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    Hello guys,

    I have experienced the same problem today while exploring potential connection setups with the KPA and other gear, namely a POD HD500 in this case.

    I have tried:

    Guitar -> KPA -> KPA Direct output -> Pod HD Guitar In -> Pod HD FX Send -> KPA Return Input.

    I get some sort of faint crackling / hissing sound. It is there whatever the input volume as soon as there is the slightest guitar note going through the loop.

    Tried ground lifts even if it was far fetched for that type of noise, didn't work.

    After a while I just unplugged the FX Send from the Pod HD in frustration thinking it was coming from it. The other end still being plugged in the KPA Return Input.
    I was surprised to still hear the crackling noise when I touched the tip of the cable with my finger... It made the usual feedback sound when grounding the cable or plugging it to something but the weird static sound was being generated at the same time... Odd. When there is no signal the crackling is not present. Only when a signal is present.

    Hope they will find the problem without having me to send the unit back.




    I received a Kemper for Xmas from Santa... hum... From my very lovely wife!

    For context purposes, I've never been in a studio with professional gear and professionals that know what they were doing, so I always had very approximate results with any piece of gear I've had, or listened to, in the past. Was never really satisfied in the end.

    The only thing I can say so far about the Kemper is just, WOW!!!
    I am flabbergasted, literally, by the quality of the profiles. Again, no experience with the real amps so I can't compare but the rigs are sounding fantastic!

    For the little time I had to play with it I can already say that I love it. It's definitely a keeper, finally...

    Most of the time I get rid of my gear because I can never really get, detail wise, what I am searching for or maybe I am not good, or patient enough to dial my gear properly.
    Anyway, I think my search is over. Just browsing the first 10 or so profiles, I found details in there that I would not have dreamed of.

    Thank you to Mr. C. Kemper and his team of engineers.

    I am also very happy to join the KPA community.
    I have been browsing the forums for the past 2 months and I can say that the amount of knowledge you guys have is breathtaking.

    I am sure that my level of understanding about guitars, amps, cabs, mics and every other subtleties related to guitar sounds and setups will get cranked by quite a few notches.