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    I am currently thinking about changing the cap to activ, I had the SD 170 but want it integrated, currently I have build a power pedal into the head itself but the active cab would be even better. I would do a new back as well and I would look to get the wiring kit... if somebody has a plan which wires has to be connected it would be very useful... especially the large connector with the multiple pins. Anyway I will buy the icepower somewhen and then I will investigate, but if something exists it would be very nice.

    on the J3 connector I had pins 6 and 7 tied together and going to ground/shield of the signal coming from the Kemper. Then pin 8 is connected to the hot signal from the Kemper. Those are the only 3 used from that connector.

    2 quick update photos. Since the power amp has outputs for LEDs figured might as well take advantage of them.

    so added in a green and red led to indicate when amp is on, or if having any internal issues. Tough doing work on the wood when the tolex is already on it, but at least it's on the back only :) This amp sounds great with the Kab !!

    I finally got 2 more Icepower 200asc’s , but Parts Express backordered the connecting cables.
    I want to finish my other Kab Klones. ?

    I had to modify the jack plate, on the first Klone I built , to add the power socket w/switch

    bummer, they can't seem to keep both in stock at the same time.

    volume is wide open on amp. So using the kemper to control the input. Very quiet and gets loud if needed. When I rolled guitar volume all the way down and raised monitor volume on kpa it stayed quiet until -0.5 output in the kpa. So it stayed quiet through all of the levels I would use it for. My son has some practices this week with his band and we'll see how hard he has to push it.

    i'm no master woodworker for sure, but here's my powered replacement back for the stock kemper kab.

    Power amp is from parts-express. The IcePower 200W mono class D power amp. 3/4 inch MDF board, British Racing Green Tolex. I have a new appreciation for anyone who works with tolex and making corners look good :)

    This power amp sounds great and plenty of volume. Gets practice and gig tested next week !!

    i have extra tolex and extra PC board mounts if anyone is doing one of these and needs some supplies. message me :)

    I got a lot of bleed on my grill cloth doing the Kemper logo I’m gonna have to do some experimenting

    Did you end up putting the ice amp in the cab? Mine is scheduled to show up Monday, looking forward to replacing the back panel with a power amp,equipped version.


    I would try setting the Bypass at toe or heel and see if that changes anything. Sounds like the pedal may be moving on its own and kicking in the wah. Have you tightened up the tension screw so the pedal stays where you leave it when you remove your foot?



    Thanks for the video. I have the BAM200 and think it does a great job with the Kabinet. Trying to keep it all in perspective knowing that FOH is getting the signal straight from the KPA and this is for monitoring live on stage with a band, unless you're going in ears which means you don't use the Kabinet anyway. In that context especially with a band I don't think we'll hear major differences between several of the power amp options that are available. Any differences will most likely be covered by other instruments etc. YMMV and there's probably no wrong answer, but for the money the BAM is a great choice in my opinion.