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    Hi Benigni,

    What are the low-hanging fruits you have in mind?

    I can tell that since day one every single feature update or change we have done was driven by user input, and we are happy to follow this lead, with a constantly growing team.
    On the other hand, some developements take a long time to make a precicion landing and to be future-proof, unfortunately. Like other companies, We rarely talk about our agenda, since we don't want to build up expectations that we cannot fulfil in a short time. This in combination might lead to the impression that we are resistant to customer requests. Let me assure you that we are working hard for new features. We have a long and interesting to-do list [Blocked Image:]

    Anyway, let us check if we have skipped an easy feature on our agenda.


    It's the same here but worse. We're a small economy and the government helps the local instrument retailers shaft us by charging duty/GST/biosecuity fees/etc.

    I used to live in Australia. (Born in Manly Syd)

    I left Australia for some of these reasons.

    When you complain about what's happening people often say "you should leave if you don't like it"
    Well I did leave it and it was the best decision in my life.

    Australia is over regulated, over policed, over taxed, over priced, self entitled, violent, arrogant, small d_ck syndrome etc etc..

    It's a BIG world out there and I'm afraid Australia barely gets a mention from others which is far different than what Australians believe about their world stage status.

    Yes, the above is rather negative but it has to be said in order to maintain reality which is RARELY ever said about Australia..

    I've got a whole bin file to work with. Shouldn't be too hard. Took me a couple of years to re-write the Saab Trionic ECU but, that was because a lot was in broken Swedish variable declarations. Guessing a lot of this is going to be in broken German. If a company refuses to produce the productivity tools its user base asks for it is only for one of three reasons; 1: It doesn't have the skills in-house to produce beyond hobbyist (investment). 2: It doesn't think the cost would be of benefit, even though selling such a solution to existing or new users would add value to the offering in the marketplace and increase profitability (incompetent leadership) 3: It doesn't think that such a solution is necessary because people will just make do with what they're given (arrogance in a competitive market... see incompetent leadership).

    This is for the couple of guys who've jumped on Audiocorps.

    The guy serves up a constructive argument and takes no swipe or issue with you guys and you pounce on him, why?

    Your time would be better served allowing somebody else a constructive opinion and you playing your Kemper.

    You haven't been called to arms so WHY all the negativity against somebody 'sharing' their views and not addressing you in any way. At the end of the day should Audiocorps do as he said he may do YOU will be a beneficiary.

    Hopefully you appreciate your response and offer up an apology to Audiocorps.

    Guys, you're risking the thread's closure.

    I don't know about you, but I'd hate to see that. It'd be an awful end to 74 pages worth of effort.

    I have no doubt your intentions are positive but please, you're not the mediator between us and the mods. I've seen you do this many times and I see no value in it.

    As others have said, it's on topic and I believe this post will only assist Kemper in selling even more units. It's clear it's a third party app and not official
    so support is a no issue for Kemper yet, it helps them sell more units for zero outlay. Why shoot the golden goose (aka: this thread)

    I currently use the stock Kemper bag to carry all the things you mention, PLUS a Mission control pedal, on aircraft as my carry on luggage with no issues.

    Yes, the KPA and remote together are a snug fit but they do fit none the less and I can zip it up without issue.

    How long will the carry strap and handles last? Depends on how careful you are and again, mine are doing just fine as I write.

    I'd like to believe CK recognises Damian's tremendous and tiring efforts in providing an editor for the KPA.

    This will no doubt assist in further KPA sales for those where not having an editor is a total deal breaker.

    I know this is stating the glaring obvious but WHY is Damian not contracted by CK to actually build the official editor?
    He clearly has passion and an intimate working knowledge of the product. Even if CK has another vision of the finished product surely Damian
    can be involved to make it a reality sooner rather than later.

    I don't know Damian but clearly he has initiative and a great work ethic along with skills so I'm dumbfounded as to why he isn't in the KPA circle pushing things forward.

    I'd like to add that a USB interface would be far more convenient and more universal than a midi interface but I'm sure there's a reason that I ignorantly don't know about.

    Great work Damian and I'm very grateful to you.

    @Man_With_Gas one of the hardest truths you need to learn as an "ADULT" is when to admit you're wrong, and apologize. You spouted off without giving me the benefit of the doubt and for that I responded in kind!!! I'm done with this nonsense. It's the same guys over and over and over and over and over... I'll be sure to enjoy my Kemper everyday, and continue to help others if I can, no matter what - cya!

    I can see you have problems with many others by your posting. If you're saying see you to all I think that's best for you. Good luck.

    Already did, but you'd know that already if you looked around, read and kept up! I do appreciate their efforts which is exactly why I bought them a beer, regardless of whether or not I use it.
    You might want to do your homework before you decide to call out members on their opinions. I offer help and thanks constantly, don't appreciate your post man :cursing:

    Your vicious tone hasn't fallen on deaf ears so mind your manners.

    I don't need to 'keep up' as you SHOULD be consistent and clear in each post regarding your position on this subject. My post supports this request.

    In closing, I'm not your librarian.

    This isn't directed just at you @szykman but to all who decides to use that software. The laws of common sense should dictate that you do so at your own risk!
    Kemper shouldn't be held responsible if you mess up your systems or pay for the bandwidth or repairs when you have issues and come back here/to them, looking for help!

    I set up my studio in such a way as to be able to tweak easily. It took a whole day but it was worth it. Other's may not have that luxury, but you'd be amazed at what you can do if really put your mind to it :thumbup:

    Whilst I see your point you may want to also show some thanks to the people for THEIR huge effort in creating an editor for you and everyone else in your post.

    They have done a tremendous service and what I would call true community spirit at the highest level.

    You've given them a slap now give them some credit too.

    As most of you may know I rarely post on the forum however, I do view it daily for any positive input I may happen upon.

    The reason I post today is this continual Editor request is poisonous to all as we can ALL clearly see.

    Those who want it are correct and those who don't care are correct. It's so obvious isn't it when simply stated and yet the arguing continues.

    I am loathe to state the obvious as I highly respect CK and his team for the invention of the KPA and it's further updates however, I can't support CK's position
    of total silence on a subject that aggressively divides his buyers & supporters.

    CK should 100% post his position on whether he is going to provide an editor or not and that will 100% clear up these arguments once and for all.

    CK's open & honest communication to all will not cause him an issue with his competitors as an Editor is common within the Digital world of amplification today.

    Now before anyone defends CK's silence saying he owes us nothing I want to state that CK owns this forum and therefore he is responsible for its civility by way of its Mods PLUS his
    honesty by clearly communicating with those he invites in. He has been asked directly & indirectly so many times yet he remains silent. I believe he should exercise his manners on this subject and post his intentions one way or the other. CK by way of his silence expects your blind faith but as far as I know Blind Faith is reserved for the big book only.
    This section of the forum exists because CK wants YOUR ideas to go forward, You've requested/asked therefore so he should respond as it's the civil thing to do. If his position hasn't changed that he won't provide an editor a one line comm from him can restate his position with very little effort and settle the forum once and for all on this continual request.

    CK, if you're reading this will you please finally put this community out of its misery once and for all for the sake of 'your' forum community.

    If you do respond you may want to also put the spring reverb requesters out of their misery too as their pain & arguing continues on.

    Welcome and I too was an AXE user for precisely 3 days and I then played the KPA and the AXE was sent on its way on the same day.

    You'll find this forum far more reasonable and friendly compared to the other camp.

    Have fun, as I know you will, and whatever you do get some of Guido's profiles immediately as they're excellent and VERY reasonably priced.
    IMHO and my needs Guido's are the very best.

    I believe the OD's lack any real/serious headroom and this is a major issue IMHO.
    The Fractal product suffers this even worse. Compression, compression and even more compression. Sound needs to breathe to sound real and alive.

    When I use a 1996 Fulltone Fulldrive 2 (Comp Cut mode) in front (100% important to be at the input and not the loop) the increase in dynamics/breathing makes the Kemper 100% real to me and I still own many of the very best amps in the world. (SLO, 2 x XTC 20th, Goldfinger, Elmwood M60 & M90, BE100, VH4, '68 Plexi, Shiva 20th & others)

    If CK & team could physically revisit and AB the KPA with excellent examples of ODs and distortion pedals I'd be very grateful and others would be too I believe

    Strobe tuners are more accurate to read but I do agree, a needle tuner 'option' would be a VERY handy tool and I would use the needle in certain situations myself.

    I think number 1) is a different approach from Kemper and available in other products that use modelling. Who knows what 100% is though, because I could take 10 Marshall heads from 1959 and they would all sound different.

    The Marshall Head I'm speaking of is model 1959 (Superlead) and not the year 1959.(No such Marshall)

    Marshalls have a cathode follower after the tone stack whereas Fender doesn't so tone stacks are different and not just their positioning in the signal chain.

    What I'm requesting is keep the current setup re tone stack etc... but add the option of selectable tone stacks at centre position so you can get closer to the original in a different way if you like.

    For me the KPA at gain sounds very similar to any amp profiled and not individual. I am a big fan of Guido's profiles but they're all sounding so close to each other no matter what amp is being profiled. It's not to say they don't sound good but they're not unique enough to each other. The biggest difference in all profiling today is the speakers being used and not necessarily the amp head itself. This is where the tone stack can make the difference as the generic Tone stack approach currently being employed could be improved upon or at least try a different approach.

    Many updates back you were given the option to place the tone stack post pre amp or pre preamp. This is the fundamental difference between Marshall's design and that of Fender and Mesa Boogie amps. My request is trying to bridge the gap even closer to sounding more like the real thing.

    I read somewhere way back that CK mentioned providing or developing different tone stacks? Anybody else remember this and if so, why hasn't it occurred?

    These are importantly practical and very real requests for the existing machine and its platform.

    1) 100% accurate 'selectable' tone stacks of the usual suspects (Marshall 1959 Superlead, Fender Twin Reverb, Mesa Mark 5, Soldano SLO, Bogner Shiva, Bogner XTC, Elmwood M90)

    2) 100% accurate Fulltone FullDrive 2 In Comp Cut Mode overdrive pedal with plenty and I mean PLENTY of headroom volume & gain wise

    3) Improved tracking of the custom scales function PLUS a renaming of the custom intervals to actual note names. This would make the GUI SO MUCH easier & faster for everyone (+ new potential customers) when programming your custom notes requirements.