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    I found my Kemper alternativ. And it’s a ... used Kemper. Tadaaa. So, anti-climax perhaps. But thank you for all the great tips!

    This turned up just as I sold of some other stuff. A new Kemper was out of reach, but a used one was not. Lucky, huh. Perhaps the guardian angel of tone (tm) is watching over me after all? :saint:

    Pic, or it didn’t happen:

    Strange how the same device feels kinda alien at first. The knobs feel a little different when pushing and twisting etc. It’s used, so it kinda not feels like my own Kemper just yet.

    Oh, and my OG toaster is white. I still prefer white. ;)

    Have a KPA Rack now- Id like to get a "Stage" but just cant justify it only playing at the house. Plus I also own a Helix rack and Controller.

    So Im kinda saving now for pair of Kemper Kone Speakers. 8)

    Yeah, I feel the same. I can only play one Kemper at a time. But I din’t have an Helix though. ;)

    There IS no alternative 😉. But the Helix from Line 6 seems a decent option for less money.

    it’s funny ‘cause it’s true. ^^ I’m not looking for a Kemper replacement though. Just a stand-in.

    The Mooer multifx pedals (ge150 ge200 ge250, ge300) are wothwhile options to consider. I've been lusting after a ge200 for a while now; sounds great on youtube demos. The IR loading is a big plus. I'm not sure what their pitch fx is like though.

    Nice! Thanks for the tip. And the price is right too. 8)

    I have two Kemper Stage units for live. Using one of them in the studio too.

    Thinking of getting a regular Kemper Profiler to just leave in the studio control room and keep the live and studio stuff separate.

    As much as a second Kemper is tempting, I don’t think that is viable for me. Financially too. I mean, one Kemper would only ever be used if the other fail (or is lost). :S

    So, the anger has passed (for now) and I am in a problem solver mode.

    My Kemper is still lost in transit to Kemper HQ. (The thread here, if you've missed it: Kemper service and repair time?). In a worst case scenario, it could be lost to me for months. So I need to plan for a worst case scenario. (And really hope for the best!) ?(

    What are you doing for Kemper backups? It looks like I can borrow an Axe-Fx II to finish of recording some songs. But what about live? My pedalboard and remote is totally useless without the Kemper. Nevermind a total replacement for the performances (and my custom harmony-patches with my own programmed scales), I need something that is somewhat cheap but sound great. It needs to at least have some FX built in: Preferably something with delays like Kemper, chorus, and reverbs ala Kemper (not exactly the same, but it needs to be "vibey"). Easy feat huh? ^^

    What should I check out?

    Our new single was released yesterday. Want to give it a listen, maybe? It's on all the streaming platforms.

    Mayfire Chronicles is a progressive rock/metal band from the southeast of Norway. We're aiming high on a concept-album that combine heavy and melodic guitar-riffs, crowd-pleasing vocals and grand visuals. I don't want to spoil too much, but if you like heavy, melodic music and are a fantasy/sci-fi movie fan like us you are in for a thrill! ;)

    Our first single "Thicker than water" suddenly gained a little traction right from the get-go, and the response have been mind-blowing! We actually got some radioplay. Never experienced that before. After a short while, it got picked up on some playlists on Spotify. And it kind of snowballed from there.

    You can listen to Thicker Than Water here one Spotify:

    Now, the new single is out. It is called City of Ruins. This is quite a ride, and we are bracing ourselves right now. The workload is insane, but we are getting a lot of help from some truly awesome people.

    More awesome news is coming in the near future. Give us a like on Facebook, huh? ;)

    I’m mad as hell guys. You know that «I should’ve NEVER have done this» feeling? Like a total crash at a live show because you run a beta os?

    I just called Posten. They are still waiting for any feedback from the german post office. And it could take months for any news. MONTHS!!


    I should never have sent the Kemper away.
    Apparantly. That was a gamble, and I just lost. I can’t hold up everything for MONTHS...

    I hate such things as «pay to skip the queue» with a passion. :cursing:

    I’m at week three without Kemper here right now. No news. Nada.

    I did some tracking with the Slate TH-U plugin. I gotta say... that workflow is not for me ^^ Kind of stressing. And I what I actually miss the most is the tuner window. I usually have that open to check tuning and intonation constantly. The tuning thing on the plugin were all over the place. ^^

    Hm... could still be the same issue. How are the levels set, and do they play the same part? Perhaps reamp with the constant latency switched on for all the tracks might do the trick also. Have you tried that?

    Slightly OT, but I have never had any luck with so-called quad tracking. ?( Phase and slight difference in performance sticks out like a sore thumb if it’s not ab-so-lut-ely spot on. And that kills the «vibe» somewhat.

    You have to specify the output of the DI track to spdif. As of now, it is probably sent to master in your mixer. And master is linked to L and R (monitor out) on your interface.

    If you don’t see spdif as an output option, you’ll probably need to check your I/O label page.

    Well, you’re lucky. ^^ I think Kemper is awesome in all of this. The fact that they took the time to check up on me when they hadn’t recieved it is really something!

    unfortunately, no news yet for me. I contacted the post office yesterday to ask if there were any news. They had none. So, I dunno. This is starting to feel really bad.

    And the timing plain sucks! I’m in the middle of recording an album. I watched Baard Kolstad lay down some drum tracks last monday. Those tracks are just waiting for me now... ?(

    looks like I have to start using *gulp* a vst amp sim or something to get things moving along for now. It’s not the same as my trusty Kemper.

    Small update, guys.

    My Kemper is lost in transit. It left Norway on january 29th, and is now on ... somewhere.

    The post office have opened a ticket and is starting a search. So, the story continues. No fast solution for me then.


    Kemper support is awesome though! HELL-G reached out to me to let me know they hadn't recieved my Kemper yet. <3

    Only good things to say about the Kemper service level from me. I bought a Kemper from the first batch and all know by now, that they came with LED-failure. Kemper announced that it would be replaced for free. When I bought it the LEDs started to fail after approx six months. After a year a lot had failed. A couple of months ago I came around to contact Kemper about this issue which dates many years back. Maybe eight years or so. I expected to be met with answer, that I’ve had plenty of time to send it back for repair. I therefore asked for a repair price. The answer I got surprised me a lot. It still was free of charge. I think that it is crazy so many years after. I paid for the parcel service from Denmark to Germany. I cannot remember exactly how long it took. I think it was seven days in total from me shipping it to me being in possession of my Kemper with new LEDs. I cannot praise the service from this company enough. It’s almost unearthly.

    A couple of months ago, I sent my Powerhead from Spain to Germany for a time/date display-related minor (although somewhat uncomfortable ...) issue. My unit was well beyond 2 years old. Kemper service repaired it for free and sent the unit back to me in less than a week. Awesome !! I take the opportunity to sincerely thank Kemper service. Truely "unearthly" ...

    Stellar service as far as I'm concerned. Over the years I've only had two issues, LED's on my 2013 Toaster and loose rattling components in my 1st Remote. Both issues were taken care of quickly (7-10 days) and free of charge. I find Kemper's Customer Care to be simply amazing in this day and age. Highest recommendation!

    awesome! Kemper deserves the praise. The communication with support before I sent it back were a+ too. :)

    well, leds and the fx loop noise. I asked for a heads up on reparation costs, and support said they would contact once the service team had checked it out. Haven’t heard anything yet. I don’t even know if my Kemper has arrived...

    oh well... It’s just the waiting that is killing me. ^^

    So it’s getting close to two weeks since I sent my Kemper back to HQ. And of course, I miss it.

    Have any of you sent the Kemper back for service? What was the turnaround, and did you recieve any info from Kemper while it were serviced?

    I didn’t think I’d miss it this much, but my guitar playing is starting to suffer... ;(:)