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    im convert from axefx2 to kemper here, im realize axefx2 is very beyond from tech side, but from the guitarist side like me, kemper is more usable in the studio or on stage
    when im using axefx2 i always using 2 delay for my sound and always using modiefier from lush shimmering to tight gain sound, and now its doable with kemper
    for me there is more enough for other to convert like me, my 2cents

    I just using it with cabinet only , I've plug the speaker cable to 8ohm input behind the powerhead ( the upper input) , which is there is no other cable plug to the toaster, I just handed it for 30minutes now, is there menu configuration for set output to cabinet only? Or I have to setting up first for my purpose?


    Hi all
    im kemperize for once more
    i just bought toaster powerhead, what is the best setup pair with 1x12 straight Mesa , setting output to mono or is there something else to be considered , anyway with the delay mix even I'm turning almost full but the sound of delay seem not 50/50 , am I missing something?

    i Just flipping and wondering through system, rig,quick knob and there is no midi channel infomation inside it, incase i want to assign gain control to my expression pedal ( CC#72) or Wah ( #CC1), etc like axefx2 did.
    i have to search this information within manual book, is it would be nice if there is menu within 'System" regard to this, so i shouldnt not looking anyelses where


    Opposite from me, ive sold axefx2 for straight unit like kemper.. At the first im missed my fractal, but not anymore, kemper give me great sound.. Its just it, maybe im too lazy tweaking
    Anyway goodluck with new system

    Hi guys, im now join with kemper family
    just curving with the unit, have different mindset from what in my mind about this unit, recently im using axefx2 very tweaking unit, building tones from scratch,
    and now im KEMPERIZE how simple this unit, and surprisingly how my fender tone became very alive , its just like using template without scratch it and im loving it using single coil Fender with kemper rather than the axefx2 ( due the limit time/ knowledge/logic think/routing), that is my 3hours brief first play with it. Im still searching/reading how to initialize expression pedal like this:
    using "californication factory presets"
    Heel: Clean twang Fender Tone with a lot of tap of tempo, ambience sound
    Toe: very raw gain amp with very less cream of delay

    im wonder how to achieve it, any helps would appreciate :)