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    The clock on my Kemper is also losing time. I have to adjust once in a while when it starts to really bother me.

    I had this on my first Kemper and also on my current one.

    Just a note on Marshall Golub Crunch profile.

    This profile is so so so flexible, change the cab and this profile is a real chameleon. Mellow and soft with some, harsh and to your gut with others while always staying very defined.

    I had my best results by using a free Cabs Pack that was released a long time ago by And44 (like in April 2012). Some of these cabs are just phenomenal and make many profiles completely change their character for the better, much better IMO.

    With different cabs, and without tampering much with it's out-of-the-box settings, this profile can cover such a wide spectrum of sounds. This is why I didn't do much exploration of other profiles for 2 years.
    Don't know if it actually sounds like the real Golub modified Marshall amp because I've never heard the real thing but I love it anyway.


    If I would have to choose one I would go with the Marshall Golub Crunch profile.

    It was THE profile that made me really fall in love with the Kemper almost 3 years ago.
    This profile was finally the answer of being able to put out sounds from the speakers that sounded like what I was hearing in my head for so long.

    This was my go to profile, still is in some ways, for almost 2 years.

    Hi Ingolf, they mention on the download page that you need OS X El Capitan (10.11) to run it...

    Actually, my bad... I should read these notes better and try it first before posting.

    Just this part of RM is only supported on El Capitan: Rig Manager 1.5.17 Release is a feature update introducing Performance editing among other enhancements and fixes. it is required for Mac users running OSX 10.11

    Thank you guys for sharing these lists. Impressive to say the least.

    Now you all have just tremendously helped me saying to my wife: "See honey, I don't have that many guitars and can I go now and get the one I was talking about not too long ago before they sell it?" :evil:

    My collection has gotten a little out of hand, but my favorite is easily my Nik Huber Dolphin 2.
    75% of my playing time is on that. My second favorite is my cheapest guitar! A beat up old Mexican made Tele thats had a bunch of stuff changed on it. Playing that one really seems to make me approach writing in a totally different way when the ideas just aren't flowing on the Huber.

    [Blocked Image:]

    [Blocked Image:]

    Here, I "fixed" them so that now I would be able to play with them ;-)

    He once bought a passive monitor with nothing to power it with, then when we told him that it won't work he bought another, which was also passive. We told him again that this one was also passive so he sent that one back and replaced it with ANOTHER passive monitor.

    He would play rhythm on some songs, and he would routinely forget to turn his volume up when picking up he guitar for the song he played on. I'd be mouthing to him, 'turn it up' and he'd be like, what??? While rocking away on a silent guitar.

    These types of guys are so funny, I encountered a few of them in my life. Watching them go about everything they do is just priceless. :-)

    I have them too since close to a year.

    It sounds like when you come back from a concert and lie in your bed with no sound. That kind of buzzing or semi high-pitch ringing.

    It really bothered me at first but I am getting used to it now. At least the sound I hear is constant without any shift in frequencies.

    I guess it is part of getting older plus the accumulation of concerts, loud music, loud headphones, loud walk-man, iPods, playing loud guitars, drums, hundreds of flights, etc... The list goes on forever. At least I had lots of fun and still do. I'm more careful now and turn it down a notch or two.

    Our smartphone apps have got us used to constant updates and I cannot say I like that.
    Most will update small stuff just to show some activity on their app.

    Anyway, I don't find anything wrong with taking longer cycles to produce an update if any.

    I just wished I had time to master all the current features (which I am not).

    Don't get me wrong, I am excited when new firmwares are coming out but I like to see stability. The opposite makes me nervous.

    Tu peux mettre le fichier de mise à jour (kaos.bin) directement le dossier racine de ta clé USB plutôt que de le mettre dans le dossier "OS Update" comme pour mise à jour normale.

    Ferme ton Kemper et insère la clé USB.

    Allume ton Kemper à la position "Tuner" tout en tenant les deux boutons " < " et " > " à la droite de l'écran ACL.

    Cela devrait forcer la mise à jour.

    Note: Je ne me rappelle plus de quelle version il s'agit mais il y a une version minimum préalable à avoir installée dans le Kemper pour être en mesure d'installer les toutes dernières versions...
    Si ta version actuelle est trop vieille alors il faudra faire un upgrade intérimaire avec cette version dont j'oublie le numéro avant de passer à la dernière.


    I would like to get a George Thorogood sound but I don't know how to really approach this...

    I've read that he uses these amps: Fender Dual Showman, Mesa Boogie and Fender Princeton.

    Of course, he uses a brass slider and I've read rumours that he uses a home made copper slider.
    I read also that he doesn't seem to be using much effects but I cannot get close to the sound just with the amp...

    He played and recorded mainly with a Gibson ES-125 but nowadays he also uses a Gretsch White Falcon live I think.

    I have a Tokai ES-135 so I think I am close in terms of pickup similarity and overall guitar tone.

    I just realize that I suck at finding the sounds that I am trying to dial in to mimic the artists I want to play...

    Thanks for your help and suggestions.


    Just curious, did canada post give you a COD for duties/taxes or anything like that?

    Hello, I'm also from Montréal. I experienced about the same 1.5 week delivery time.

    To your question, yes, I had to pay duties/taxes for my Kemper Remote... Canada Post requested 92$ for duties/taxes...