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    That's right. The editor should have been available from Day 1. I never understood why it took them so long to implement such an indispensable feature.

    Loved my kemper for the sound, when I just wanted to plug and play with my favorite profile. Always got frustrated when it came to experiment with FX.

    The thing is that it really gets in the way and fucks with my brain , this oudated interface, small screen, multiple menus pages... when I have to search for parameters and turn knobs for too long my inspiration gets hacked. If I have to get on the floor on top of it adding pain or at least high discomfort it gets really bad.

    Truth is I always hated the sound of VSTs and thought my KEmper would be unbeatable in term of SOUND quality, that was the only reason why I kept it, I always hated using its user interface and never ending knobs turning, I hate having to rely on hardware and not being able to change the sound after having it recorded, don't talk to me about reamping, that's way too time consuming.
    I sold the head and bought the Stage, finally when I got frustrated waiting weeks for a promised editor that did not seem to be anywhere I tried another VST amp sim that I hadn't tried before and thought the sound was almost as good if not as good as he Kemper, and for way less money, plus being able to tweak settings with my mouse on a big screen is really appreciable.

    I'm amazed at how a lot of people on this forum find all kinds of reasons to proclame the editor delay is not important, or if the editor is even actually needed (you guys are unbelievable).
    I've been a 6 years Kemper Head happy user and always missed the editor, coming from VSTs, and Line 6 POD (editor on PC available). When the stage whan annouced I quickly sold my head and bought it, I was very happy with having pedal switches and expression controls. But editing profiles... not even even "editing" .... just adding a single FX was even more annoying than on the head. I can't stand turning knobs 30 seconds to get to an FX preset anymore, especially on the floor when I can do the same on a VST via 2 mouse clicks in 1 second.
    I loved my Kemper, especially the sound quality, but the lack of an editor made it a really bad user experience all my journey long and it got worse with the Stage.

    I decided to return my stage mainly because the editor didn't show up in time. the money back has been converted into a new amazing guitar and in the mean Time i've been kind of enjoying a certain New gen vst plugin and the ability to tweak it with my mouse on my big screen without getting on the floor. 100% FcB 1010 midi floor compatible

    What's the point in giving releases dates, not realeasing the software at the set date, and then not giving news to people waiting for the editor ?

    we have all the reasons to feel let down, I don't understand those people not giving a **** about the situation.

    I bought a Stage because I knew the editor was coming this summer. Thing is I'm not really "toying" with it because it is a major pain in the ass to get on the floor adding or editing effects.

    I'd rather have a buggy beta version today then the stable final release in one month than wait 1 more month, now that I have replaced my profiler head with the Stage version !

    I really enjoy getting some room back on my desktop but getting on the floor to dial in any parameter is a major pain

    Hello, I just received my Kemper Stage, all seems to be working fine except for one thing

    The headphone out volume is really low and is clipping really bad. The kemper does not seem to be clipping itself, no red light...

    is this an hardware problem or known software issue ?