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    I don't think you can mimic the modded muff as they are about modifying the pedal's tone stack for the most part and the muff tone stack is about filtering the mids away (tonestack = parallel HPF & LPF having the tone as mix ratio). But you can always try and probably atleast get closer.

    Any way I can mimic that on the Kemper, or do I just do it by putting an EQ block after the Muffin stomp?

    I would start with this approach yes. Recall there was tubedriver in his chain after modded muff so could try e.g. some GS there as well.

    I don't know which what muff version the Muffin is based on (different versions have some variations in the tonestack), but as a starting point one could maybe try counterbalancing the BM "Civil War" circuit where the mid dip center is around 1.3KHz so the GEQ's 1.25k knob would be my first choice. Followed maybe also Low and High cut tweaks with some volume to compensate.

    If the GEQ works at all (maybe even with a Green Scream as a booster/filter) I'd next grab Studio EQ and tried to sweep the Hz value together with its Q-value to finetune the Hz band and center point.

    Now when there has been a lot of Kabinets & Kones sold and the imprint tech has been out there for some time already, I thought it would be interesting to hear about experiences and experiments from the users what comes to findings in actual use.

    Starting myself I was earlier using 100% FRFR and have now moved using mostly Kabinet /w imprints for monitoring both at home and band rehearsals. No gigging yet with the Kabinet, hopefully sooner than later. :)

    I have gone through my go-to profiles and noticed that not all of them 'likes' imprints that much for some reason. Some that I had considered earlier as gems with FRFR (=worked great out-of-the-box with different guitars) suddenly lost the magic through the imprints, no matter which one of them selected. But then again some profiles seem to love them and seemingly benefit from imprints beyond their original Greatness!:love:

    (I'm not mentioning any names here as I'm using 95% commercial offerings and don't wish the thread to be moved nor be personified in any way.)

    Still, have wondered could this 'imprint adaptiveness' be impacted by some profiling phase techniques or is it more about the profile type (Studio) where Kemper has sometimes challenges in the CAB separation part. Or then could the 'magic' just have been in the cabinet part of the profile in some cases. :/

    Experimentations continue, but so far I'm pretty much all convinced and grateful to Kemper for this yet another groundbreaking innovation!8):thumbup:

    Find also Bert and many others already mentioned great as well, but just checked the new Cililab V2 Friedman profiles and I'm liking them a lot through the Kabinet. Especially the DI profiles with fake cabinet enabled for Kabinet imprints. Less bassy than Berts out of the box for sure.

    I was just listening the Rabea's Jake E Lee amp youtube demo and found these have somewhat similar vibe to them. Really cool!!

    My continuing efforts to get to a usable profile with at least the Tele. This is all now entirely in the Kemper. Thoughts welcome on whether this is better or worse than the last attempt. Sounding a bit ‘bronze strings with piezo pickup’ but I quite like it. Or does it just sound like a Tele?

    Listening back to the first one this one improves it to my ears for the tele. Acoustic with piezo-ye vibe to it, but that's the best what one can use in a noisy pub environment anyway. 8) Great Work!

    You'll find the functionality description from the Main manual by searching for "Volume Pedal Range".

    Basically without pedal connected, the negative values don't have impact, positive values produce gain or volume boost (depending on the location).

    Have you tested yet how hot the ICEPower gets when played with gigging volume for a longer time?

    One would think that it gets warm inside the closed back cab. BAM200 has even small fan, but no idea how necessary that is for 'average' user.

    There seems to be thermal protection circuits in the ICEPower module which start kickin' in causing thermal shutdowns if needed, but that wouldn't be too cool while in the heat of battle.

    Had once 500W class-D Bass head that had problems with the fan supply voltage and it worked fine in home, but started causing shutdowns after a while in a band practice scenario.

    Yeah, and drop the files to the RM folder view window on the right and not to the folder tree explorer on the left side like you might do on some computer OS ?

    If it is so (regarding cabinet wiring), sounds like a pretty big deal thinking scenario in which each and every Kabinet manufactured would be sent to HQ for fixing.

    I MUCH prefer my QSC K10 for FR mode. FR mode with the Kone is lacking to my ears, but the Kone excels in Imprint mode. The entire reason I bought the Kone was for Imprint mode, so I have no use for FR mode.

    I have to agree with this one. Not compared to QSC, but to my CLR/DXR. I tried each and every built-in DSP/EQ option and also room acoustics impacts through positioning. Then I tried to match the CLR/DXR to Kabinet using the KPA Output EQ by ear. And then the same but vice versa Kabinet Output EQ towards others. And then same even with Kabinet power amp EQ.

    But all that is not that important as things change once the imprints are in use. And those are indeed Great(!!) and I'm playing through those 100% atm.

    I compared a while back DXR, CLR and Kabinet and must say I was somewhat surprised how noticeable the difference(s) were. DXR and CLR seem to have deeper bass and Kabinet is overall more bright. Also the mids are clearly different. Not sure is this more due to cabinet size or Kone itself.

    Ive now cancelled my order for the Kabinet, UK and Europe suppliers talking at least 2 months.

    Decided to purchase the Kone from Kemper and a Victory 1 x12 cabinet as I'm also interested in buying the Victory Sheriff amp, this way I can change speakers as and when.

    KPA Kabinet cost £370, Victory cabinet cost + Kone £530, I can live with that, I'm pretty sure the Victory cab with be constructed at least as good as the Kemper, perhaps better. All due to be delivered within 7 days.

    You watch, the Kabinet will probably be shown as immediately available this week!

    Was about to go the same kone+new cab route for the same reason, but just before ordering happened to notice a single discounted B-stock in sale. Appeared today to the door witin a week. Now would just need some break from all this homeschooling to get some proper A/B/C testing done ? ??

    ( CLR / K / DXR )

    I was surprised by theKabinet demand in Europe. But so seem'd to be Kemper as well. :)

    "Delivery time 120 Workdays" for the cabinet made to think about getting some manufacturer X cabinet + kone(s) for it.

    But gladly just noticed one returned B-stock. Hopefully I was the fastest getting it,,, and now we'll wait to get some tasting. 8):):thumbup:

    I have also looked a new one. The list looks like UA, Audient, RME, Apogee, Focusrite, but unfortunately it seems there are some compromises to be made, no matter the price point.

    Usability is one thing - I've got used to controls facing up so desktop model would be favorable.

    Then there are the other thingies - OS drivers (latencies/quality), headphone preamp, spdif (coax), and interface cabling layout, converters, number of I/Os, age of the tech (foreseeable EOL).

    Hello, rig manager software has the following bugs:

    -when marking a profile as favorite in the rig manager , as soon as you change profile, the favorite mark disappears, same for the rig comments. They both don't get stored.

    This first one is intended behaviour. Support explained it in some thread. So you need to use the ”store” button.