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    Hi Everyone, I am new to recording and so far I have not figured out how to record huge metal mixes like I hear from so many players on Youtube.

    I have the equipment but I lack the knowledge.

    I record with Studio One 2 Daw
    My KPA into my Focusrite 816 audio interface
    For drums I use Toontrack VST's
    Carvin guitar and Bass

    Here is my process. I pick a profile I like and record two tracks hard panned left and right. Then I record a bass track centered. It sounds okay but can get muddied together. I dont know much about EQ'ing so I am wondering if I need to be doing some EQ'ing to the tracks. If so what do I do and which frequencies should I mess with? I fiddled a bit with aplugin in Studio One called Pro EQ but I didnt know what knobs I should be turning and all I did was screw my tones up even further.

    I really want that in your face full guitar sound with crisp clear tones and maximum heaviness. I really want to learn how to do proper recording.

    Any tips would be greatly appreciated.


    Hi Pete, hey big fan of your profiles. I'm about to buy your Ozzy profiles. Already picked up your Metallica and Megadeth and they are alot of fun to play.

    I was wondering what you are working on next, if you can say.

    Do you plan on anymore metal profiles? How about some classic metal? Maybe some Iron Maiden and Judas Priest? Or even another volume of Megadeth and Metallica?


    Hi Lasvideo.

    I have a Mac mini that I connect into a Focusrite Scarlett 8i6 interface via S/PIDF and everything works perfectly, no problems whatsoever in my setup. Now I am not using logic Pro, I use to use that on my Mac Pro but I switched over to Presonus Studio One 2 which is I really love. Just my 2 cents.

    Hiya Jaymz,

    I bought this Bass pack and it sounds great! I had a Bass question though. I'm a guitarist but I do have a Carvin Bass that I play every so often but I have never changed the factory strings on it. I like to use a pick and I wanted to get some fresh new strings. My bass is a 4 string and I find the low E string buzzes quite a bit but the other strings sound pretty clear. Anyway I was reading that there are different types of Bass strings for different styles and since I play with a pick it might be wise to get a set of strings that are best suited for pick playing rather than finger style technique. In your opinion what kind of strings should I get and is there any recommended brand that metal players generally like to use for pick style? I also welcome opinions from anyone else who reads this.


    Very cool! If you can get ahold of the cab and the settings Lasse used maybe you could do an expansion 'DEATH' pack to the 8100 profile set with some great profiles that capture the sound of DEATH. I bet it would be a hit with all the fans of Death and death metal in general. I was looking thru the youtube messages and Lasse mentioned these settings...Bass: max Mid: 3-4 treb: 5 Gain: max contour: 7-8 Volume: Max Master: 3

    Since you know Lasse though you can go straight to the source for all the info to achieve that tone like he got in that video.

    Jaymz, check out this link from youtube, Lasse Lammert recorded a compilation of Death tunes with the Marshall 8100 and a Marshall 1960 cab. What do you think? I still haven't had a chance to try the pack out yet. Is it possible to get this sound from your pack? I'd love to be able to get the tones like you are hearing from this LL clip. I'm sure your pack is going to be amazing when i finally get a chance to play it. :)


    Hi Pete! Success! It was the 'D' slot that was engaged that was causing the issues on my end. Simply turned it off and every profile worked perfectly and sounded really great! I'm very happy with these and look forward to getting more from you for my covers. Yes that Lucretia sounds great!

    Thanks again and these profiles are highly recommended for the Megadeth or thrash metal fan in general. If you can ever do some more Megadeth profiles I'd love maybe a mish mash from some of their other albums. Symphony, Peace sells, Ashes in your mouth, Darkest Hour, Wake up dead, Trust, Sweating Bullets, or any others you deem would be cool.

    anyway these are great and I'm gonna have alot of fun with them, thanks again!

    P.S - I look forward to some more Metallica profiles eventually. :) Can never get enough.

    Man something must be wrong here. I tried playing the profiles and for some reason they are coming out very thin, choursy and chimey. YOu can kind of hear the tone under the noise but I dont know whats going on. I never had this problem before. Its weird because I first started playing the 5 majicks profile which sounded correct at first but then I turned to Hangar 18 and every profile is screwed up. I reset my KPA and I am getting the same problem with all the RIP profiles. I dont know whats happening here? My other profiles all work fine just these RIP profiles. Any idea what the problem or solution can be?


    Pete , is there any chance you could try and capture some classic Yngwie Malmsteen tones? A great rhythm, solo and clean? There are so many great rock and metal tones but I have yet to see any really good Yngwie profiles that does his trademark tone justice. I'm real impressed with your skills and you seem like you could really do them justice. If you decide to do any instant buy!

    Important question. Will you be able to delete rigs through the Rig manager and have them deleted on your Kemper as well? I hope so it will make deleting groups of profiles you no longer want or need much more efficiently than through the KPA itself.

    FOr anyone who knows can you organize your profiles into folders that you specify and have those folders show up on your KPA so you dont have to scroll through tons of profiles to find what you need? For instance I wanted certain band folders, Clean guitar folders, an effects folder, a blues folder, a metal folder etc.