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    My Brian Moore i9. Kind of a love/hate relationship but I always come back to it.

    She will return to the Brian Moore's factory soon for major upgrades and repairs.

    As a new Kemper user I can tell you that your excitement will not be in vain.

    Within 15 minutes of plugging your guitar in it, you will be literally flabbergasted by your Kemper.

    It is, by far, THE best piece of music gear I have ever bought. Not even a glimpse of an afterthought.

    Sorry about all the edits... Mobile phone dictionary creativity at work...

    Just reporting back that my Kemper's Mojo is back on 1.6 after the system reset.

    Nothing scientific here, just feeling as I play. I don't have the knowledge or the tools to compare waveforms and do spectrum analysis or that sort of things.

    I came back from a week away from my Kemper with the same weird feeling as when I left last week, then I did a system reset as suggested and voilà! Mojo's back... Played all day since then and I am very happy.

    Thank you Mr. Kemper for your last reply, much better answer. We don't have to know everything but just be reassured that you and your team will look into the matter with an open mind and utmost consideration.

    I also wish you all the best at NAMM, I am sure that people and the specialized media will be literally flabbergasted by all the new stuff you are coming up with.


    This message is intended to Mr. Kemper as a the owner or partner of Kemper GmbH.

    My take on this is not scientific at all, but...

    Last weekend coming back home from work, excited to play my Kemper, I candidly updated the firmware, wiped the whole thing to install the factory rigs, Pack04 and went through all the newly organized profiles, explored the new presets, fu*ked up with the stomps, positions and all... To that point I had nothing to complain about, I was happy.

    Then I transferred back my saved profiles from USB that I had carefully tweaked in the last 2-3 weeks.

    Well I spent most of my time, fu*king around with the adjustment of everything because it just didn't sound right... There is nothing scientific about this but I don't think there is a need for it to be scientific. It just didn't feel right. It was different, different the wrong way...

    At Christmas, in all honesty, after onlybabout 2 hours I received the Kemper, I found the sound I was seeking for in the last 15 years, magic took place and tears came out my eyes as I was finally playing the sounds I was hearing in my head.

    Last weekend, not thinking it had anything to do with 1.6.0, I spent my whole fu*king time tweaking the sound I thought I nailed the previous weekend...

    Even my wife screamed at me from the second floor at some point, not because I was too loud or playing shitty but because I was constantly stopping to adjust my tone...

    Anyway, I will revert back to 1.5.x not being happy at all with the Beta of 1.6.0... Whatever was done there, I don't like it one bit. I don't care about the new features if it takes out the soul of what I bought and was longing for so many years.

    And you know what?
    It has nothing to do with science and graph and a/b testing... It has everything to do with emotions and feeling. When something brings tears to my eyes in reaction of my own actions on the fretboard, this is a phenomenal thing. If the emotion is not there; then I should just sell my Kemper and go back to my POD HD500 and VG-99, VSTs, IRs and all that shit... They are all different but all the same anyway, except the VG-99 which has great qualities on its own.

    I am sad to read that Mr. Kemper is playing chicken with his customers in the main "1.6.0 sounds different" thread...
    If customers are debating that much in such a short time, in my own compnany's forum, all dashboard lights should be bright red and all hands should be on deck to "face" the situation appropriately. Not the time for improvisation...

    Mr. Kemper, you could at least say to your paying customers that you just don't know what is going on and that you will seriously look into it and come back to us.
    Since now you have decided to intervene in the thread, you are kind of fuc*ed because not only you were cynical about the ones who are feeling/hearing a difference but you are challenging us to prove you wrong...

    Some of your customers are actually challenging you! It is to you prove them wrong, politely and professionally. They pay your bills and promote your stuff more than you think. Not a good idea to piss them off no matter how good your gear is...

    This is not a really professional behavior Mr. Kemper, I would be fired on the spot if I would ever dare to behave like this with my customers (I work for the largest German software company so I kind of know the culture within and outside Germany. I can tell you that the way to behave is not the same and you can't assume everybody will get what you really mean just by writing in English. It will actually read much harsher than it is meant but youncertainly already know about this).

    No rush, just take the time to think about your action plan. NAMM is coming and I truly understand how important it is to develop a business, make new sales and close new deals. Just never forget your foundation customers, you already have them and they just ask to be pleased/reassured, not being played chicken or being ridiculed. You are the head of this fantastic project... Why are you behaving like this?

    If 1.6.0 was rushed out the door it is ok because it is a Beta. This happens all the time, you just need to set the expectations appropriately to the community when releasing, not making people think that it's the best thing after sliced bread... Say: it's Beta... Cool stuff but still rough... Be warned and don't flame us for it. Comments and debates are welcomed but again, it's Beta...

    It would be cooler to inform your fans / paying customers that you are addressing this internally instead of challenging the forum users on a game of "who has the longest di*k"... In the end, Kemper will loose... So, don't waiste a good opportunity to make amends and be a good and diligent business owner and say to your loyal customers:

    "Do not fear, everything is going to be alright".


    Marc Desrochers.

    Sorry to change the subject slightly, but all I'd like to know right now is are we staying with how it is right now, or will there be any changes in future firmwares, cos I have a song to record :) And now I don't know weather I should stick to the apparently new and (to me, barely noticeably) changed tone, or will there be an attempt to "fix" it and make it sound like 1.5.4 did, in which case I should use that one?

    I know beta is not exactly to be used for recording, but if this is the tone we will stay with, i'll use the 1.6 one. Or if not, i'll use the old 1.5.4 one... so, what to do? should I just wait?

    I would never use Beta anything for anything serious. The main goal of a Public Beta is to get feedback about the new features by a large community of users that the Private Beta testers might have missed (Many more tested combinations).

    If your are in the studio, recording, I would stick to an official release. Beta is Beta.

    I like the idea.

    The more information about how the tone matching is achieved, the better (KPA settings, Guitar, Pickup type, pickup at neck/bridge, string gauge, etc.)

    By comparing the no-KPA info, we could know rather quickly if we would ever be able to come close to the "sound" of the artist we are trying to imitate.

    I also understand why some might not like the idea though.

    Hello DocLine6,

    Maybe I am not looking at the proper rig... Would you know which rig name you are referring to?

    I am looking at the S.Mehl profiles and the cabs in there are labelled "Mars"... Sorry, I'm out of town without my Kemper so I don't remember the profile names exactly.


    Is it the same track reamped twice with different FW or was it recorded twice using different FW?

    Anyway, I can really hear a difference. The first loop is much leaner in the mid-low ends than the second one. The highs part are very similar if not identical IMHO.

    I definitely prefer the first loop. Sounds much more complete.

    I edited my post after I read more replies to Armin. I truly prefer the pre-1.6.0 sound.
    I thought I was going crazy last weekend thinking that something was odd with my sound. I was spending way to much time adjusting my profiles which I thought were very good 1 week ago...

    Thanks for confirming. This is a Beta, I think testing features and "bolder" changes is what it is meant for and then wait for the reactions of their customers.

    Having said that, I am not sure that the new overall sounding "feature" of 1.6.0-Beta will stay for the official release ;)

    Hello guys,

    How do we know that the Siggi Mehl's cabs are greenbacks? When I look at the Tags for the associated cabs I only see "Mars" and "4x12".

    Also they all sound kind of similar but different depending on which Siggi Mehl rig you take them from (I mean, that I switch the cabs for the Marshall Golub Crunch with the Siggi Mehl ones).

    Maybe this is just because I'm still too rookie to properly operate the Kemper.


    Small question from a newbie:

    I thought I read somewhere on this forum or in the WiKPA that it was not garanteed that putting everything to zero in the stack section would reflect the original profile.

    If putting everything to zero truly reflects the original profiled stack section, it is great.

    I know that the Gain changes from profile to profile based on what the profiler detected.