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    I just noticed something, maybe you could try it too, bluzgtr68 ?

    To get the best balance between clean and distorted sounds, I have the clean sense at -6.0. I just tried raising the clean sense to +12, and the noise is almost gone in when I engage the fx loop. Meaning there is barely a noticeable change in the hiss when I push stomp B with the loop mono on and off. (i.e. the inherent background noise in the profile, without noise gate).

    So a clean sense of + 12 acts like "unity" gain somehow. Meaning that lowering the clean sense boost noise floor. Like an opposite gain staging relationship. Except then the gain staging is all screwed up. I can't have the clean sense on +12... :huh:

    So, I tested a little bit more:

    Putting the loop in x module was dead quiet as expected. It seems that the loop is boosting the volume before/into the amp, but I don't understand why.

    And I prefer loop mono over loop distortion. Loop distortion seems to have a pretty aggressive noise gate, and I don't particularly like it.. :whistling:

    This is a link to the noise example. This is with no cables attached in the loop. Not even a guitar cable. And I put rig volume to max, just to get some levels for easy reference.

    So this is a distorted rig, with loop mono in stomp b, no guitar cable connected and no cables in the back of Kemper, recorded through main out as line in to an Apogee Element 24. toggled on and off. (you´ll hear it when it happens).

    What am I missing?

    I know, I know. Bear with me, I've done some research on this already... :P

    I have some pedals I'd like to use with the Kemper. And because I'd like to sometimes reamp over spdif, the FX loop is perfect. I have tried both loop mono and loop distortion, and I have the fx loop in stomp B. Every time I have engaged the loop, I have raised the noise floor. It goes from fairly quiet to fairly hissy. Like a live tube amp, just "fscccccccccccccccchh". It's so loud that it's barely covered when there is actual signal. So practically useless...

    Now I thought that, since I use gain pedals, it's perhaps a gain staging issue. So I've think I've ruled out most of it: I've checked clean sense (it is properly set as per instructed so it's not to low), I've checked cables, volumes, settings, even switched pedals and what not. So I did something that ckemper recommended in another thread here: I put a cable from the send to the return in the back of the Kemper without anything attached and it still hisses. So naturally, I changed cable and tried again. Still does the same thing.

    But here is the kicker. It's noisy and starts to hiss when I engage the loop, even with no cables attached at all. No cables, just pushing stomp b on and off makes hiss come and go. So I'm stumped. What am I forgetting or doing wrong here? Anybody?

    (can post audio files, just give me a few hours).

    It’s a non-issue imo. How many commercial profiles have been uploaded to rm?

    I highly prefer Kempers approach. Sharing is free, buying is optional. You can easily make your own profiles and decide for yourself. Not everything has to be a business. 8o

    I just stumbled over this thread. I am tempted to test the PRS MT 15. Has anyone played the amp with a 1x12 or 2x 12 C V30 cab? Could you describe your impressions?

    Do it! It’s an awesome amp. And it’s LOUD!

    My cab is a Marshall 1936V, so it’s a 2x12 V30 cab. The amp is made for the V30. A very good match IMO.

    I loved playing the MT15, at home and in a band setting. What I didn’t like though, was loosing all the flexibility that the Kemper and remote gave. Especially on the FX and stomp end. And when ChopTones released their awesome rig pack I actually endes up selling it... Spent the money on an Epiphone MKH 7 instead 8o

    Hi, Burkhard!

    i guess I could do it that way. The only problem (!) I have is that my interface «on-the-go» has these stupid combi-jacks. Using a TS-cable is just Hi-Z input only, not the correct line level. Not a problem if the right cable or adapter (i.e. TS to XLR) is available but otherwise not so practical. It works, but it’s not right. :saint:

    Another feature request that perhaps would be better, is the option to spilt the main out so it has the same option as spdif: Git studio and master mono. It would give two XLR out for those moments. :)

    Hooking my Kemper up in a studio setting, I'd like the option to use the direct out to record the clean DI signal with no AD/DA taking place. But I also use a few pedals in a loop. Is it possible to assign for instance the monitor out as the loop send? That would really be awesome!

    Yeah, I don’t know. I’ll check on practise tomorrow where I put the volume. I know it’s high, but not max. (Haha, no help there)

    But given the fact that the other guitar player is playing a Engl Powerball II with matching 4x12, I think the brick and 1936 is doing quite well, actually. ;)

    I use the brick version with a Marshall 1936V. It has 16 ohm speakers, so the output in stereo is too low for band practise. But mono is glorious. No lack of punch or volume, and my ears give up before the brick and cab. :D

    My Kemper journey have been fun. Started using a Yamaha DXR10, and that worked well for a while, but I was missing a cab. So I switched out the PA-speaker for a Marshall 1936V, Powered by an EHX Magnum 44 for a few years.

    I’ve always had my eyes towards the Camplifier. I bought my toaster before both the rack or powered version where a thing. So the Camplifier seemed like s smart move. Just install it in the room on the back, ya know? :)

    Well, I finally pulled the trigger. And I bought Tilmans brick version. Seemed more future proof, and the fact that I can use it with anything seemed like a smart investment. I love the fact that it is stereo.

    Anyway, first impressions: Tilman is an awesome guy. And the brick is one solid piece of kit! Looking forward to trying this out.

    With the new Beta my remote freezes quite a bit when i play through the Focusrite on my Mac. Yesterday it froze on a performance sound, and i could not change to another preset in the performance, immediately after the remote went dark. I started up rig manager and it came back alive with no issues. This same sequence happened 3 times in about 2 hours last night.

    Update: Since the Beta update it has happened constantly. The mac hibernation freezing the Kemper has happened since i purchased it, but now it freezes with my computer on and active, nothing on except the Focusrite control. The only way to get it to snap out of it is to start rig manager which fixes it. Going to revert to the previous OS.

    This happened to me as well today. I thought I noticed some random flashing, like active stomps leds blaring a little brighter for a split second. Then when editing a performance, my remote suddenly went dark. The profiler was frozen. It made sound, but nothing registered. Not even when I tried shutting it off. Started RM, and the Kemper came back to life.

    First real hiccup ever, but I didn’t like it. ?(

    Nice!! Thanks for the kind words.

    Given the haphazard profile session, I wonder if it’s beginners luck more than anything. But I must say, I have only used this profile too lately. It’s spot on for me too. 8)