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    im using converter combination 2 things , coaxial cable and rca cable, but you need junction box, the rca cable from kemper to the box and the coaxial cable is from the box to sound interface, im using this method while ago with UAD twin MK2

    I dont know if it has relation with firmware update or not, I'm early adopter , my unit is just fine until I updated to lattest, and in the middle of playing suddenly my footwsitch #1 not function anymore, factory reset doesn't solve the problems

    Also, if you are using CCs, then the 50-54 numbers will activate morphing on a second press. 8)

    tell me more about this , i’m about to achieve morph with single footswitch on my Mc6 , i’ve assign #cc11 value 0 and 1 with no luck

    5 pages reading , have your problems solved ? have you completely clean your kemper ?

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    i’ve encountered much error with latest beta too

    DSP error , suddenly dropped sound when looper activate by midi controller , change reverb type

    with that so many feature now on kemper ( good thing) would the current DSP can hold enough with all that stuff? i hope it’s only un efficient algorithm thing

    Program change mismatches
    The Program Change numbers displayed in the Profiler's user interface range from 1 to 128 and are incremented by +1 versus the real 7-bit values received, which range from 0 to 127. Many MIDI controllers are flexible to apply a reverse logic (display number n, transmit number n-1). If your MIDI controller is set to a fixed 0-127 range, your only option is to use another bank (e.g. starting from PC#10) and set your Profiler MIDI assignments appropriately.

    I figured it out last night - for whatever reason The Morningstar MC6 Program # are off by 1 numeral, So on the Kemper if i assign a Rig in Browse mode in the system settings to be recalled with Program Change # 4, I have to tell the MC6 to to send Program Change # 3 to call up program Change # 4 on the Kemper.

    Morning star Such a powerful Midi Device , I Can cover up 12 slot effect on it ( i Can toggle up so it Have Another virtual 6 more assign switches) plug Another aux switch ( up to 6) , many combination of each switch like : press- long press- double tap- long double tap , etc ( up to 9 kind of behaviour ) and can transmit 16 kind of Any midi parameter , with Smallfoot print is like huge win for me

    I believe @Burkhard say This :
    MIDI #47 is a control change (no program change) and needs to be sent with a value. It addresses a Performance, not a Slot. To load Slots a combination of control changes #48-54 are required. #48/49 step/scroll up and down Performances while #50-54 load any the 5 Slots within that Performance.

    I've got an MC6, but haven't tried it out with my Kemper yet. It is a great product. I primarily use it for a Source Audio pedal board that i made, but i think i'm going to pull it out and program it for the KPA. It was pretty easy to program with the hub and SA pedals, so i imagine that it wouldn't be too hard with the KPA. The main things that have me thinking about saving for a Kemper foot-switch are full looper capabilities, ease of use (no MIDI programming whatsoever), and the seamless screen display.

    diazisawesomer, how are you using your MC6? I'd love to hear some ideas regarding bank, preset, performances, and effect slots. I'm still pretty new to the KPA and have only been jamming, crafting tones, and getting a solid favorites list in browse mode.

    using midi editor is never been easier

    Message 1 : press /type : CC /edit :17 /value : 1 /pos: 1

    Message 2 : release /type : CC / edit :17/ value : 0 / pos :2

    Pedal toggle : ON

    You got slot A effect : On - off as you pressed