buying my 3rd Axe FX XL+ just to have a good workflow and easy configuration of patches on my rig. This is just painful...Kemper, get your act together, seriously. I have spoken to numerous friends who would buy a Kemper but are not because of the non existent patch editor. Please, give us a real answer as to why one does not exist??????? I'm fed up. You are losing TONS of customers to Fractal. Is this how the CEO runs their business???? What are you thinking guys?????? Yes, I'm pissed and seriously sick of waiting. Right now my Kemper is basically an ornament in my music studio that only gets turned on to play a few good sounding rigs.

    I sincerely appreciate your venting as a need to get it off your chest. I've done the same in a manner.

    The ONLY thing is I can say patience is a virtue with Kemper as he does deliver and when he does it's great and unique.

    Will this ease the pain for you? Of course not but I'm hoping you don't post anymore on the topic as it'll have you regretting it down the track if you do. We've all seen your post and understand it with nothing more to add needed.

    It'll come but we all have zero control on this so please sit back and wait with the rest of us.

    I am sure if we implemented this in short term, many other users would accuse us of loosing the focus of what‘s really important for a majority.

    Have you tried the Formant Correction? :)

    Yes, but I do prefer it off for my use.

    I can appreciate people complaining however, if it's just a GUI change, because the core functionality is in place, they should appreciate it as a 'slight' change and NOT taking your eye off the ball.

    Your shifter is great but it just needs the GUI change and it challenges/surpasses the H8000.

    I looked into the Eclipse manual again.
    They use chromatic intervals as well. (100 cent, 200 cent etc.)
    I cannot remember seeing user scales being set in absolute rather than in intervals anywhere else...

    I can't comment on The Eclipse but the H8000 is definitely notes & cents.

    The H8000 is from the “studio world” ;)

    The H8000FW offers four channels of pristine analog I/O combined with eight channels of AES/EBU, ADAT, and S/PDIF I/O. New FireWire I/O now allows direct connection to your Mac or PC so you can directly patch 24-bit audio to and from the eight inputs and outputs.

    I've been using mine in my live rig for over 10 years. In fact I have S/N 666 which is the test/beta machine from Eventide's Scott Gilfix.

    I am not sure if that everyone would be pleased by changing the user scales from a relative to an absolute representation.That would also mean, that the naming of the steps would be dependend of the actual key and thus change whenever the key is changes.
    At least I would not like it as I think in intervals rather than in absolute pitches.

    I can appreciate your position however, as a musician I and many others think musical notes and not intervals initially. Intervals represent a mathematical communication to musicians and not a musical note staff representation.

    I can see your point regarding key changes but anyone who knows their scale notes per key would be perfectly fine with the change.

    I believe many people who don't know formal music theory/notation would still far better relate to actual notes to create custom scale harmonies than intervals.

    I completely feel uncomfortable citing/mentioning the Eventide product to you however, Eventide display notes and they do so for a musical reason.

    I have respect for your product and implementations but in this instance please don't be different just for the sake of it.

    This is a BIG ask and I feel awkward requesting it but can you offer the 2 GUIs in a release and the user selects which one they want to use?

    For authentic harmony notes (monophonic) we feature the formant freeze / formant correction. It produces absolutely authentic pitched copies of your single notes. In my knowledge the Profiler is the only device in the entire guitar world featuring formant correction (!).
    Am I right in assuming that neither you nor anyone else on this thread uses the formant correction?


    Morning CK - The Eventide H8000 has formant correction also. This is especially helpful with the vocal harmony effect on the Eventide.

    I'm a constant user of Custom Scales in the Transpose effect.

    CK has done a marvelous job HOWEVER, I wish for 2 very important/urgent things.

    1) GUI - CK please change the harmony notes to their actual musical note names instead of steps. It would make programming a breeze, at the moment it's a MUCH slower & cumbersome process. Everyone would benefit immediately from this simple GUI change.

    2) I know the transpose effect is made up of delays etc but there is still a need to make it track far faster and hopefully more natural sounding as the glitch is still unpleasant. I appreciate some people are requesting it to transpose 4 - 5 semitones perfectly which is an enormous ask. I'm requesting faster tracking and more natural sounding harmony notes when using the custom scales programming/capability.

    I've never worn out an Ultex pic. I don't think I've damaged one in any way. Where do they get damaged for you?

    On the edges and then they're not as pointy as I need them any more. I like a pointy sharp tipped pick for accuracy and speed when required. The Ultex sound & feel great, if they lasted for me, they would be my pick of choice.

    V Picks were worse as they started to have cuts on the side of them and got caught in the strings. Acrylic picks are a big no for a player like me.

    I'm a hard, every note picker and very quick at times so picks do take a pounding from me. The Bluechips are a magnificent pick BUT I FULLY appreciate they're stupid money and many people cannot justify the outlay for them.

    Blue Chip pics for me.

    Crazy stupid money but they don't wear and I'm very tough on pics.

    They actually VERY, VERY, VERY, VERY slowly wear but the lubricant in the material gives you the impression, feel wise on the strings, they don't wear.

    I like the sound of Ultex but I go through one totally at a gig or rehearsal. I mean totally.