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    Did the Win7 -> Win10 upgrade (64bit) without any issues. Thank you JSB for the tip! :thumbup:

    Since, noticed 2 broken programs after the upgrade: Wavelab 7 (64) and Wondershare AllMyTube. For Wavelab I was able to find a batch that fixed it, but not for the Wondershare (which doesn't matter as I switched to another similar program that seems to work even better than Wondershare).

    Haven't yet tried to install RM3 as I'm not into Beta testing, but will immediately as soon as the official Release version lands. Hopefully soon! 8):thumbup:

    Anyone else get excited about the post announcement in the 'Announcements' forum.... only to then have all your hopes and dreams crushed when you see it's just a minor OS update...

    I would like to imagine that minor update from end user / user interface point of view would translate big in OS internals, API and libraries etc. that the remaining issues have been related to holding RM3 release.. :saint:

    I had somewhat similar experience, just a bit escalated version from yours. And the culmination point seemed to be midi data handling/loading.

    Did you notice any other your user settings was changed back to default in System/Rig/Input/Output settings.? Or possibly any profiles missing?

    I believe some of these problems are happening because the user has a lot of profiles in kemper, I usually have 20 profiles and 50 performances, while in my rig manager has more than 50k profiles

    I had 50 profiles and 15 performances. And kpa was able to reload those after restore so probably some other ”majos glitch during update” like K-Team put it as user data should never be changed nor erased during update.

    Rig Pack Buffet - only way for getting Ultimate menu is to try everything ^^

    I find there are stellar gems in each of the packs, many of which have been stable in my live setup for years. Despite challengers that endlessly keep lining up.

    Still find some overall sonic evolution in the catalog that I really like 8):thumbup:

    Newest public OS 6 ->7.0.9 didn't go all that smoothly for me. After the RM+KPA updates, KPA got stuck in the startup phase while loading Midi table. After manually restarting KPA again all user data was gone. -> Needed to restore the data from backup, but now it seems that all is ok in the end.

    Rig Manager is a great tool for hosting big number of rigs. But as the number of rigs increases and folder hierarchy spans it comes harder to make most of the collection.

    While the current tagging system helps in finding with certain criteria I think it would be great improvement to be able to have your own freely formulated notes for the rigs.

    For example I have a practice using "Favorite" tags, but having through the collection with different type of guitar I notice that in some cases the Favorite is actually guitar dependent. Second example is concerning effects - every now and then I notice some nice FX patch in a rig that is not otherwise to my liking. So instead of storing this FX as a preset to KPA or save it in some other rig it would be create to just add a Tag for it to find later when needed.

    These "RM tags" could be separate from rigs (no need to save within the profile) to have no limitations in how many there can be those and adding tags wouldn't affect the profile in any way (not even update timestamp).

    So end goal could be something like email software is calling "Labels" where Folder views, item categorizing and searches are more adjustable. But RM don't need to go that far to improve user experience imho greatly.

    This is a request about getting more flexibility for controlling continuous parameters of a Rig. I would like to be able to have multiple expression pedals connected to the Remote to control delay and reverb mix parameters freely and independently in realtime within a rig using multiple expression pedals - like can be achieved using a MIDI CC enabled pedals connected directly into the Profiler.

    There are couple of feature requests that are somewhat related (e.g. this one More flexble expressin pedal control of CC ), but this one would not concern any MIDI.

    This could be achieved by implementing new pedal type functions to the current (Morph, Wah, Volume, Pitch, Monitor Vol.) list. So instead of adding all possible - or just a few most popular - continuous parameters or effect types to the existing selection list (that could lead to some logical conflicts or side effects like noted by Burkhard in the linked thread) there could maybe be just multiple Morph pedals (1,2,3,4..) available in the pedal function selection list. And all these secondary morph pedals could then control any continuous parameter (or even multiple) with the restriction that one parameter(s) can be linked only to one morph pedal at the time.

    To keep it simple the Rig loading and morph editing could be kept as is (i.e. secondary morph pedal not necessarily used here), but only allow secondary morph to override / inherit the desired parameter control from the 'main' morph command.

    Having the added flexibility using multiple expression pedals with the Remote would be great improvement. I'd like to have Remote more on par compared to utilizing some external MIDI equipment and still have the 'single cable connection' advantage.

    There are good ideas and comments, but was thinking somewhat different approach that don't fit under the thread title anymore so perhaps it'll be better to create a new thread instead.

    Yamaha DXR10 and Atomic CLR here, both are great and still have some pron & cons.

    CLR is quiet and sound wise top notch but little heavier to carry around. Also, if it breaks, you can be srewed as their customer service is, ah well, let’s just say not-that-great. ?

    Yamaha is great bang for buck. Fan makes little noise which can be heard in quiet environments.

    I plugged once in a wall outlet, tuned up and everything seemingly fine, but no sound was coming out. Then someone mentioned that those outlets were known to deliver some "dirty power". I changed to other outlet and everything fine again.

    One other time I was in a band practice while there came very short power outage and only noticeable effect was light flickered off/on quicly once, but KP became silent until I restarted it..

    I guess that's their way of getting you to buy a Kemper Remote.

    Sounds reasonable.

    I wonder if the data for those assignments is stored on the Remote or in the Kemper?

    I'm guessing it either must be in the Remote, or they are deliberately not giving access to that function from any other device.

    I think those are stored within a profile file actually as I have profiles with readily made assignments by someone else.

    I think th OP want to send MIDI command to stimulate a fx push on action on the remote with the assigned fx's.

    In other words Is there a MIDI message that will switch (change state) of the corresponding fx button on the remote?

    Seems so. Probably to achieve the multiple fx on/off commands with a single static midi #CC/#PC..I'm not aware such exists either atm..