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    I have also looked a new one. The list looks like UA, Audient, RME, Apogee, Focusrite, but unfortunately it seems there are some compromises to be made, no matter the price point.

    Usability is one thing - I've got used to controls facing up so desktop model would be favorable.

    Then there are the other thingies - OS drivers (latencies/quality), headphone preamp, spdif (coax), and interface cabling layout, converters, number of I/Os, age of the tech (foreseeable EOL).

    Hello, rig manager software has the following bugs:

    -when marking a profile as favorite in the rig manager , as soon as you change profile, the favorite mark disappears, same for the rig comments. They both don't get stored.

    This first one is intended behaviour. Support explained it in some thread. So you need to use the ”store” button.

    When morphing (correctly) is used, you will see "[M]".

    Yeah can see that in KPA, inside the given module once morphed. But I ment on the RM3 UI e.g. in the module signal chain overview. If that [M] is there also already then I'm missing out something..

    Would love if there would be some fast way for seeing in which blocks the morph is used. For example something similar to the lock icon in the upper corner of each block.

    I was missing comparisons between the lighter 2 or 3 strings - they all riffed just with heavier strings. So no tones from actual 8,9,10 or 11 gauge..

    Quite a few trademarks in one feature list. Way to go RnD and marketing! 😎

    Just as I thought the variable impedance curves representing different speaker types & loads were the last say, then comes a new one (unless this is ”same” thing 😉).

    Now just need to get my head over this concept.. 👍

    Seems I had Mouse (0.0 4.1 67% 0.0)) and noise gate in the stomps and Studio EQ (slight hi & low-pass together with a couple db boost @2,9kHz) + Dly + Rev in Effects. Profile was RockProfiles Helios, but as I renamed the profile in performance mode I can't see original name any more. But it was one of the medium gained profile with Greenback cab, probably best just to select one that works best with the guitar&pickup you're using.

    Sure! Now that this thread was moved to third party.. section can mention some vendors as well. So.. said, was boosting with mouse drive in front the stack with mix in 50-70 area, depending on the amp/profile.

    I actually ended up trying several profiles and had some pretty good results with several different ones, TJ VanHalen (more of that ’sag’), BM BE100 and RockProfiles Helios (latter ones were excelling in punch). Sample might have been Helios, not 100% sure as I’m not near Kpa atm. And tried even multritracking with all three in a mix - pretty awesome actually, saggy& punchy&big&cutting at the same time, but not that live ready without 3 Kpa’s, so 😆

    Guitar was Music Man Silhouette Special, the one in the avatar actually, with Pete Thornbucker+ in the bridge. I have added EH LPB booster circuit in the gtr behind a switch which might have been enabled also mildly, not sure as some sounded and felt better with it, some without.

    Then there was a slight EQ low&hi cutter in the X-position that I like to use with FRFR.

    Those were the main ingredients I think on the top of the head. Would need to check any details later on when i’m again next to Kpa, but that’d be after the christmas holidays. 😎👍

    Did the Win7 -> Win10 upgrade (64bit) without any issues. Thank you JSB for the tip! :thumbup:

    Since, noticed 2 broken programs after the upgrade: Wavelab 7 (64) and Wondershare AllMyTube. For Wavelab I was able to find a batch that fixed it, but not for the Wondershare (which doesn't matter as I switched to another similar program that seems to work even better than Wondershare).

    Haven't yet tried to install RM3 as I'm not into Beta testing, but will immediately as soon as the official Release version lands. Hopefully soon! 8):thumbup:

    I would approach this from Rat perspective...A rat..or mouse..or 1981drv..etc in front of some marshallesque tone and probably with a cab loaded with Greenbags.

    Had to try and result is...rather messy playing :D

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    Anyone else get excited about the post announcement in the 'Announcements' forum.... only to then have all your hopes and dreams crushed when you see it's just a minor OS update...

    I would like to imagine that minor update from end user / user interface point of view would translate big in OS internals, API and libraries etc. that the remaining issues have been related to holding RM3 release.. :saint:

    I had somewhat similar experience, just a bit escalated version from yours. And the culmination point seemed to be midi data handling/loading.

    Did you notice any other your user settings was changed back to default in System/Rig/Input/Output settings.? Or possibly any profiles missing?