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    My upgrade went ok. This does fix the midi volume/wah/pitch issues that I was experiencing.

    Did have to go and reassign about 5 out of 128 rigs for midi PC information, which took just a few mins. Everything else seems to be working so far.

    Thanks Kemper team.

    Same here, i opened up a support ticket. When i plug my mission pedal directly into the KPA everything woks fine, but when doing volume or wah via midi nothing happens. You can see the bars sweeping up and down in the 'show controller data' menu but nothing is happening to the sound. I'm using a liquid foot controller, fyi.

    hopefully an easy fix.

    I have a midi foot controller instead of the remote and use NRPN messages to adjust output level on KPA. I usually set it for a 3db bump. That way it doesn't take up a slot or morphing scenes and as long as the sound guy knows about it we don't overdrive the PA.

    So far so good.

    This should still work with the new Kemper Kone right? They aren't changing the Character or curves of the speaker (which I think is the idea of the Kemper Kone) but just disperses and delivers that tone more efficiently and evenly around the room. Sounds cool.

    i haven't upgraded to 5.7.5 yet so can't confirm about looper working or not. I'll go there once it goes release and test at that point.

    I'm sure Damian and others will help highlight the issues and hopefully it goes fully functional via midi again soon.

    Lots of things to consider.

    How much $ do you want to spend?

    Will you connect analog or digital from KPA to MAC?

    What interface to the MAC? USB, Thunderbolt, etc?

    How many channels do you need? Is it just you recording at home one instrument at a time, or do you need to record multiple sources/band at the same time?

    Lots of options and ranges for each of the questions above.

    But will help you narrow down your choices.

    I'm current Using the Focusrite Clarrett 8P via Thunderbolt

    I'm sure you'll get a wide range of responses.


    Would be nice if we had the ability to pick which freeze gets activated by using CC #s. Right 35 turns on/off freeze for both delay and reverb and you can't tell it to do just one or the other. I personally like to freeze the reverb slot, then play over top with some delay.

    I'm using a midi controller and not the remote.



    MIne is working pretty well right now. I know LF is working on a new update to firmware/software for the changes to the reverb slot.

    But 98% is working and good. Did you do the V6 updates to firmware/hardware in your LF device? There are notes about changing programming to turn slots on/off without using the old CC commands and working now in performance mode.

    Getting the performance mode to automatically work and sync with the KPA performances is working great here.

    The new update Is supposed to help with showing correct name of reverb slot when it's loaded into any non-normal reverb slot and get the status light of the reverb slot to work 100% of the time.

    I would open a support ticket and see what they say. I didn’t experience any major changes with the latest upgrade. May be worth downgrading your KPA and trying the upgrade again.

    First thing to check is if the RJM or KPA have had their midi channel changed. It's in the System menu on the KPA, not familiar with RJM to point you on that piece of gear.

    But start with something very basic like a single PC command to call up a rig, performance or however you were using it before the upgrade.

    I use a liquid foot midi controller and there are some changes on programming especially around the reverb slot, but all the other midi stuff continued to work for me after the update.