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    New guitar day !!!!!

    B-stock like new from Reverb (seller Guitar-Hiro)

    It's not the jem 777 (dream :love:) but it looks very nice !!!

    [Blocked Image:]

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    Steve Vai signature modelBody: MerantiNeck: Maple with KTS Titanium truss rodFretboard: RosewoodNeck profile: Wizard IIINeck radius: 400 mmScale: 648 mm (25.5")Nut width: 43 mmTree of Life fretboard inlay24 Jumbo fretsPickups: 2 Infinity humbuckers and 1 Infinity single coil (HSH)Standard double locking tremoloHardware: Cosmo blackColour: Pink

    176 (Kemper) compared to 142 (Quad Cortex) in blind tone and feel scores. Way to go, Kemper! I'm glad you introduced me to their channel. Seems like quality content.

    Interesting, I must say that I consider myself like a rock/metal player but I really didn't like almost all those sounds !!!

    It's interesting to play that long and focus also on the "feel", in all those exemple while listening, i always prefered the one which they liked less, for me it had better definition and less harshness. They seems to like more Harsh sounds which i really don't but it's just a matter of taste !!

    Really love that 80's looks, never played one but seems confortable !!! And the YJM in the back, that's so cool !! Great collection

    Question, will you buy also the pi,k one ?? 8o

    I need some help here. Should this be my next guitar? :). It's a late 80's.

    Oh yes, for sure !!!

    It's funny cause the pink one 30th anniversary (old ones have not as flashy colors) is kind of my dream's guitar and I am looking more and more since few weeks at the Pink jem junior (really prefer the jem 777 mapple pyramids neck but not the same price)

    A lot of great guitars here and a lot of PRS lovers, I must say that i never liked the PRS design but everything can change one day, I I used to hate Strandberg guitars but actually, i'm dying to have one !! ^^ (I played one time a PRS and it was very easy to play with a very different neck than everything i tried)

    If there are Strandberg guitar users here, please share some pics !

    You’re right there. I just hadn’t considered it because the price is so high in the UK.

    You're right, if the quad cortex kill the axe it will also be cause of his terrible distribution outside U.S, Fractal audio had to change that while ago cause the ridiculous price of the unit in europe and the no possibility to buy it in our favorite store is very dumb (imho).

    I can't believe how unstrategic it is, maybe it was understandable at the very beginning when it was a little company but know ? (won't cry for them also...)

    I don't really understand how anyone could use more than one instrument into a single device live.

    I mean, Helix supports this, Axe FX supports this ... I haven't seen such a setup ever in my life.

    I understand this for vocals + guitar or for busking but for shows ...

    Actually this one of feature that's really interest me !! (the possibility to use it as my main soundcard too !!)

    For my main live project, we are 2 and i need 1 guitare, 1 vocal and 1 electro-acoustic instrument (maybe asecond vocal or acoustic guitar in the future)

    I will use midi automations to make all the changes and more for me but if I can also do it for the effects etc of the vocals and the electro-acoustic instrumen in this little things... well, would be nice.

    I will certainly look at this piece of gear and how it grow !

    I'm not thinking about replacing my Toaster at this point but this QC interest me a lot meanly cause of:

    -The size of it (Toaster with remote more heavy and a lot more place when going live, also (very personal) i'm not very happy about the remote)

    -Possibility to put 4 instruments at the same time, if it works good the possibility to put in a guitar, an acoustic instruments and a vocal and make automations with midi signals are quite sexy for my uses.

    -Using it as my main soundcard, I'll probably need to upgrade my soundcard probably soon and putting money in a all in one things sounds good for my wallet.

    -The power of the unit also can be cool if they decide to put differents effects or synth sounding (IDK if there are plans for that but if it can replace at the same time the boss SY-300 or add some synths...)

    Supporting MacOS Mavericks. An OS with its last update of any kind being over 3 years ago? I wouldn't expect you to be happy, but to blame Kemper? I don't think that's fair at all.

    I don't really want to blame Kemper, I'm surely unhappy and bitter to not be able to use the editor (who looks great) but not be able to use RM2 anymore is something hard to process right now for me, i use it a lot !!

    Of course if I want to update my Kemper but come on, acoustic sims and more to comes make me want to update it :))

    so, you're disappointed because Kemper isn't supporting the OS that's running on your 10+ year old Mac? Apple doesn't even support the OS anymore. It's part of the computer life cycle. SMH

    As an Mavericks user who see the competition (you probably think they're all wrong :P) continu to support it yes I am.