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    The latency DOES exist and it DOES need addressing quickly.

    If you're the single guitar player in a live band you will notice it and if you don't you need to pay more attention.

    In my application when using the harmonizer on/off per rig it makes it even worse.

    I'm very much hoping CK & crew will be concentrating on fixing the niggly things like this with a soon upcoming
    FW update OVER adding more features first.

    The idea of running a wet and dry cab from the stereo monitor outputs and then have the main stereo outputs independent of the monitor outputs would be fantastic!

    Stating the obvious - the stage monitor requirements are often quite different to what the FOH requires/hears.

    Please make it happen and make it soon.

    Profiler verses modeller, now I understand your comments.

    It would be of significant value if CK posted his thoughts in this thread.

    Many users/owners would be interested to know the exact position.

    I have to say having the ability to profile your own stomp like an overdrive or distortion pedal would be a SERIOUS addition to the KPA.

    I appreciate profiling delay and time based effects may be too complex at this stage (?) but being able to profile your own OD pedal would again be a VERY powerful and PERSONAL add.

    I could put this function to use immediately and I suspect many others could too.

    Uno4Kemper 1.3 will be released soon, the Beat Scanner and Tap Tempo will both work.

    That's TERRIBLE news. That kills off my (fantastic) UNO PC editor that I paid Xavier for as my FCB has the latest (fantastic) UNO chip. I'm not interested in the UNO4KPA as it limits the FCB way too much
    for my use PLUS I use the FCB with my other gear.

    There has to be a solution that fits all and if not there's been a serious oversight. That means the FCB is totally useless as a controller with an UNO4KPA in it for other use.
    If this is the case that means there is ALREADY a KFC but it hasn't been officially announced that it's actually the FCB with UNO4KPA.

    Can anyone from team Kemper chime in on this please?

    Up until 2.3.1 my tap tempo using my FCB worked flawlessly.

    With 2.3 and beyond Tap tempo no longer works. If I want some form of in time delay I MUST hold down the FCB switch and put the KPA into Beat Scanner mode.

    3 Questions:-

    1) Beat Scanner should be optional with a switch (on/off) ??

    2) Why doesn't the tap tempo function now work using my FCB? I have an UNO chip in the FCB that is not the UNO/KPA chip.

    3) This appears to render the FCB useless now for Tap Tempo, this can't be correct surely?

    I certainly appreciate the effort involved, however, can we have a response from team Kemper ASAP when they will update Beta 2.3.

    I'm not saying a proper release just yet but at least an update to the beta to correct the easy fix problems?

    So much is reliant on 2.3 so rolling back kills off the Rig Mgr and some great working options in 2.3

    A response would be fantastic and somewhat settling to many of us here and on other forums.


    The new additional formant button added to this effect is a great addition, however, there is NO parameter control to adjust the formant.

    Is this a problem? I believe so as the Harmonic Pitch has this feature and I'm assuming CK and team were going after the same thing with the Chromatic Pitch.

    If just selecting the button it really doesn't assist you as it doesn't do anything audio wise.

    All in all so far a great update with actual useful/musical features.

    I'm quite chuffed by the pre and post tone stack option so far!

    Whilst I can appreciate and support the above comments sometimes the marriage of a solid state OD pedal going into an already cooking tube amp can't be matched.

    In fact many classic & famous recordings of some of the best guitar sounds ever to date have been that marriage.

    Sure, it's great NOT to have to lug a pedal board around and again just use the amp sounds in the KPA, however, the KPA internal pedals need some attention.
    More dynamics and headroom in particular and only then can you truly retire your external pedal boutique board.

    As some have mentioned, the internal pedal sounds are good enough for them but they're not good enough for us all.

    I believe they're close in the KPA but a little more attention to where they possibly sit in the internal signal path of the KPA will improve them out of sight.

    I'm a firm believer that a guitar plugged directly into a pedal is the common design of any real pedal and this should be followed in the KPA to truly match the tone & feel of a stomp.
    Maybe it already is in the KPA but I'd like that verified by CK and his team.

    It could be awesome to profile a pedal (overdrive, distortion, fuzz, etc.) and save it in the stomp section to use with all gears.

    This 1,000,000,000,000

    Plus the ability to locate the stomp before the input sense section/noise gate etc etc... so the guitar is plugged directly into the stomp without anything between the two whatsoever.

    It pains me to be negative about the KPA but I agree the dirt pedals are not that good. There is a serious lack of headroom/dynamics in comparison to using an actual overdrive in front of the KPA.

    What I'd REALLY want to have in the KPA is a 1997 Fulltone Fulldrive 11 profiled whilst in comp cut mode for a tubescreamer type pedal.

    NOTHING sounds OR feels like the 1996 or 1997 FD11 in comp cut mode and I ALWAYS have to use it in front of the KPA to achieve the amazing amp feel and sound that I get and so many locals are envious of.

    You want something totally functional for everyone yet unique to the competition the 1996 or 1997 Fulldrive is the way to go.

    I believe this pedal is what everyone is expecting "the" tubescreamer to sound and feel like hence my post.

    Hello to All - I haven't put a rig up on the Rig Exchange for quite sometime but I felt for those who want that 100% amp in the room tone and feel this may be for you.

    When played through a Mackie SRM450 it sounds AND feels exactly as the amp did while I was profiling it.

    Amp = Friedman BE100
    Cab = Friedman 2x12 Cab (with Celestion Vintage 30s)
    Overdrive pedal = 1996 Fulltone FD11 in Comp Cut mode. (Volume at 2:00 O'clock Tone at 0 and Overdrive at 2:00 O'clock)
    Guitar Cables = Evidence Forte Cables
    Speaker Cab Cable = Evidence
    Mic Cable = Evidence
    Microphone = AKG D5

    Don't forget to adjust clean sense & distortion sense levels to suit your pickups and picking strength as this needs to be tailored for your guitar and personal touch.

    If you enjoy and use it great as I wanted to show what could be done very easily to most who haven't profiled too much.

    BTW: It took less than 90 seconds to capture this.

    A further additional request is to have a filter on the pitch notes/voices.

    In some instance you want to roll off the higher frequencies on the pitch note to better mix/blend with the original note.

    Afterall no 2 guitar players will have exactly the same eq as each other and this is part of the magic of a two guitar harmonising band.

    As we know many guitarists will be on the neck pickup whilst the other guitarist is on the bridge pickup. Add to that the two guitarists are never perfectly in sync and this is the reason to slightly delay the pitch notes to further replicate the effect of two guitarists.

    Hopefully this can be implemented and if so my H8000 will be finally laid to rest.