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    Hi peterfr,

    I've made sure that my kemper output is at -20db to -18db as I read that that can be an issue but it hasn't solved the problem. I was hoping it would as it seemed to work for other people.

    The sound guy has repeatedly told me that he is getting a good signal from my kemper and that it isn't too hot a signal.

    I've made sure the gain structure is just right , yet I'm still getting a hugely different sound through the PA/IEMs than when I'm using it at home

    Ok, the cab is turned on. I never turn that off.

    With the IEMs, sometime the band has wireless packs and other times we have those small headphone packs which you connect to the desk with and xlr. Either way, the sound is bad, whichever I'm am using. The desk is a beringher x32 compact.

    Trust me, this isn't just a little bit of a different sound - it's wildly different - very disappointing.

    Good idea to monitor out if the headphone jack when I'm next in that situation so I'll try that.

    Unfortunately that won't be for a few weeks now.

    Hi Guys.

    Basically my kemper sounds terrible when I connect it directly to a PA.

    For some reason everything sounds incredible bright/brittle in my IEMs as it also does out front.

    I have to turn the presence and treble way down to take the high frequency away, but then it just still doesn't sound the same.

    When I get home an plug it in I then have to turn the eq back up as the treble is not there.

    I've read similar posts where people have turned down the output gain so as to not overload the mic pre's but it has made no difference whatsoever.

    Why is it that , when at home, I can dial in my perfect sound but when I'm connecting to a pa the sound changes?

    Why if I use actual amp ,the Fender deluxe, that I profiled, I don't have a problem through the same PA but the kemper profile of that amp sounds awful?

    I am connecting with XLR left out to desk and the channel is not going into the red.

    Any help much appreciated.



    Can Snapshots be ordered by Date?

    Ive been recording all week on an album and my producer friend asked me to redo a part but with less gain.
    I couldnt remember what kemper profile I used but I always store a snapshot.
    I dont see a way to do it but can Snapshots be ordered by Date?
    This way, all I would need would be the date the .wav file was created and then I could browse my snapshots, look for the similar date/time and bingo!