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    Really, what are you hoping to accomplish at this point? Do you really think questioning CK's abilities are going to further your cause?

    You may want to re-read my post, particularly "Where To From Here?" you may comprehend the intention this time around so you know what I'm trying to accomplish.

    Questioning CK capabilities? I have no idea what you're talking about. I asked if he played guitar and had much experience with it, the question is still in play.

    Regarding my playing experience findings, we can't all be wrong who feel as I do.

    With your response of (usually) no value what are you trying to accomplish? If it's to get me offside you've achieved it.

    Let me close by saying as many others do, don't take the above personally. :D

    Okay CK - ONE LAST SHOT at this after extensive loading and playing today.

    I used an original 1968 Strat direct into the KPA then from the KPA direct into a Mackie SRM450 V2 at all times.
    The Mackie was positioned as a foldback monitor and approx 2 metres from my head/ears

    Let me start off by saying yes, 1.6 "Beta" is a cleaner playing experience than 1.54. It's certainly more refined, polite & polished.
    I can fully accept that for many this is a welcomed & pleasant thing that no doubt makes their
    playing/recording experience "nicer".

    Yes, you've added some amazing and much appreciated additions and I have no doubt bettered its overall stability so once
    again a big thank you is in order. (I sincerely mean that)

    Down to business.

    Without ANY doubt OS 1.54 is more raw, immediate, percussive and more like a real amp would react when playing with high gain and output volume.

    You asked someone earlier were they a professional musician, may I ask do you play guitar (with many years of high end guitar amp experience) and have you personally played a guitar into both OS versions extensively? (code writing & testing is very different to the end user's experience as I have no doubt you're aware)

    Where to from here?

    I now accept that 1.6 is here to stay and that many people are again very happy, so challenging that is a waste of everyone's time

    Can you tell me what I and others need to change in the menu to bring back 1.54 re the attack, percussiveness and dirtiness? Clean sense etc .....?

    Can we discuss offline providing an OS (1.54) with the 1.6 updates such as midi, delay ducking etc... without any of the 1.6 audio / latency /aliasing /frequency /Db changes?

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Failure is an option for me, but obviously not for you.

    Test is canceled.

    CK - I'm happy to keep my comments to myself going forward.

    My intention is not to argue or discredit anyone, it's to help everyone.

    During the business day I'm paid well to consult and here I am giving it away for free. :D

    I'm content to continue with 1.54 and remain close lipped.

    If others proceed power to them if it makes no difference to them.

    (that's why I didn't buy it).

    So you haven't used the Toaster version but you're still commenting. (And my argument doesn't make sense ?( )

    I still have an Eventide H8000, Lexicon PCM80, TC2290 and have previously owned the AXE so I feel my real world
    experience allows me to comment on both the Toaster and Rack form factor.

    If you're a live/touring band that have a road crew I can certainly see the need to Hardcase/Rackcase any device, however, these days most of us roadie for ourselves and heavy/hard cases in a non commercial vehicle and carrying them up stairs isn't that easy or practical.

    If the scenario above is yours then a KPA rack for you it is.

    Your argument doesn't make any sense.

    The rack by design is physically bigger than the toaster and it has a lower profile.

    Once you insert the new KPA rack into either a road case or a rack sleeve you'll soon learn which is the easier to navigate and physically manage.

    If you're happier with the rack version I'm very pleased & impressed that Kemper has done as you and/or anybody else has requested,however, my argument will make sense once you experience it.

    Speaking of physically managing the Toaster, if anyone is interested in a high quality case these guys are great and I
    highly recommend them.….php?ManID=684&CabID=5427

    I have NO affiliation with Studio Slips whatsoever.

    All of these "lab rat" tests are irrelevant, play the thing at volume and feel the difference.
    The sense of immediacy and toothiness needs to be focused on.

    For the player the Kemper is the product of choice because of its feel, 3D and player feedback immediacy.

    All of these tests and technical comments ONLY are just like the FAS forum with Cliff and his blind disciples.

    It's this reason I am NOT interested in anything Fractal and why Kemper got my business. Since when has music been
    about just the tech without consideration for the player. It's a machine for "players" after all, correct?

    Can we still get some detail on the change re the anti aliasing in 1.6 and again, why can't we have 1.54 with the
    updates and leave the aliasing alone all together then EVERYONE will be happy?

    This action will then put an end to this debate/discussion. Pretty simple solution don't you think.

    I must say I'm astounded & disappointed by CK's comments of no difference in sound between versions.

    I'm no engineer which is stating the obvious, however, I'm a VERY experienced player/musician who has and has had MANY
    high end amplifiers plus the competition over MANY years and there is a difference.

    We still haven't been advised how aliasing was addressed in any detail and this is possibly where the difference has started.

    I can't articulate the change in technical terms but for me when playing gain type sounds 1.6 isn't as "toothy, biting or raw like a real amp"

    If there's no change/big deal can't CK provide 1.6 firmware with anti aliasing and firmware like 1.54 with the added functionality of 1.6
    but KEEP the aliasing?

    I'm happy to pay for such an OS.

    How about it CK?

    I too can definitely hear a difference and I'm disappointed CK hasn't weighed in on this post yet.

    I MUCH prefer pre 1.6

    I was a STAUNCH tube/valve guy and I also owned an AXE and the ONLY reason I purchased a KPA was because it felt real and alive just like my many high end boutique amps. This is THE reason I sold off my AXE as it fell short by a LONG way and I will never purchase again.

    If 1.6 is where the KPA is going future state I'm returning to real amps as again I liked the KPA for its realism.

    Armin's suggestion to possibly have a switch to return it to aliasing would keep me happy. I couldn't hear OR feel the aliasing before
    and even if I could my real amps at high gain had plenty of noise and spit anyway.

    If the so called aliasing was attended to by CK because of those fools over FAS he shouldn't have because it's taken the shine off his masterpiece.

    In the meantime I am sadly rolling back to 1.54 and forfeiting the added features.

    I've purchased a couple of Armin's rigs and they're excellent!!

    Not cheap but they're sound real. (I mean that)

    I appreciate Armin provides MANY settings in his rig pack so I can see how they would cost more.

    I purchased his Diezel VH4 and Elmwood M60 rigs and I recommend them to anyone

    Hi Andy - Just a quick note to say that I've purchased a few of your rigs and they're great and I highly recommend them to anyone who
    wants some very USABLE quality rigs.

    Please keep up the good work and I'll come back for more.

    TAF Rigs I purchased -

    Evil Robot
    Blackstar Series 1
    Studio Rock Pack
    Diezel VH4

    Cliff's behaviour is very weird and no other company CEO behaves like this.
    We saw many strange posts in this fashion from him 2012 and this year has just started.
    It's counterproductive and all would benefit if he only focused on product development and left the PR to others.

    Some players will always debate or bash aggressively and prefer either Stratocasters or Les Pauls and other gear, but it's on a completely different level when a company CEO does that to other brands.

    I agree.

    Hi CK - I'm the OP and I would use custom scales exactly how Will explained.

    "I can't speak for the op, but a custom scale would allow one to program a
    specific harmony for a melody where the harmony jumps out of a key
    (accidental notes), in the case where one might want a harmony of a
    third for the majority of scale steps but a forth for the tonic, or a
    case of a melodic minor scale in which ascending and descending
    intervals are different"

    I have an Eventide H8000 and it has Custom scales of course,however, who wants to lug a rack around if it were already in the Kemper.

    I see your Kemper as a VERY PORTABLE all in one solution, it's that good (thanks to you)

    I intend to purchase an integrated stereo amp for the Kemper so I can use it into a guitar cab when I'm NOT using an FRFR system (RCF322a or Mackie SRM450) With that said based on what's onboard already in the Kemper having custom scales would make it a total all in one solution for ANYguitarist. If getting this option costs money I'm prepared to pay and don't expect it for free.