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    I think If they were going for a different model, it would be the amp/cab sim small pedal sizes thing, maybe three foot switches, tbe size of the line 6 pedal. Where it’s key use would be to plop on a traditional pedal board, for players who want a KpA solely for its amp and cabs.

    Might I suggest some Saran Wrap in the meantime? In 15 seconds you throw a couple layers on top of the most vulnerable areas after set up. It would least protect against spills. Certainly not waterproof. But the vast majority of any liquid spill would make its way harmlessly to the floor am not into open jacks or spacing around buttons.

    Sure. Or just record two mono tracks to begin with.

    you could always record a stereo track for simplicity and editing and split the stereo track to two mono tracks during mixing as needed. But If you recorded then in two mono tracks, you’d want to group the tracks for editing so you don’t move or cut one without moving the other with it.

    Rookie question, I just upgraded the OS to 8.6.6 and the email from Kemper talked about the double Tracker... Do I have to create a stereo track in pro tools or just use a single mono track?

    the doubler tracker can be users in mono, if placed in blocks A-D, but if in X, mod, del, and rev slots it’s in stereo. You definitely want a stereo track as it’s sounds much better in stereo. Now that said you might right the Left output of the Kemper to one track and the right to another. Then pan each track hard left and right. Then you have independent volume control. I *think you could mute the right track in PT to essentially turn off the doubling, but I could be wrong.

    Works great in combo with the acoustic simulator. The mix control on the acoustic sim is a great addition as well, bleeding in a little of the electric signal is a nice touch.

    Finally tried the double tracker out. I was happy to discover that it didn't produce glitchiness when switching rigs. I thought that perhaps because it applied a delay of sorts it might have an issue of getting cut off abruptly (I used it in the mod slot, not the delay or reverb slots which have spillover, and no issue, even though the mod block doesn't have spillover).

    I think it can be used as an always on effect for live use, if you use a more subtle with the looseness set at 3 and stereo spread at 60%. I find anytime you turn on or off an effect that applies a significant stereo image, there's that awkward spacial thing that makes the instrument sound like it's moving, which it is. With these settings, the effect is subtle enough that it thickens things up without screaming "listen to my doubled guitar." Now with that said, even with these settings, you still notice that spacial jump especially with headphones if you turn it on or off, but the settings are subtle enough that you could just leave it on all the time. The spacial jump isn't a flaw it's just a natural phenomenon that's noticeable, like when you push the stereo to mono button on an old stereo; everything moves real quick. Now that could be a cool effect, if when going to a lead you turn off the doubling and your guitar jumps to the middle and would actually give the impression that another guitar has entered the mix for the lead.

    Well done again Kemper.

    Thanks. So I'm guessing that though balanced 1/4 to XLR works (I found one balanced 1/4 to XLR cable and tried it out) , it's not balanced so no benefit. From what I can tell, it doesn't harm anything either.

    I haven't used the monitor outputs on my Stage before. I want to sometimes use the two monitor outputs to a pair of studio monitors I have. Should I purchase cables with a balanced (two rings) 1/4" on one end and xlr on the other? Or should the cable be unbalanced on the 1/4 end? Or does it matter?

    On the Head you can use the Rig keys, they ignore the setting.

    On the Stage you can use the TYPE knob to preselect the Performance and select the desired slot with 1-5.

    I used the Head for 8 years (always using the arrows) and now the Stage for the past 7 months and had no clue you could use the type knob on the Stage for this! Perfect!

    The order is important: First select the Slot, then change the Performance. You did it the other way round.

    Use the Profiler, not the Rig Manager for this. Do not use the Remote for this.

    On the Stage: use PAGE buttons to change the slot (which keeps edits) and then Bank up/down to jump to the target Performance (so you are only changing that one slot).

    I figured out the issue: To follow your directions you HAVE to go to System settings on page 3 and for PERF. LOAD choose either option KEEP SLOT or PENDING. If this global setting is set to SLOT 1, then you'll automatically go to Slot 1 when you select a new performance. If this set it to Keep Slot, then your directions work. If you set it to PENDING, then it doesn't matter, you just use the Stage up down arrows to go to the performance you want and select the blinking Rig you want.

    A suggestion for a future Rig Manager update: A similar system setting like you can do on the Stage for what rig loads when you double click on another performance. Slot 1, keep slot or pending.

    Thanks for your help!

    Just lock the Modules you want to keep, then select the slot of the target Rig, then switch to the Performance and store the performance. Unlock the Modules afterwards.


    I did a little test and I'm more confused then when I started. A good rule is to create duplicate rigs of both the Rig you are copying from and the one you are copying to and experiment that way, so if you make a mistake while learning...

    In any case, I can't figure out the logic. I was in Performance 2 Rig 5, locked the mod, del, and verb blocks. Double clicked to open another Performance 24, with the goal of saving those locks blocks just to Rig 4. So then I clicked on Rig 4, hit Store, and unlocked the effects and done! Only only Rig 4 had been overwritten. I tried this time, selecting Rig 2, then 4, and hitting Store while 4 only, and it seemed to overwrite just Rigs 2, and 4, not 1,3, or 5. That makes sense. I I found that to overwrite Rig 1, the Rig that is auto selected when you go to the performance, only if you his store then will it overwrite onto Rig 1 (or presumably go back to it AFTER going to another Rig and returning then hitting store)

    So I started typing my response here, and then wanted to double check something. So this time went back the same Performance 2 but Rig 4 I think, and locked effects blocks C and the Mod. I double clicked on Performance 24 then selected Rig 5, unlocked and hit store. This time it overwrote those modules on both Rig 5 AND Rig 1. What is going on? How did I get it to work the first time? How do you NOT get it to overwrite Rig 1 since Rig 1 is automatically the Rig that's active when you select the performance? Even if you don't touch anything and go straight to selecting Rig 5, it seems to remember you were just on Rig on, and then overwrites both Rigs, leaving 2,3,4 unchanged. Is there a way to lock some effects blocks from one rig in one performance and ONLY save it to a Rigs 2,3,4, and 5 without overwrite those blocks Rig 1?

    I *may have answered my own question. If I open up another window and bring up presets and drag each effect block from the main window, it saves it in the preset location I drag it and auto names it by the name of the Rig that the effect was drug from. Then giving you the ability to go to another performance and select a rig, then drag the effects into any effects block you like. Then just delete them or rename them to something more helpful from the preset list.

    Is there an efficient way to copy one or several effect blocks from one Rig in one performance to another Rig in another performance? For example the Mod, del, and reverb blocks from performance 25 rig 5, to performance 24 rig 2. And/Or how do you make presets out of the individual effect blocks so that they appear in the list to select in another performance? Seems to me the logical way you should be able to do that would be to right click on an effects block and above or below the list of effect types and presets that pop of for the current effect model, you'd have the option to save whatever you already dialed up as a new effects preset. But even this would be less than ideal. I don't need or want to create three new presets, and come up with creative names so I don't mix them up. I just want to copy what I have dialed up in one rig and put it into another. I've been taking my pictures with my phone and just doing this manually.

    Is there something really simple I'm overlooking? ( I know you can lock effect blocks, but what good is that, because if I lock them while I'm on performance 25-rig 5, then go to performance 24-rig 2, it will copy those locked effects onto all five of the rigs in performance 24.) If I knew how to create a preset within Rig Manger itself, I could at least do that. ( I do know how to save effect presets on the stage itself, which will then presumably appear in the Rig Manger list as well)

    I see an additional benefit to such a feature: organization. Any EQ adjustments you make is then saved with the profile, not just a part of the Rig. So if you dial up that profile in a new Rig, the EQ travels with it, vs. being a separate preset you need to assign to the X slot.

    then put on a page after the amp blocks parameters (clarity, pick, compressor, tube sag, ect... ) So for those that don't have use for it, don't have to ever go to that page.

    Hey, thanks for your advices and ideas, yes I like the idea of getting a refurbished pad since I will have a waiting and saving money time even for those...(also time to mull over;_))

    I love the idea of having RM potable, when I am "on the road" (in my bro´s rehearsal room) and it would totaly fit to my workflow, having a little extra (touch)screen RigManager at home, but on the other hand it would be much to eye-catching to hide it from my wife. Another argument for the refurbished idea (it wasn´t that expensive, darling;-))

    Keep in mind that that this is an editor, not rig manager. I don't believe (someone can correct me) that you can store all the rigs and performances and presets you don't want on your kemper in this app. And never a bad idea to check with the wife before a big purchase. Marriage problems ain't cheap either and are vastly more inconvenient than any convenience an editor would bring!

    Is there any plan - in the forseeable future - to support wifi connection to the KPA from Mac/PC computers? If it works on the iPad, seems like this is quite feasible. Things like the QR code based connection might need workarounds but computers with pointing devices and keyboards can easily work with connection settings..

    Curious. it might not be worth the trouble. If I understand the IOS editor, it's different than Rig Manager in that it doesn't move rigs between the app and KPA, it just is essentially a remote controller. Now the rig files are small enough to be negligable over wifi, but it is an entirely different thing for the kemper to receive and send rigs to an from the Rig Manager over wifi, rather than just giving some external device the ability to adjust its internal controls over wifi.

    Interesting ideas. In its current form, it doesn’t store rigs and performances like rig manager right? It’s just an editor? It occurred to me that if it did it could get awfully confusing really quick to end up having some things stored in iOS on a iPad and other things on your laptop, without some sort of cloud based storage shared between devices. Even just utilizing both browse mode and performance mode and rig manager leaves me sometimes thinking, “now where did I save that rig?” the age old problem in computer files of having two versions of something with the same name or not remembering which location you saved something on.

    I am not interested in WiFi connections, so now I won't upload a Beta. The interesting things for me will be:

    - if 8.5 leaves beta status, will it have fixes for existing bugs that are not WiFi-/iPod related?

    - will their be other new features or improvements unrelated to WiFi-/iPod ?

    - and: will WiFi-/iPod changes introduce new bugs?

    If there are other bug fixes, they'll probably be listed or just cited as general fixes. Either way, once a new OS go to release, they're pretty stable. On occasion, there have been a couple instances in which the big release of a beta ends up having a soon after follow-up release with a few more minor bug fixes. In these instances, the fixes are for very minor and somewhat rare things, not the sort of things that should make one afraid of updating. Now with that said, if you're in the middle of a project or whatever and won't be using the new features, what's the rush? May as well wait until it's convenient to do so.