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    I saw this video elsewhere on the forum showing a guy taking apart the Kemper:

    It shows the DSP board to be interchangeable. So memory upgrades could be tied to an improved DSP board if not a USB option.

    That kind of answers my question. A more expensive upgrade, but maybe there's a tight integration between that board and memory management, so it would make sense to keep them together?

    Sweetwater should considering how much they overcharge you for them. Literally all my past 5 requests for quotes on products was near the higher end of the spectrum. zZounds and GC were the cheapest every time (you gotta know and be loyal to a GC national sales rep I have found out)

    But I'm glad you got a good response from them.

    I have had bad experiences trying to return items, being told patently false information on product specs

    I think I'm done buying from them.

    I got Kemper working with my Akai DPS 24. Haven't got it working with my Presonus Firepod->PC->Reaper yet. That will be next.

    For the Akai hookup.

    Kemper's settings were the easy part.
    * SPDIF terminal OUT only (no hookup to it's IN since it's the master)
    * Master button setting, SPDIF box checked
    * Master button setting, SPDIF volume full up. Done here.

    The Kemper is 24 bit, 44.1 Hz, Master, SPDIF so you may have to read how your receiving system can accommodate those specs.

    Akai settings:
    * SPDIF
    * ADAT (on the Akai, this is what you have to set it to to get it to work)
    * 44.1 Hz
    * 24 bit
    * Input 1 and 2 set to DIG L and DIG R
    * Track 1 and 2 set to the inputs and panned hard L and hard R
    * Arm the tracks to hear them, make sure the motorized faders are up

    If you can't hear anything at this point, it may be the cable! Cables go bad. And if your cable sticks hard and is hard to pull off, use a screwdriver to pry open it's metal outer parts a bit to make it a looser fit. Otherwise you may pull the soldering apart getting it out (mine was TIGHT and I did that to one of my 2 cables.)

    This weekend's new projects:
    * Solder the broken cable
    * Get Kemper talking SPDIF to my Presonus Firepod and Reaper on the PC.
    * Play Soccer
    * Drink Beer


    All the rivalry between Team Fractal vs Team Kemper is in the minds of those who can afford only one.

    There are those who can't afford either and say the HD500 or 11R is best! ;)

    They are different enough to exist side by side. You might as well say all you need is a Fender amp cause it's better than a Marshall.

    good point.

    It's encouraging that Kemper is sticking with pretty much the same OS and guts with the Rack. I like my Lunch Box better though. Its easy to transport and for me should be like a small head amp, a la the VOX Nite Train.

    BTW, I put it onto a monitor and played and the Kemper rattles inside, so you probably should NOT put it onto a monitor or amplifier! ;)

    I guess I'm MORE interested in knowing if Memory can be upgraded. But it would be nice to know the specifications in this regard. Why? Because I BOUGHT IT, that's why.

    I bought a car. I can ask Hyundai all about the Sonata. They'll tell me all about the memory of the on-board computer and capability and specs of literally every part. That's the expectation of the modern consumer.

    That said, I'm fine with 1k rigs. There is a workaround that takes a few minutes at most to employ.

    That said, Kemper did so many things right about this unit. It's easy to use, fantastic in results.

    To me the only glaring omission is an external editor. That HAS to be on the table, or spec given out to those willing to create one.

    If ONLY to be able to rename them faster and in bulk.

    Why? So I can organize my rigs and then be able to import them in a more logical way with better naming conventions.

    It seems like such a small memory.

    Can it ever be upgraded or is it hardwired?

    I'm the OP. That was my original post.

    It is not "neurotic" to ask how much memory is in a computer. The Kemper is a computer (with a great breakout box)

    1) How much Memory does it have?
    2) Is the Memory hardwired, or upgradable?
    3) Can the USB port be use to "add" memory in the future if it's hardwired on the board.

    So far, NO ONE has answered it. When I buy a Lenovo, I get the specs up front. Where are the specs on the Kemper? Am I to be attacked by Fanboi's for just asking that question? Get a life.

    We are talking, as one forum member put it, $15-30 bucks upgrade in memory. Why need more memory?
    1) Future OS expansion
    2) Future Pedals added
    3) CabinetMaker IR's added
    4) Obviously Rig storage

    My computers have 8GB of RAM. I use 2TB harddrives. I use USB flash drives of 16MB and 32MB.
    It's not too much to ask that a $1600 dollar computer have upgradable memory from 16->32MB if that's what it has. Very valid query.

    Now, that said, only a dolt would be scared away from the Kemper after hearing it. Its the best, most realistic sounding digital emulation of a real recorded amplifier on the market I have ever heard. Great time to be alive!

    I find there is little correlation between stars and what I think are good rigs.

    There are some stellar unrated rigs, and 5 star rigs from 5 people that I think are horrible.

    To each their own. It's better to just query on the forum what kind of patches you like and get feedback from members on their favorites.

    A person may have poor headphones, or use humbuckers on a patch created with a single coil, or expected drippy heavy reverb on a patch created for direct recording, and therefore rate the rig 1 star.

    I find that heavy distortion patches almost always out-rate clear tone patches. Yet when you hear people wax about getting perfect representations of great guitarists, they are often pining for The Edge, and Gilmour, Page and Lifeson's clearer or crunch tones. Go figure!

    Very subjective.

    I've had trouble finding some things through search. Thought it was me.

    I praised the recent work of "viabcroce" for his tips and tricks manual. Even got a reply that I'd do just as good using "search" which I was perplexed by, since I'd found immediate answers in his document that I could NOT find on the forum. (that is, it didn't come up in the first so many threads returned from the query)

    But now I have proof that SEARCH is not returning some itesm, so HA!

    I searched for "EP1-KP", result: nothing
    Then I searched for "EP1", result: nothing

    Yet here is a thread:…page=Thread&threadID=7149

    Thus, the Kemper forum can't even search for it's OWN pedal!

    I then searched google for the Kemper pedal:…&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8

    Google can find what the Kemper forum search can't.

    I even took text from the "private" forum thread subject and put it into google.
    Google gave me the link to the same thread. This was in another web browser I was not signed into, I could still view it.

    So while I have to sign into the Kemper website to see the private forum, I can just see it by searching google.

    So the "private" forum is not private at all.

    I typically play my RI Tele, so I was loving the boost to the low end!! ;)

    But just for practicing. I typically cut everything below 100Hz when mixing the E GTR. It muddies the kick and bass for me. I sometimes go even higher. I like treble on my electrics.

    I'm a bit confused Andy. Most of the patches actually have a 5.9 boost on 80Hz for the Graphic Equilizer "X" button under Effects.

    Wouldn't you in fact want that enabled for single coils and OFF for humbuckers? A 5.9 dB gain would boost the low end of a HB.

    I have HS50M and a HS10W which are OK, but somehow only OK to me. Great for mixing, but missing something if you play a Kemper through them.

    I have Mackie MR8's which I think are better than the KRK's, but I haven't heard the larger Yamaha.

    Point is, I think you should get an 8" cone solution for your monitors in any decision you make.

    As an aside, I took one MR8 to a friends house to play the Kemper through and it shoot the walls and overpowered his monitors and can keep up with an amp to some extent. I was amazed at how much the bass stayed tight through such high decibels.

    Active 8" Monitors.

    To answer the thread's questions. I'm in the same boat.

    I think it depends on your situation. Do you gig and want to use the Kemper. Well, you obviously need a solution now.

    Are you an at home player, or sometimes player with a band and can wait? Then wait.

    I find Sweetwater to be one of the higher quotes. I've never gotten a bargain from them.

    zZounds and GC were willing to go to $1580 out the door on the Kemper (that includes taxes for GC or online for zZounds)

    And zZounds occasionally has huge blowout savings if you lurk for them.

    It pays to get quotes from at least 3-5 retailers, since Kemper is nice enough to use them, let them compete for your dollars.