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    I only had one tuner die on the Tronical. It was version 1 and they replaced it even though it was after warranty. Good customer support!

    I think the issue was that I didn't play the guitar for a long period. I recommend using the gears regularly.
    It also makes the end of the guitar a little top heavy.

    It tunes well enough, takes about 20 seconds, longer for alternate tunings, but is great if you switch between tunings a lot.

    For me it added a level of complexity to my studio life (I couldn't remember the instruction after putting it down for a month or 5)
    It's meant to be used, not sat around.

    Thats a great idea. I think I can do all of that event hough I set it up as a mini server last night. I can access all those things, even the desktop from my imac. I have hard drives worth of photos, not much music, just my own.

    My brother gifted me a large wall unit and seeing your past vacations and family helps you realize that you actually LIVED when its raining outside and you're a couch potato!

    Good points! I was having fun browsing Rig Manager this afternoon - definitely a lot of variety! Maybe too much :) But the community ratings help! Have walked back from my ledge of getting an OX.

    Would love your favorite deluxe reverb profile tips! Thanks!

    Free Exchange that I like:
    1) FENDER 68 Deluxe reissue 2015-04-28 by Nick58
    2) FD Bandmaster 3 2014-05-12 by Jochen Gedicke
    3) Fender BluesDeVille2 2015-05-01 by Roberto
    4) Fender Champ 1967 2012-12-10 17:48:32 by HAYS (he has 3 so I put the timestamp)
    5) Fender CLAPTON Twino 2012-06-25 17:16:20 by JAN S (he has 2, look to timestamp)
    6) DC-Blues Deville Cin 2016-02-14 by Dave Chamberlin
    7) Fender Hot Rod Devil 2013-12-19 by Peter W
    8).LW Deluxe Rev ST Cru 2012-02-14 by Gondwana
    9) TLSUPERSONIC FENDER 2014-03-20 12:56:00 by LERNOULD THierry the "vibro circuit" in the comment

    Commercial that I like:
    1) Bassman 59 Twang 2015-11-26 Andy44 (TAF)
    2) SS - 57 MO3 Deluxe by (armin)
    3) 65 Bassman Tim - M Britt
    4) Suberverb c4 Andy44 or TAF
    5) Supersonic CRK2 or Supersonic PSH by And44 or TAF
    6) Tonemaster BLUES by And44 or TAF
    7) 64 BF Twin Crank by And44 or TAF

    Not a Fender profile but.. one of my FAVORITE profiles is the AC 15 Boost HW by AGUS or his Handwired B one that sounds very Beatle's Revolver. Its highly compressed and notes just jangle on it. I like using a P90 guitar on this one. But it sounds just so 'in the room' if you will.

    I did the Tronical Tuner on my acoustic, but it's a PIA to change strings on it and I'd leave string on it too long.
    For recording you want newer strings, so I put the original tuners back on.

    Let us know how good it is, ashtweth!

    Things I do:

    1) Don't be a critic until after a song is written. During writing, it's whatever comes out. If nothing comes out, move to another part of the studio work.
    2) Other part can be... grabbing an older song and remixing it with my newer experience and toys. Learn to be the engineer.
    3) Other part can be... making or grabbing a quick demo and listen to it in the car. See what needs fixing over a few days on the way to work and back.
    Some times it's a poor work in the lyric. Sometimes its a poorly sung part, how do I sing it better (change how I form the sound, change the word, change the melody to an easier part of my range) Sometimes it's a bad chord choice for the story-line. See what other chord changes can work there (sometimes it's just a variation of nearby chord)
    4) To build interest I make sure the LAST thing I do before sleeping is to listen to music or play music. Then my mind mulls over it during the night. Keep a recorder handy in case you get some motiffs of ditty's.
    5) During the day, work on something hard. Like how to harmonize, transpose, remember certain chord sequences, visualize the circle of 4th/5ths. Your mind likes problems to solve. Compared to theory, making music is more fun. But if you aren't making music, this theory learning part can give you tools to fix problems in your songs with a better understanding of music structure.
    6) Talk to your Muse. That one "fan" that listens to your music or says good things about it. Anticipate how THEY will want to hear your next work.
    7) Taking a break isn't a bad thing. Sometimes you need a break. Mine sometimes go for 6 months! But this isn't my profession. You can do that for a hobby.
    8).Play your instrument when you otherwise would "snack". This way you avoid calories and get some chops out of it. Sometimes you come up with a dirge that can become a song!
    9) Play some strange drum loops and see what motifs you come up with on the guitar. Some of these can be turned into a future song. Great songs have awesomely simple but rockin' motifs.
    10) Ask someone for their poem and tell them you'll try to set it to music. Working on someone else's words makes for some interesting music. Maybe not your best work, but it gets the juices flowing. IF you have written your own poetry, look for ones with good iambic pentameter and squish it into a song. As the programmers say: Reuse, reuse, reuse!
    11) Take away all pressure. Your next song doesn't have to be better than the past. It doesn't have to be done on time. It doesn't even have to be a song in the traditional sense. No chorus? Dylan did verse 1, verse 2 all the time. Snippets can be stitched together. A snippet is a great thing to write.
    12) Organize your songs. Put them into labelled folders. If you have labelled folders, digitalize them and put them on dropbox. That is, not writing? Then organize the studio, learn some more engineering skills, fix what's wrong with your studio. Maybe you need to finally do that acoustic treatment you've been putting off forever? haha
    13) Listen to new stuff and clean your studio. Label your cables while hearing music others told you they like. Even if you don't like it. Work to it. Your brain will soak up musicality

    Stabby guitars haha... Would you consider Ibanez 'pointy' ? Whenever people mention "pointy" guitars I immediately think of those horrible BC Rich models aha

    There's a number of them. I'm OK with sharp ends. My beef with guitar manufacturing faults are 2:

    1) Parker's little-too-long ends that can snap off if the grain is perpendicular to the cut and it slide into something. (ask me how I know, haha)
    2) Metal made guitars. I had a Kramer with an aluminum neck and its COLD when it's cold and when you get warm or under hot lights it warps the tune in minutes! Metal Neck: BAD

    NOT to be confused with the "genre" Metal. Now THEY are some stabby guitars. Love all those carapace looking things. The buggier the better!

    I know it will perform. I stabbed myself 3 times putting a guitar strap on it.

    I read this in a book called "The Guitar Whisperer".
    What you do is roll up a newspaper, take the guitar outside, and whack yourself and say, "Bad Owner, Bad Owner" because you haven't trained yourself to handle stabby guitars, haha


    Now make sure you dial back the OUTPUT -> MASTER to about -12 dB and see if that helps. Don't want to go out too hot or it sounds like shite.

    Helps to get some nice profiles. Try the free TAF and MBritt packs and see if they don't float your boat.

    Plug in headphones and if the sound you are hearing out the Yamaha is noticeably worse, it's an I/O setting. I always use the "headphone" check to make sure it's "good".
    If it isn't, I do a Global Reset. Sometimes you tweak stuff and make all the profiles sound a bit worse. This makes them "normal" again.

    I want an effect box that when you toggle it makes your pick sound like fingers and the other way, your fingers sound like a pick.

    You can choose which type of pick: Brass, Plastic, Steel, Diamond Coated Steel (sharp edges and rounded edges) plus different thicknesses of each.

    Maybe a random checkbox so that when checked, you sometimes lose the pick so it flips back to "fingers"!

    How about an app on your phone that VNP's to your Kemper at home on the network!!

    So, yeah, we're talking about Bluetooth or Ethernet connection, new I/O route and a decently fast connection, but hey, fiber is on the way!