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    My Eventide H8000 would STRUGGLE severely with that level of shift. You're asking too much of KPA I'm sorry to say.

    The current nature of pitch shift is using time delay and when it's that wide the 'trick' is exposed.

    In my experience no shifter on the market can do convincingly what you're asking. One day hopefully but not yet.

    It's not recognised as an issue by Kemper and appears to be intentional. When switching with the Remote, there is no lag in switching, only on the display on the Remote changing. It's been said many times on here by the Mods that is works how they want it to.

    If this is indeed true I must say I'm disappointed. It makes zero sense and contradicts all the good things they do.

    If CK & team could improve upon its tracking and the 100% wet return tone I'd be very happy.

    In its current form it's serviceable however, I have every confidence CK could beat out the competition with a little more effort into the KPA.
    I'm not talking chords here, I'm specifically talking about single note lines. Not only the tracking but cleaning up the full wet sound would greatly benefit from
    CK's unique thought and approach process. Why allocate ALL those available delay lines in the KPA for ? when CK could dedicate most of them to Harmoniser duties returning a cleaner and more realistic wet sound. (this is when only using the harmoniser & digital capo I'm thinking)

    Harmoniser users the world over would flock to the Kemper in droves for this feature alone. I also believe if CK attended to this his KPA digital capo would benefit also pleasing many more KPA players/users.

    For the record I own an Eventide H8000a and I would love to retire it fully and use the KPA for all duties as I know CK has the capability of this realisation if only he dedicated some more of his time towards it.

    Here's hoping.

    I believe for an end to end tone & dynamic tone chain a marriage of SS (OD) and tube is required in real time and not have the two baked in together in the profile. If you AB these two approaches in realtime there is a very distinctive difference.

    I have most of the very best tube amps that exist and they all benefit of having the right OD in front of them. Again it's this marriage that yields the best result. The KPA as an amp is no different and this is why I have expressed what I have with my previous responses to the thread.

    Profiling your own stomps would be great however, at this stage I believe addressing the existing models and ensuring they sit in the signal flow exactly as a real world stomp does will satisfy me enough today.

    As much as I would like to try different flavor drives, I noticed that using the Gain knob on the KPA always yields more satisfying drive tones that spans the whole spectrum , mid to high gain, to my ears of course. The best drive pedals usually result in making the sound of the amp thinner, in some cases tighter but it's just another flavor.

    I would imagine if Hendrix had the choice of amps we have today, he would have never used fuzz pedals, with all due respect to all the fuzz type pedals. :D

    I agree and can appreciate your thoughts and comments above.

    When an external stomp is plugged directly into the front input of the KPA your current results will differ. If you read my above post you may have a different perspective and further support my request of CK.

    I believe an OD should stay in the Stomp section. The input of the Profiler should not (in terms of logic blocks) be equated to an amp's input. I believe that the amp's input (logically speaking) in the Profiler is after the A/D converter, and before the Amp block.:)

    If I'm understanding your statement correctly (?) there would appear to be a fundamental flaw with the KPA's input signal flow and its response and output results will never satisfy an experienced player who knows tone & recognises and is sensitive to response dynamics whilst using the internal ODs/Distortions of the KPA.

    I may have read your statement incorrectly and if I have, I do apologise, please clarify for me.

    'If' this indeed is the current architecture of the KPA no wonder many people aren't using the ODs/Distortion stomps because we all expect the same result from the KPA of plugging a guitar into an OD then from the OD directing into the input of the Tube amp. What should never be forgotten or overlooked is an actual stomp is designed and built to accept the output of a passive guitar into its input. The stomp's output is also designed and manufactured to feed the front input of an amplifier. Any implementation variance to this intention will never yield what is expected by today's guitarists.

    I truly hope I'm wrong with the above and if not, CK should consider reviewing ASAP.

    I have tried every conceivable way of altering all the ODs in the KPA over the last 3 years and I still ALWAYS yield a far better result not using them and using a regular stomp (TS808,SD1 and FD2) as you would when using a regular tube amplifier. I wish this wasn't the result as I would REALLY like to use the KPA's abilities/functions at all times.

    I truly like the effect of pure cab, however, I don't like it on at all times as it knocks the edge/bite off some profiles where I want that sound retained.

    If and when it can be saved per profile, and not just global, I will only then be using it heavily on some rigs. Until then it is always off for me which
    is a real shame.

    Here's hoping for an update that will allow such things.

    I 100% concur with the OP's premise.

    For my needs and I also speak for many other KPA owners, that I personally know, if a late 90s' PRE Mosfet Fulltone Fulldrive 2 OD pedal in comp cut mode was introduced in the signal path of the KPA (in front of the KPA's very input circuit where an OD pedal is supposed to be at all times) it would be a game changer for the KPA's sonic capabilities.

    Because I'm a man who is known as a doer I'm prepared to send my beloved and rare FD2 to Christoph & Don so they can do what they need to do in order to get it into the KPA exactly as my FD2 is. Not close but exact as this FD2 pedal is that special, especially for Single Coil players.

    Christoph - if you want my pedal because you can & will attend to the request please let me know and I'll send it to you immediately.

    I'm a long time (3yrs) live KPA user and I can only post in the public forum (I have no access to the private forum and I don't know why).

    I wanted to give Guido some much deserved praise for his magnificent profiles and to recognise his efforts in producing and delivering them to us all.

    I believe Guido is an unsung ambassador for the Kemper name & product the world over. His profiles have shown the KPA in its best light to date all over the globe.
    He also helps achieve this as his profiles are all very well priced therefore many people chance buy them as they're not at great financial risk should they not like or use them.
    To date all buyers have been astounded,very pleased and continue to come back for more as soon as he makes new amp profiles available.

    Well done to you Guido and I sincerely hope Christoph recognises your contribution with a public showing of recognition & gratitude in further promoting the use of his ground breaking product in the best possible way.

    All from me for now and I do hope others also chime in on this post to talk about their experiences and uses of Guido's profiles.