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    Hi, a beginner question. you have a mission KP set for volume and wah. You want to add expression #2 for tunetravel. But back of the Kemper TS/TRS pedal inputs being used for mission KP

    Can you add 1 more expression pedal?

    Where do you connect pedal2?

    How to setup pedal2 on the kemper for tonetravel?

    Is THAT how Tom Scholz did that? A famous, classic sound that has never been commercially available would be PERFECT for the Kemper.

    It sounds like a combination of Pitch pedal (the Kemper has that) and Pedal controlled Modulation speed (not available with MIDI CC at this point).

    I suggest adding an FX "Feature Request" for the Hyperspace Pedal Sound. (or, to add Pedal Controlled Modulation Speed)

    I will request this. Mr. CK please add this feature to send many willing men into Hyperspace!

    yes - like this hyperspace with the video example.

    but looks like this is not possible with the kemper unless there is a separate midi controller - no?

    does this mean if you have the right expression pedal it is possible today to create this effect with the kemper? something like this?

    Hi, I have a Boss loop station connected to return. And loop mono in the x slot. Output source is set on master mono. I output to 2 channels for FOH. But guitar signal and looper signal are coming out of both channels. I want to have separate.

    What is the settings for loop and output to separate the signals?

    thanks Don - that was my question if for tap delay clock left and clock right can send to separate cables. Versus just separating overall delay signal from the dry signal

    if we send output signal by 2 cables to the mixer, can left and right delays signals go to separate cables? Or is stereo processing only to separate overall wet and dry signals? If i can separate channels for tap delay what are the settings for this?

    I live in Portland Maine. So not a huge city, but we do have a Guitar Center. The problem is, aside from the fact that they cost $2,700 new, I'd also have to buy a high end monitor too (another $650-$1,000) along with some sort of footswitch (because apparently, Kemper is the only company stupid enough to not put out an acceptable footswitch with a unit like this). So if I ended up buying all of that and didn't like it, it's going to be a pain to return it all because Guitar Center doesn't carry the Kempers in stock. And I'm not sure if I can return the Kemper to GC if it's a special order. I wish I knew someone in the area that had one. Then I could just see for myself what they're like. But no dice on that.

    I don't have any YouTube gig clips I'm proud of, but here are a couple of passable rehearsal clips recorded using a Zoom H2 in the middle of the room:

    Pink Floyd - Time solo

    Pink Floyd - Shine On pt3

    I would be proud of this. The sustain on that strat is ---wow.

    after i apply the 2.3 firmware now clean sense default to -12. Is that correct? I have hot pickup (EMG 81) and if i go to above -12 i start to get input clipping. I am confuse - is clean sense recommended level for - 12? or 0?

    I try to use boss RC3. I try to place end of the signal chain, and hardware loop mono in the effects - mod slot. But no matter where i place when i change rigs it change the sound of the recorded loop. What do you have for signal chain?

    Editor has never been promised.

    Performance mode will come with the Pedal Controller (my guess).

    Perhaps by "later in Q2" - Summer NAMM?

    I know - just my sarcastic post - there was a thread not happy with no performance mode so play off that. Really i am not concern with this. And of course excited for pitch shifter! :)

    No this is not good. Where is the performance mode i pay for.

    Other users find this: "On page 39 of the new KPA user manual You can find some infos about Performance Mode."

    And where is editor librarian.