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    I think I found a way...

    To keep most of my guitars in the safe zone, I´ll use the gain at +21 and AF Out at +18. +24 seems fine on a few of them, but I get the occasional clipping warning if I play hard. To get the distortion to the same level I have to boost distortion sense to +4. Then it feels and responds the same between the cable and EW-D. :S

    So I guess it works, even though it's not unity gain. Does it matter? :/ *shrug*.

    Yeah, it’s not that it’s too hot that’s the problem. It’s the opposite. I have to lower the gain. And since the AF output is capped at +18 it sounds like I’m playing through low output single coils. All the time!

    +21/+24 would be a unity gain setting for me. But that is not an option. I’m stuck at +21/+18. Meaning I can’t achieve unity gain…

    Anyone here have any experience with the EW-D from Sennheiser?

    How do you set up your gain? The unity gain settings in the manual doesn't seem to work for me. Even with Aldrich bridge pickup, there is clipping on lowest unity gain setting, meaning that I can't use the 27/18 setting. 24/18 is OK, but then the output suffers. On my EMG equipped guitars 21/18 is the highest I can go for "safe operation". But then it sounds wimpy...

    How do you manage if you use the EW-D? Just use clean sense and distortion sense to make up the unity gain and Bob´s your uncle?

    There's also the financial reality that a company needs a steady income of new sales to pay people to sit around all day and design updates.

    People buying Kemper in 2022 isn’t buying because of 2012 merits. It’s because software makes it up to date. No need for new hardware, as long as they «sit around all day and design updates» the Kemper will be as potent as it ever was, and steady income is guaranteed.

    I absolutely adore Kemper for it. Longevity. It’s refreshing!

    Bah! I had mine sendt for repair from Norway back in 2013 i think it was. The Kemper was a big seller and pretty new tech, the music store i bought it from got it back from repair and sold it to someone else.

    They never told me, and i had to wait 5 months to get a new one from them and only after i threatened with legal conseqenses. Yay

    Partly. I spent MONTHS arguing with the norwegian post office because of the same paperwork that UPS made you pay VAT on. They based the value, and of course insurance value, on the document showing a 400-something euros sum.

    What a headache. Never again. And I had to buy a new Kemper. Luckily I found one used…

    UA Apollo x6

    I’ve used Cubase since version 4. I know how to do what I need to do in Cubase, so I work fast. Tried Logic for a while, but couldn’t gel with it. I also tried UA Luna but that is so caveman yet, it’s practically useless to me.

    Cables: Klotz titanium. Used to use spdif. Prefer analog out. Way easier imo, and no danger of clicks and pops. I record DI for «just in case», but try To challenge myself more to commit to the sounds I want in the first place. Plus all the tonechasing means diddly squat when it is someone else that is going to mix it for ya. That was my eyeopener. ?

    I see this very often in comments in many blogs and forums.My question is why do so many guys ask for "more fx simultaneously" to create complex,synth like ambient stuff with a dozen delays and even more complex reverbs...but never ever ask directly for a synth module??I guys look for "new sounds",right?

    This is indeed beyond me.

    We have 2021 but as guitar players...we still live in caves..

    This one I don’t really get either. One thing is sound design. But I bet my ass «real» sound designs are alot more creative than stacking 4 delays going into three reverbs...

    I mean, how does all that «soundscape» even work in a setting beside being really «ethereal» by itself? Nevermind a live setting... :/

    Who here uses a hx stomp as a backup or secondary device to their kpa?

    Be interested to hear your reviews for sound comparison. I know theres many videos and demos out there but feel most convey the (biased) message of the reviewers.

    Recieved mine today, actually.

    I’ll use it as a mobile thing to and from rehearsals and writing sessions. For live it will be a backup. (Hopefully gigging will be a reality ...)

    so far I dig it!

    AI is neutral. Like a gun. Its not the gun that pull the trigger and kill . AI is the future. Whether you like it or not. It can be used for many good things but also many bad things too.

    oh come OOOON!! Skynet ain’t neutral. It tries to kill some people named Connor all the time...

    off topic thread is off topic. ;)

    I suspect that you know absolutely nothing about cars and the technology that goes into cars. Especially today. Why do you think they connect a new car through a cable to a computer to find possible errors? Because it’s all mechanical? Tell that to all the French cars that comes into the shop with technology and wiring problems ;)

    But if you still think that the technology in a car is indifferent and a car just is a metal box on 4 wheels, then maybe a television will do the trick. I think we all can agree on, that the picture etc. gets better and better through technology and that 10 years in this field of technology is somewhat equivalent to a lifetime in other areas.

    ah, yes. You buy a new car so that your mechanic gets a better diagnostic tool. Gotcha. ?

    a TV is the same thing as the car analogy. When it’s made it’s made as a finished product. Done deal. An upgrade (!) from 4k to 8k is purely a hardware thing - «Software not included».

    That’s not how the Kemper works. And I adore them for it. As long as the hardware can support their ever evolving software, you don’t need a hardware upgrade. The software is the upgrade as far as sound and «tone» in the Kemper. There is no «hardware» tone in the Kemper as far as input > [tone] > output. (ad/da discussions aside: I don’t wanna touch that nest of killer bees... ?)

    Now, if you said you wanted a Kemper with four fx loops and a battery powered option, then that would require a hardware upgrade. And I’d agree with your sentiment. ?

    All IMO of course. ?

    Imagine you wanting to buy a brand new car. The one brand new car is 10 years old. The next one just reached the market. Which one would you prefer if money wasn’t an issue? You would probably want the new one like the rest of us. And why? Because it contains the newest technology

    It’s not the same. I think your kinda missing my point. A car is a physical, mechanical thing. And it’s mostly about the hardware. Probably. (Upgrade your 10 year old car just to get Apple car play you say? Sure... 8o)

    What makes the Kemper tick is the software. Not the hardware. And the software is not «old».