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    Supporting MacOS Mavericks. An OS with its last update of any kind being over 3 years ago? I wouldn't expect you to be happy, but to blame Kemper? I don't think that's fair at all.

    I don't really want to blame Kemper, I'm surely unhappy and bitter to not be able to use the editor (who looks great) but not be able to use RM2 anymore is something hard to process right now for me, i use it a lot !!

    Of course if I want to update my Kemper but come on, acoustic sims and more to comes make me want to update it :))

    so, you're disappointed because Kemper isn't supporting the OS that's running on your 10+ year old Mac? Apple doesn't even support the OS anymore. It's part of the computer life cycle. SMH

    As an Mavericks user who see the competition (you probably think they're all wrong :P) continu to support it yes I am.

    we have lined out the system requirements month ago. so what's the news here? also, why do you post this on multiple places on this forum?

    i personally like the idea of users keeping their computers for a long while. but in this case, you should consider your old computer as a system that doesn't change anymore. as much as your computer probably doesn't run an macOS which is newer than mavericks.

    Well sorry but I didn't see any official announcement about the impossibility to makes RM2 and future Kemper OS Updates (I could missed it ) and when I asked few times informations about that here I didn't have answers so I thought maybe some people could be interested by this information cause i know I'm not the only one in that case.

    I will update my hardware one day (computer and soundcard) It's not I don't want but can't for the moment.

    Too bad it comes so late, I'm really interested by this unit, even more that I know now for sure that RM3 and future Kemper updates won't work with RM2 and Mavericks :/)

    I asked Neural DSP and yes their editor will support OSX since Mavericks (like fractal and helix btw) so that could make me changing things cause of my editor needs.

    Hope to ear new sounds and news soon !

    What about people who still with the Rig manager 2 cause of their operating system, Will we be able to update our kemper and use rig manager with it or we have the double penalty ?? (no RM3 and no more Kemper updates if we want to still use RM)

    Ok so I just had my answer from Kemper if some of you were wondering.

    So yes people who can't update their computer OS (for me it's Mac OSX Mavericks) will have the Double Penalty !! RM3 will not be able ever for those OS AND Your RM2 will not support new Kemper OS so you don't have the editor and RM2 will not work anymore....

    Very very disappointed about that and more when I see all the competitors are still supporting Mac OSX...

    One of the first time i think Kemper goes very wrong...

    Hi, yes I tested different options (cable not recently but in the past yes, I guess i need to try again)

    Actually when I use volume it's in volume mode, wha/Wha mode and Whammy/pitch mode.

    I have to test more things and it probably take time, I begin to think what disturb me the most is that it's not consistent, I noticed something when i calibrate the expression pedal, I can see visually the curse of the expression pedal and can see that it's not perfectly consistent (at least at the begining of the calibration) and what I can see is also what I feel when playing.

    Well, after make some tests, I'm still not very Happy with expression pedals with the kemper. (I have way more tests to do)

    I bought the PoE and don't find a big difference with our without.

    For me the wha is ok in most case but I'm struggling with Volume and Whammy.

    I record some exemples with/without PoE and direct to the kemper with the same expression pedal Moog EP-3 that I calibrated each time before recording (I also have handmade EXP with wha enclosure but even I don't see differences in term of latency I prefered to take n official expression pedal to make the tests)

    I played very bad and it's not the same listen to it and playing it but i think with whammy you can here the difference direct and with the remote, the note doesn't have time to go to the octave often.

    If i want to make rapid stuff it increase the bad feeling and i feel like it's not totally consistent,

    maybe it's just the latency of the kemper with those effects thats doesn't work for me (and increase with the remote).

    I'm surprised cause not a lot of people seems to point that or maybe not a lot of people uses expression pedals.

    I think I need to compare also with real Wha, Volume and Whammy to be sure.

    So for the moment the PoE solution is not concluding for me.

    Please make it available for Mac OSX Mavericks like the competition (Neural DSP, Fractal, Helix etc...) when the official version comes...

    I noticed that we're many to uses Mavericks and other brand noticed that too, please don't let us on the roadside.

    Only speak for myself but it could make me migrate cause my needs of an editor are way more pronounced than before cause of my studio work, I know you won't make something just for me but it probably should not be only for me :saint:)

    Hi, some of us can't update our computer OS (others just don't want) so we are stuck with RM2 and can't enjoy the editor ;(

    My question is: Will R.M.2 will update our Kemper in the furure that we can use up to date Kemper AND R.M.2 or we'll have the double penalty ?

    Hope we'll can, not being able to use editor is already bad enough...

    Pixelman's using MacOS Mavericks, Alan, and RM3 won't run on it, so that won't be an option for him.

    This !! Yes It's not that I don't want to run RM3, in contrary I was waiting a lot for it cause I really needed it (my Kemper is now almost on the floor so you can imagine it :P).

    I tried in the past to update Mavericks but for my use and my needs, Mavericks is by far the more stable option for my hardwares.

    That's sad that the competition continue to support Mavericks but not Kemper...

    If you want a non beta RM then you need 2.3.14 release. No, it doesn't have an editor, nor does it work with the beta versions of the OS. You should use 7.1.5. The whole point of the newer betas is to make a fully integrated system. It's tricky at the moment for all that are trying the betas.

    Which operating system are you referring to here ... your Kemper or your computer?

    There haven't been RM (or kpa) OS updates notifications for a while, BUT, You can download RM from the website and use its installer onto your computer and also download the KPA OS and install it via a USB drive in to the KPA

    It's not that I want non beta but the beta is not working with RM2, the Os I spoke about is from my computer (Mac OSX 10.9.5)

    I wanted to be sure that I will able to use RM2 AND futur Kemper OS cause it's already very sad that I can't use RM3 and if future OS are not working anymore with RM2...

    What about non beta version of the operating system ? On kemper website it's: "KEMPER Rig Manager™ 3.0.89 or higher is required to communicate with this operating system version."

    What about people who still with the Rig manager 2 cause of their operating system, Will we be able to update our kemper and use rig manager with it or we have the double penalty ?? (no RM3 and no more Kemper updates if we want to still use RM)