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    Hi everyone, I was wondering if some of you can help me. I would like to record some youtube metal covers with my Kemper but I need to know the process. I have studio one2 daw and Imovie on mac. My recording device will be my Ipad.

    I want to record myself and strip out the audio on my video and add the audio from my Daw in its place. How can I do this with Imovie? I am looking to make those type of Youtube videos where the guitars are big and powerful and not played live. Any help is appreciated!

    Thanks for the tips all. I do have a Focusrite interface that my Kemper is hooked into and I use StudioOne2 daw. viabroces suggestion is what I think I want to do. Basically I think I need to record the video with either my Imac or tablet and record the audio in my Daw and somehow strip the audio from the video and replace it with the audio I recorded in my daw. Any suggestion on mac software to swap the audio tracks?

    Hi everyone,

    I'm looking to make some guitar cover videos but I need some advice on how to go about doing it with my Kemper? I have an imac, iphone 5 and ipad so those would probably be the method of recording. Is there a way I can record the video and audio on my computer with my kemper through my daw and edit the video somehow to give it a clear huge sound? I tried recording some videos with my phone but the sound is distant and not in your face if you know what I mean. I watch videos on youtube and the sound is so upfront, I really want to know how I can do that so I can achieve quality video covers. Also I see some people do split screens when they bust out a solo or differnt instrument. How is that achieved as well?

    Thanks for any tips, techniques and advice. I really appreciate it.

    Hey man, huge Death fan here, Fantastic job on the cover! Can I ask what profile you used? Also I am looking to start recording some covers but I dont know how to go about doing it. Are you recording straight into a camera or somehow recording through your computer and syncing with your video? Could you please explain your video equipment and recording process please? Also how did you record split screen like that? Thanks!

    Have you tried my Individual Thought Patterns or Spiritual Healing tonematches? :)

    Hi Nakedzen,

    Oh yes I have them and they are great! I rediscovered them in my huge batch of profiles when I got Rig Manager installed and have been playing them. I made a folder for all the Death Metal and Black Metal profiles you made. They are all so great! If you ever make any more that will be great!

    I still am on the lookout for a solid profile to get that authentic sound from Deaths TSOP album.

    Thanks so much for all of your tips and comments, I really appreciate them. I think Terraformer and Glaurung pretty much described my problem. It's the way the profiles respond to my playing while jamming and trying to achieve amp in the room sounds with profiles that are meant for a mix. One example is I am a huge fan of DEATH and was hoping I could achieve that classic Death guitar tone with SInmix new Marshall 8100 profiles. They do sound great but not huge like I was hoping (probably because they are meant for a mix) I found that my pinch harmonics were kind of weak and my tapping for The Philosopher was just not very fluid sounding. That can also be said for alot of my other profiles. Thats why I thought it may be that my pickups are not high enough output. I do have the highest output pickup you can get from Carvin and it's great for regular metal but not the extreme modern metal sound I am trying to achieve. Due to the routing on the guitar I cant really get any other pickups without alot of work modifying my guitar. Dont get me wrong, I do have alot of great profiles but recently I found myself playing almost exclusively Sinmix, Black Stymphalian and Sonic Underground profiles. They do sound extremely awesome but while playing them I miss that huge in amp room sound. Now that I know they are intended for use in a mix and not really jamming it all makes sense. :)

    So it sounds like I will need to do what Terraformer suggested and start tweaking some of my favorite profiles and mold them into what I want. I've been more of a plug and play player so far, I dial up the profile and play, maybe fiddle with the EQ knobs a bit but that was it. I'll take some of your suggestions and go deeper into the parameters and explore all the magic the KPA has to offer.

    One last thing, is there anything I can do to tweak profiles that are meant for a mix and make them sound huge almost amp in the room sound?

    Thanks again!

    Hi everyone,

    I had a question, I have some of the best profiles for metal that you can get. All of Sinmix profiles, Sonic Underground, Lasse Lamert, Merrow, Englund etc but while they sound fantastic I cant help but to feel something is missing from my setup. I am wondering if its my guitars or maybe the profiles need to be tweaked for my guitar? I have always just loaded up a profile and just played. I hear other guys doing fantastic recordings with the same profiles I have. I play through Mackie M8 studio monitors. Would I get better results playing through something like a FRFR setup instead of my studio monitors?

    I use Carvin guitars and I am wondering if my pickups are just not that well equipped for the extreme metal I like to play. They are great for your standard 80's type metal but they just seem to lack some 'balls'' and clarity of notes if you know what I mean?

    I've played Carvin guitarists pretty exclusively for about 20 years now. I am thinking I might get a new guitar, maybe an Ibanez.

    Is there any general guideline for tweaking profiles? Maybe thats what I need to be doing to my profiles.

    WOWZERS!!!! Oh hell yeah the Mac Rig Manager has transformed my whole Kemper experience! It's incredible, I see all the profiles on my Kemper, I see all the profiles on the Rig exchange. I can click on any profile and it instantly loads in my KPA if its already there, no more scrolling with the knobs to hunt for my profiles! If I like a profile from the RE I can simply store it. This is fantastic! And I can make folders for my profiles. Great job KPA! The RM for Mac has really brought a whole new level of bad assery to the KPA!

    Hi everyone. I was wondering if anyone here uses Presonus StudiOne2 Daw and a focusrite interface with Mixcontrol? I'm using Spidf from my knterface into my KPA. I'm trying to figure out how to reamp with my KPA. I read the manual and watched some general videos but I cant find anything in regards to Reamping using studio One 2 and the KPA. I'm just a little confused about setting up the tracks and selecting inputs in SO2. Can someone explain in simple step by step terms how to set up my Daw and KPA to reamp? If you have a focusrite interface even better. I'm just in need of some direction and I really appreciate any help you may offer.


    Somebody should make a step by step video for re-amping with the Kemper and put it on the tube. It sure would help out alot of us newbies to re-amping. It can get confusing sometimes describing things. Vids are always so helpful to see the process in action

    Thanks for the help guys. I have a Mac so I cant use Rigmanager. I tried using the buttons on the Kemper and tagged as Bass but I am not seeing the profiles show up in the Just for Bass folder. Any idea why? After I set the instrument to Bass do I have to do something to save the new setting?

    Cool, I just updated my KPA to the latest FW and I love the new Just for Bass folder. I installed the new Bass profile pack as well. My question is how can I add all the other bass profiles I already have in my KPA to the Just for Bass folder? I looked in the manual and didn't see anything or any notes in the PDF that came with the new FW.

    Thanks for any help!

    Thanks for your replies everyone. Lightbox, I tried your suggestions and got a feel for the EQ controls but I am going to need alot of practice and I need to get a better grasp of which controls I need to tweak. Do I have to tweak all frequencies for each track? MF,LF,HMF,LMF etc? Thanks for the links to the Recording revolution. I'm hoping to get some good info from there. I will probably get the Mixing lessons, they look pretty good and I'm sure I can learn alot.

    I would love to be able to find some Studio One 2 video tutorials on using PROEQ and the mixing capabilities in StudioOne2. I dont see much for SO2 on youtube. I'm going to do some searches and see if I can come up with anything.

    I can see that it is going to take lots of practice to get my recordings sounding good like I want them to. SHould be a fun journey though.

    I had another question when choosing my profiles in the Kemper should I tweak the profiles themselves, dial out the gain and lows? If so is there a general rule of thumb for how much? I have some truly great profiles and it feels weird to tone down the sounds but I keep reading less distortion, and cut most of the bass out of the guitars. By the way I tried the two different profile approach and it already fattened up the sound!

    I am also finding out how much the drums and Bass adds to the overall track and really brings out that in your face sound I want. I currently have Toontrack EZdrummer 1 and Superior but I am thinking of getting EZdrummer 2. Looks pretty cool and could make editing drums directly in EZD2 alot of fun.

    Thanks again for your help and if anyone else has anymore recording tips I'd love to hear them.