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    That's absolutely not the case, though - the low shelf set to -12db doesn't remove as much low end as a true HPF would. There is no way to roll off enough of the sublows at -12db without eating into the useful low end of the guitar signal (I don't want to be filtering up to 200hz just to get all of the crap at 80hz out of the mix).

    In any case, the real problem is with the top end! I want to filter off after 12khz because it's usually just gross, ratty top end, and I can push more highs into a tone if I'm removing that nasty fizz with a filter. But -12db on the high shelf still doesn't do this; the point at which the fizziness is removed makes the tone too dark to use because the rolloff point has to be set far lower than 12khz to get rid of the stuff above it.

    It seems like you either don't believe that I'm having an issue or assume that I'm doing something wrong - is this accurate? I don't know how to make my request any more clear; given the current EQ and Wah controls, I cannot get HPF/LPF effects to my liking. As such, I am requesting that we're given actual filters to control and feel like I'm being ignored or brushed under the table as someone complaining about a non-issue.

    I am hearing and finding the same thing, not in studio situation but when playing loud with my band on a DXR10 monitor.
    HPF and LPF filter in a single slot would be a great enhancement.

    As it's written in the README of firmware 2.5.0: INPUT settings (Clean Sens, Distortion Sens, Noise Gate) were normalized, Tempo disabled, tags standardized.

    I know what's new in firmware 2.5.0, I am comparing both profiles (old and actual from Lasse's rig pack) in firmware 2.5.0: the sound should be identical, but it is not, that's why I ask what has been done to this new rig pack?

    Hi!I have installed the revised version of the Lasse Lammert rig pack and I find the sound is a little different from the original pack (from October '13).
    I have not checked if all the rigs of the pack are in this case, but I can notice a difference when comparing the profile called 'Surgery' with the exact same settings between revised and original rig pack.

    Can a Kemper team member tell me what was changed exactly? (I use the last firmware 2.5.0)

    Does anyone use this ISP Stealth poweramp? What do you think about it?
    I own a EHX 44 Magnum which is loud enough for me (in a band situation) but I wonder if the ISP would sound better/cleaner with my KPA?