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    Part of me is like: I spent thousands on the amp. Thousands on pro audio gear. Why would I:

    A) give away my unique sound?
    B) give it away for free?

    Well, in the end, it's because I do music as an artist, not an employee or working musician, and have a charitable personality.

    But I DO wish there was a way to have HONEST feedback on profiles, so that I could LEARN how to do them better in the estimation of others who do this or use the profiles.

    It seems to me that the profiles people like the best can be categorized by 2 attributes:
    1) Insanely Hi Gain
    2) Dripping with Reverb

    That's my impression at least, right or wrong.

    I think Swarts cleans and Crunch are their bread and butter to my ears.

    It seems a lot of Kemper and Fractal peeps love hi gain.

    I'm not impressed with getting an EVH gain in a modeler.

    Now a Fender 59 or a Bassman or Twin? That impresses me.

    That said I wish there were more feedback on voting. If someone gives you a 1 star they should have the decency to say what disappointed them so a profile can be improved.

    That said, I'll keep my rigs to myself and anyone who PMs me.

    Funny I don't see any of these:

    0. Ability to connect a keyboard via USB to WRITE information and not have to resort to HTML uploading through a thumbdrive.
    01. Logarithmic Scrolling through rigs on the Browse Button, not the current geometric (read: slow) scroll.
    02. More Sub-Views to categorize rigs (this should be EASY to program)
    03. External software to control rigs, naming, settings, etc, and see a snapshot of everything at once, or in a few pages.
    04. A cost effective amp. There is no reason an amplifier should cost more than 300 Euro.
    05. Stay on Quick menu when chosen instead of going back to the Rig page.
    06. DOUBLE Delay ability, so I can route one into the other.
    07. Side arm to hold my headphones when I'm not wearing them.
    08. Kemper's own MIDI rig
    09. More room for naming, and scrolling of names when longer than space allows to view them.
    10. Kemper T-Shirt, Coffee Mug, Guitar Picks, etc...

    After I read Alan Parson saying he liked putting the SM57 about 12" from the grill, I started doing that and got way better recordings.

    I use a ribbon about 3 feet away. I have a Fat Head II with a Lundahl transformer. It's a cheap man's ribbon, but it's sturdy (I dropped it and it works fine, aluminum ribbon)

    When I get to that point for Mic's, I'll get a Royer 121 which is pretty standard from what I read.

    I've also heard Greg V using an MXL V69 about 5 feet back on his Tungsten Crema Wheat demo playing a Nolatone which sparkles just amazingly for jangly clears.

    I've tried my Neumann TLM 103 and it is just too sensitive for the room for an amp, so scratch that one.

    But I have 2 amps to profile and maybe in the future, someone else's who invites me. So it doesn't make sense to invest in so much for a high end mic for the guitar since I'll be recording with the Kemper. I want to save my money for vocal mics.

    My one hope is that Kemper can profile voices next! ;)

    Did a better A/B. Except for the chest thumping of the amp, well, I AM amazed at how well it captured this amp on this setting. Wow.

    Fender Telecaster (Vintage '52) on the middle position, Alnico V pickups

    2 chains that go into a Y shaped XLR chord into the Kemper.

    Mic -> Preamp - > Cable -> Kemper
    1) SM57 @ 12" or 0.3M from front Grill -> Chameleon 7602 II (no transformer upgrade) -> Y shaped XLR
    2) Fat Head II with Lundahl Transformer upgrade @ 3' or 1M in front - > UA LA610 -> Y shaped XLR

    V2.2 is "Crunch"

    Tweak to suit and re-upload if you want.

    I'm not seeing it.

    Are we talking about somewhere else than the Rig Exchange? There is only one Morgan AC20 there posted on April 2012.

    How about someone uploading it here for ALL times sake?

    Forgive me if this has been posted. I don't see a search ability on the forum.

    I got tired immediately of turning the dial through the alphabet to choose and write all the fields for a new rig I profiled.

    So I just put in the amp name, upload to the Rig Exchange (can do this privately) and enter the info there, and download the now apt descriptions back to your Kemper.

    This is the best I can do without an editor and it BEGS the question why Kemper can't just give us the tool to do it on the bench, but I'll take an HTML solution instead of none.

    So that's my tip, if it helps anyone.

    Here it is in more detail if you don't understand that:

    1) Profile your rig
    2) Save just the main amp name, leave any other info unchanged.
    3) Export it to your USB Thumbdrive
    4) Plug your USB Thumbdrive to your Computer
    5) Upload your rig to the Rig Exhange, as a private rig from your USB Thumbdrive
    6) After uploading it you are taken to a page to enter that rigs information. Here's your chance to TYPE! ;) (yeah!)
    7) Download it to your USB Thumbdrive, deleting all other Rigs in your Share folder.
    8 ) Plug that USB Thumbdrive back into your Kemper
    9) Import that rig
    10) No, it's not any different, you CAN delete the original rig you profiled and keep the new one you updated the information on

    Just read the thread.

    When someone says they don't think the Kemper sounds like the amps so much or has no low end, I immediately start having technical questions to see if they have good equipment or abilities to judge their opinion better.

    Things Like:
    1) Did you use Headphones? If so, what brand?
    2) Did you use the same mic setup to record your amp, then the Kemper, THEN A/B them?
    3) What was your mic setup? A direct line from an SM57 or a decent preamp?
    3) Did you tweak the Kemper's EQ and Amp Tube settings to try and match it?
    4) Have you recorded any of the profiled amps to see how they compare to Kempers "supposed" profiles?

    Basically what DID you do to arrive at your opinion listing gear and some actions that show you know what you are doing. If someone used bad headphones, that may be a huge part of it, if you get what I mean.

    (This is where I wax happy on my ownership after 1 week):

    As for me, I wasn't "wowed" by most of the given profiles when I bought this last week, but I found 5 of them that did "wow" me after playing it for about an hour going through them. Then I bought Amp Factory profiles and was like "WOW". So Kemper is not doing itself the best advertisement in putting profiles that are inferior to professionally bought rigs from Amp Factory or Soundside.

    I found a few on the Rig Exchange that are keepers. I started choosing by ratings (5 stars) and forum users who wrote what they liked.

    (BTW, How about adding the ability to sort by Star Rating, prioritized by how many rated them? Like Amazon does)

    I've also profiled my amps today and am "WOW".

    Now, does it sound like my amp on the same profiled setting in the room? No way. And it shouldn't. BECAUSE it's a RECORDED sound. It's not going to thump your chest, which is a big part of the perceived "low end" that speakers aren't going to easily reproduce unless you are putting it through an amp. I play it through my monitors and it rocks. Even my amp directly through the monitors would do that without chest thumping.

    So, in a description, it helps to describe what is meant by "Low end".. And what you are using it for, like Live, or Recording, or Headphone Listening, etc.

    As for me, and I'm gear head enough to have a few boutique amps and tried many such solutions, I've been blown away, and it took me less than a day to get an unbelievable rig that was like playing a tube amp in my headphones, and I mean REAL tube amp sound and response. Not an "almost" or "90%" but like, I couldn't tell the difference finally. I am inspired and play without ever getting fatigued thinking "you know, this is really not as good as when I started". It is as good.

    I've chased this tone and ability for years and been very disappointed (I have not tried Fractal, which I hear can also do this, I don't know personally)

    But now? I have been smiling all week, very grateful that a product sold to me is ACTUALLY as it was described and advertised.

    Will I get rid of my amps? Some I will. My chinese Vox AC30? SELL. My Marshall? Sell. My Tungsten Crema Wheat? Probably never. Got to keep at least ONE amp around for that chest thumping fun in the home. I don't gig, mostly record and play rarely with a friend.

    That said, the main failure of this product is software support: EDITOR, PLEEZ. Without an Editor this thing is KILLING ME. Or at least add the capability to hook up a keyboard for character entry! ;)

    So far I'm uploading a rig, then tweaking the info, then putting it back onto my Kemper. It's easier.

    I've been profiling "clean" but then it says it saved it under "Distortion" so I don't know the whole process yet.
    I have to turn my preamp WAY down low as it is to match the Kemper reference.
    If anyone can suggest how to get a "Clean" profile, TIA

    Telecaster (52 RI) on the middle position, Alnico V's

    Recording Chain:
    SM57 @ 12" or 0.3M from front grill -> Chameleon 7602 II preamp -> Kemper

    This amps cabinet is smaller than my Tungsten so I think of it as "boxy".

    I have only ONE gripe about the Kemper:

    I'm going DEAF.

    I love it so much, and I keep jacking up the volume! I measured the decibels and it's easy to play in the 100 range.

    When I turned down an EVH patch to sub 85 levels (where you don't get hearing damage supposedly) the master volume was on 2.7!!

    That's NO fun!

    Seriously though, Kemper should put a notation in the manual to warn people. Maybe have a way to show decibels so you can get feedback on what's safe or not.

    Hi Y'all,

    I'm in North Carolina, USA for 20 years, but originally from NYC. Been doing music for a looong time.
    Anyhow, got this here Kemper, it's off the hook! (Just uploaded a Tungsten Crema Wheat on the rig profile.)

    There's been a smile on my face since buying this work of art, Go Germany!
    (and to think all these years I was just admiring their national soccer futbol team! ;) did that just make me enemies?!?)

    Anyhow, just a songwriter with a home studio. And now I can play when everyone is sleeping and not feel compromised by loss of tone, fake emulations. Just inspired!

    My daughter walked in after waking up at 11:30 and asked me "Why are you so happy this morning?"